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Sometimes when I m at the library I grab books that might be a little above my 2 year old s level, because I want to read them so much This book was one of those instances So, imagine my delight when she started to request it several times a day I m excited to have a child who enjoys poetry, even when it s free verse Then again, how could she not This book is gorgeous It has colorful, textured illustrations featuring a different animal on each page And for each animal, there is also an awesome poem, full of great poetic elements The word play is great I love reading them aloud to my little girl It feels pretty sophisticated for a children s poetry volume And I like that best of all. [Download] ☬ Yellow Elephant: A Bright Bestiary (Boston Globe-Horn Book Honors (Awards)) ⚇ Have You Ever Seen A Yellow Elephant, Glowing In The Jungle Sun Have You Seen A Green Frog Splash Turn Blue Or A Red Donkey Throw A Red Hot Tantrum In This Bright Bestiary, Poet Julie Larios And Painter Julie Paschkis Cast A Menagerie Of Animals In Brilliantly Unexpected Hues Encouraging Us To See The Familiar In Surprising New Ways This colorful picture book about a variety of animals is told in free verse poetry This is a bestiary Each set of pages provides an animal that is a particular color on the right hand side On the left is a brief poem that describes the animal and all of their antics This is a great book for preschool or kindergartners It offers various animals which kids always love It also presents an opportunity to review their colors while introducing them to poetry The artwork is bright and fanciful The animals jump off of the page especially the frog This is a great way to bring poetry to the youngest of our students Too often we expect these early readers to stick to sentences structure when really the focus should be on the simple words and their phonetics If that is the case, why not offer them so poetry Short and quick poems about animals and colors Easily moves Preschool and up Awards Boston Globe Horn Book AwardAppropriate grade level 1st 4th gradeSummary This story expresses different animals and things they might say or do through poetry It encourages its readers to see the familiar in unfamiliar ways It also shows which animals are out during which seasons.Review The illustrations in this book are incredibly vivid and perfect for visual learners The colors are beautifully bright and go perfectly with the story The only negative trait about this book is that the colors of the animals are not realistic.Uses in class 1 teaching poetry 2 teaching animals and their habits The beautiful illustrations caught my eye before the poetry pulled me in However as soon as I read Red Donkey I was hooked, the humor in the pages as well as a childlike sensibility makes these poems eminently readable The bright and evocative illustrations with fascinate younger children while the poems lend themselves to easy memorization Paschkis choice of colors for each animal in the bright bestiary is unexpected but inspired A red donkey that throws a red hot temper tantrum, a yellow elephant dancing in the jungle sun are among the other animals in the bright bestiary. I checked this out because of my current project of writing and hopefully illustrating a book of animal poems I didn t find the poetry particularly magnetic, but I quite like the illustrations I was amused that in the author illustrator bios on the back flap, each of them gave the names of their pets but not their husbands. This picture poetry book is for children ages 5 10 I think younger children will appreciate the focus on animals and colors right off the bat As they grow up they may understand and appreciate the amazing adjectives used to describe the animals and their color The poems are short and use color to capture the emotions of the animals It is very easy to smile while reading this book I enjoyed the paintings They were structured very interestingly in a box They are not a typical landscape view like in many other children s books I would keep this book around for read alongs, teaching colors, and pointing out the importance of adjectives to older students. This book is about poetry in colorful animals It has a lot of colorful artwork that dsecribes the poems.