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This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews Ruthless is a whirlwind of hotness, danger, sadness, new beginnings and strong friendships.I don t know what it is about bad boys, but these days, I really want them Ruthless delivered, as Zag was deliciously bad, but not evil, if you know what I mean He was the enforcer in the True Brothers MC, and I loved how he and Jessica met Not because I enjoyed the violence against Jess her date didn t take no for an answer after he had walked her to her car but because Zag heard her scream from across the parking lot and came to her rescue Just because he didn t agree with anyone putting their hands on a woman Without her consent What s not t love about that Jess was a bit hesitant to go further than one night with Zag, though, because she was a bit scared about the MC aspect of him Was he in a gang Just a club Ruthless definitely shows the readers that we shouldn t judge too fast, and that sometimes the bad boys are really the good ones And that even if there are some bad apples just like there can be anywhere a whole group shouldn t suffer the consequences for the choices of a few.Between the seriously hot chemistry Zag and Jess have from the start, and the lurking danger that surrounds them, Ruthless was an amazing start to this series, and I look forward to reading about these true brothers I read the 2nd book, Rebellious, first, and that didn t hamper my enjoyment even a little bit.Written in first person, past tense, with chapters from either Jess or Zag s point of view, the story flowed seamlessly, and I really got to know the main characters very well If you re looking for a hot biker to keep you company on a dark, cool fall night, Ruthless should make its way to your shelf I was starting to doubt if last night s sex was really worth this morning s awkwardness Oh, who was I kidding It so was.No screwing with you before your morning coffee Got it His lips rasped against my temple and I couldn t resist the urge to melt into his embrace just a little bit. 03 13 2016 1 StarShould of trusted my gut This smacks of the style Kristen Ashley made famous, but not the good KA, the tedious KA The in your own head conversations that say nothing and take up space Just not my cuppa Not the early KA, but the later books that I had to push myself to read.You may like this just fine and may read this and think it is right up your alley if so, I m glad We all have our own preferences This one is just not for me.Happy Reading ARC provided by the author and Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via Netgalley. 4 STARSThis was my first book by this author AND I LOVE IT.We have Zag and Jessica they meet when Zag saves Jessica from possibly being raped.I liked how there wasn t too much drama but from other side something was happening in the story.This is softer version of MC book and it is happy ending ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review. A copy of this book has been provided by Loveswept Publishing in exchange for an honest review Publication Date April 12, 20163.5 starsThis is a good start to a new MC series.I liked the writing, and storyline The lead male character Zag , had all the right dominant bad ass biker dude characteristics I had a little bit of a hard time connecting with the lead female Jessica I know the author wrote her asinnocent to the whole MC scene , but in some spots in the story, I found her annoying I do like strong, confident lead female characters though.All in all this was a good read, and I look forward to seeing where the author goes with this series. This was my first book by this author Since I follow the biker MC romance genre I m always looking for a fresh new take on that type of romance I started reading and after a few pages I decided it was going to be another one of those mediocre biker romances but kept going so that I could provide an honest complete review of the book That was a very good decision on my part because I soon realized I was hooked into the story and couldn t put it down When you have read as many biker MC books as I have you love a story that doesn t feel like the same old, same old As I got further into this story I realized it had a real feel to it Good girl meets bad boy MC member is a usual theme However, in this tory the feelings both Jessica and Zag feel seemed genuine and reflected what a normal good girl would battle after entering into a relationship with a bad boy Jessica is a normal, good girl from a stable middle class family She goes to work each day as a desk clerk at the casino, has two very close childhood friends and a Mother who is forever trying to find her a husband She s independent, intelligent and is instilled with solid family values She s not a virgin but she doesn t have a vast sexual history Zag is your usual hot, alpha, gorgeous man who was abandoned when he was 16 and picked up off the streets by Rebel, the president of the True Brothers MC Rebel has raised Zag or less as a son I liked the way this author wrote about the closeness between Jessica and her family as well as Zag s relationship with Rebel and his MC brothers So different but yet somehow the same view spoiler Jessica meets Zag one night when the man who her Mother set her up with attacks her in a dark parking lot Zag saves Jessica from possibly being raped, makes sure she is ok and then tries to go on about his business Jessica is immediately struck with his hotness and decides she wants to push the envelope She offers to buy him a drink as a thank you, he declines but she keeps pushing Yes they end up hooking up for the night and both think it s going to be a one and done deal But fate has another idea Both of them keep thinking of each other and decide to enter into a sex only relationship, no commitment The relationship develops with Jessica knowing her feelings are getting deeper but she battles them After all, how will her family and friends accept a biker So she tries to keep their relationship under wraps A good girl just doesn t fall in love with a biker, especially one in a motorcycle club.Then Jessica stumbles upon a member of the club selling drugs to a rival club and she immediately becomes a target of the rogue club member Zag, Rebel and the club go into protection mode and we get a good dose of suspense, angst and action In the end Zag and Jessica both realize exactly what their real feelings are view spoiler I loved this story and really enjoyed the author s writing style She drew me into the story, gave me some richly developed characters, made me feel the emotions between the characters and left me with a good feeling when I finished the book I am definitely reading books by this author and hope that Rebel s story will be the next story in this series For those who love the biker MC romances I highly recommend this book.An advance copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley for an honest review hide spoiler I enjoyed this biker romance, I liked the main characters and the story My only issues were that it felt like the time line hopped forward too much, I wish we would have seen scenes of the main characters starting their relationship But overall I enjoyed it and will be reading the next book in the series. This review was facilitated by the generous gifting of Gillian Archer s Ruthless A True Brothers MC Novelby its publisher Random House Publishing Group, in advance of its April 12, 2016 publication date, through a request on netgalley.com.Fans of biker romances may enjoy the fast paced, sexy style of Gillian Archer s Ruthless but unfortunately, for me, the world of the True Brothers Motorcycle Club lacked the grittiness and plausibility that I have come to enjoy in this genre For modern day outlaws who thumb their noses at society, laws and rules, they are structured in surprisingly rigid, hierarchical, and secretive societies That is why I could not fathom that the main female protagonist would be so swiftly introduced into their ranks, claimed as an old lady through a vote taken by the most important members of the MC, and be privy to internal information that could possibly land the members of the brotherhood in hot water with law enforcement, all in a matter of days The premise of the book was an interesting one because fish out of the water plotlines always make me chuckle I enjoy tropes that have city slickers venture into ranch land ia or jaded celebrities end up in quaint, anonymous small towns So, initially, I liked the author pairing a prim and proper, professional young woman and a rough and tough biker Their interactions certainly had a lot of steam and I am sure many readers would enjoy the story simply by focusing on the romance between these two characters However, like I said earlier, I enjoy realism and grit in my biker books so, for me, Ruthless unfortunately missed the mark. ARC received for review3.5 starsAnother hot biker and a good girl It felt a little rushed in places and the transition between voices was not always smooth Her bff s are pretty cool, and I hope they get a Brother of their own. Ok what to say about this one I didn t love it, I liked it I was so excited when I started this because I love a broody biker especially paired with his total opposite A good girl with a great family and background I love an H that s a badass brought to his knees by a woman That didn t feel like the case here Was he protective of the h Yes Did he want her and only her Yes If it wasn t for the few chapters we got in Zag s POV though, I wouldn t know he felt anything towards the h He NEVER wanted to discuss his feelings He NEVER thinks in his mind that he loves her He only thinks she s too good for him They never really talk When they re together, they have sex I actually really liked the h for the most part She was pretty judgemental at times though and that irritated me She always felt guilty for it afterwards though and apologized for it and I respected that As most of the book is from her POV, we know as readers how much she cares for Zag but until the end she also has doubts about whether she can make a life with him because he s a biker So I had mixed feelings Some of it, I really liked and some of it was just ok. ^READ PDF ☠ Ruthless (True Brothers MC, #1) ↬ Every Girl Needs A Guardian Angel Even If He Wears Black Leather In The First Novel Of Her Scintillating True Brothers MC Series, Gillian Archer Introduces Readers To A Sexy As Sin Biker And The Woman Wild Enough To Tame Him After Dinner With The Most Arrogant Man In The World, Jessica Miller Is Shocked When Her Blind Date Tries To Maul Her In The Parking Lot Enter Zag The Brooding, Bruising Alpha Male Who Jumps Off His Motorcycle And Teaches The Jerk A Lesson He Won T Forget After Getting One Taste Of A Bad Boy Who Lives On The Edge, Jessica S Hooked Zag S Willing To Give Her The Ride Of Her Life But She Needs To Wrap Her Arms Around His Powerful Chest And Hold On Tight Zag Knows Firsthand That The True Brothers MC Isn T For The Faint Of Heart He Only Intends To Show Beautiful, Innocent Jessica A Few Cheap Thrills To Satisfy Her Curiosity But The He Lets Her In, The Zag Comes To Depend On Her Gentle Touch To Help Heal The Wounds That He S Been Denying For So Long Now, A Rival Gang Has Set Its Sights On Jessica, And Zag Must Step Up Once Again He Just Hopes He Can Go The Distance To Protect The Woman He Loves