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3 1 2 stars Not quite as good as the Playboy s Ruthless Payback The hero demands a baby by blackmail which is wrong then the heroine lies about being pregnant and I felt bad because the hero really was excited but then I thought about the blackmail and wondered if her lie was that bad So despite these issues they fall in love as she works as his party planner The story actually was really sweet but I needed a littleemotional closure at the end. [[ Free ]] ↚ Millionaire's Calculated Baby Bid ☈ Strictly Business He D Raised Himself From The Depths Of Poverty To The Heights Of Wealth And Power But Ethan Curtis Knew Polite Society Would Be Forever Closed To Him Unless A Woman From The Most Exclusive Social Circles Namely Mary Kelley Gave Him A ChildMary Was Stunned By The Arrogant Millionaire S Proposition But She Agreed To Give Him What He Wanted To Protect Her Family She Thought Their Lovemaking Would Be As Cold And Heartless As Ethan Seemed To Be Nothing Could Have Prepared Her For Her Sudden Desire For This Man She D Sworn To Hate Ethan Curtis childhood of living in a trailer park and being poor still haunts him to this day Despite being rich now he is not able to smell the roses Believing he would findacceptance from society if a high society woman gave him a child.Agreeing to have Curtis baby was the only way Mary Kelley could keep him from putting her father in prison All her life Mary has been to one to fix others problems But now she s a successful part business owner with her partners of a party planner, No Ring Required.Faking her pregnancy was a good idea to Mary at first She caters a few parties for him and they go smashing, but when he starts taking her to baby stores and to a doctors appointment she can t believe what she did Finally admitting to what she did appears to have ended any association between the two Until Curtis calls and requires her to attend one last business meeting with him if she wants everything to go away.While on the trip, Ethan comes to find his anger isn t really anger any Just longing for the woman he has come to love.Despite family conflicts, Ethan and Mary are able to admit their mistakes and learn this time she really is pregnant. Dunque, vediamo se ho capito bene Inizia il romanzo e azione Una coppia volteggia sulle lenzuola Lei pare seccata, lui un riguardoso neanderthaliano Ovvero lei ha uno scopo per sopportarlo e lui ne approfitta, ma con eleganza Poco dopo se ne scopre il motivo lui far cadere le accuse contro il padre di lei se lei acconsentir a dargli un figlio Un figlio Cio , come un regalo Ma andiamo avanti Pare che il dado sia tratto Sfumiamo la scena, facciamo trascorrere un mese e per la seconda volta azione Lei discute con le amiche socie d affari, mentre il test di gravidanza staziona in bagno nascosto dietro cinquanta 50 rotoli di carta igienica Prima di uscire fugge in bagno, agguanta lo stick e sospira al lettore non dato sapere Lei si reca da lui a dare la notizia e gli comunica di essere incinta Lui le dice che ha fatto s che il padre di lei venisse scagionato una mezz ora prima un telepate Le chiede se pu lavorare per lui per starle vicino durante la gravidanza, pi che altro e lei risponde con un bell asso di picche Poi riesce a convincerla ricattandola, in sostanza, discorso lungo e ininfluente e lei va dall amato paparino a dare la bella notizia Il paparino lo sapeva gi e mentre lei ragiona fra s e s conviene che in fondo il tizio che si portata a letto non poi cos terribile, del resto fra le lenzuola ha mostrato tenerezza Tenerezza Cio , lui ti ricatta biecamente, usa il tuo corpo per i suoi scopi, pretende di controllare nove mesi della tua vita prima di portarti via il figlio carne della tua carne e farlo crescere da altri e poi sarebbe tenero S , s , proprio tenero Come il tonno che si taglia con un grissino Ma come ho fatto a conservare un libro con un incipt del genere per due anni Mi ero fumata qualcosa Mah. I thought it was a nice story Ethan works to overcome his low class background, while Mary tries to live down her snobby upbringing Did leave out the details about her mother that left some questions hanging, but overall OK.