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This is a story about Juliette, Anna and Sera.The girls are childhood friends that know each others secrets and are the best of friends Two of the girls lived in the small country town that Juliette still lives in an one was a summer visitor every summer One summer they make a pinkie promise to always be there for each other when needed No questions asked but they must get together The time has come and Juliette had called on her pinkie promise, she is dying of cancer and wants to spend her remaining life with her two best friends by her side.I love the way each of the girls have a background story that is told throughout the book.Wow this book is such a beautiful read The words just flow and it is so easy to get caught up and swept along on this wonderful journey I do like the way it is told in three parts by Juliette, Anna and Sera and it weaves the stories together so well that you know exactly who you are reading about Emily has taken on a huge risk writing about cancer but she has done it in such a kind, gentle way that shows how devastating cancer is but she has done it with respect.I laughed, I cried, I even sang a little Bon Jovi you ll know why when you read it. No matter where,No matter when,No matter what.It s a rare occurrence for me to read a book all about females and female friendship My natural instincts are to shy away from books like these because females, ugh but when Harlequin sent me a brief description of Summers with Juliette by Emily Madden I couldn t help but give it a go Juliette is a wonderful holiday read that dips, effortlessly, between light and heavy Happiness and sadness Love and death.Juliette is terminally ill and calling in on a pinky promise she and her friends Anna and Sera had made almost twenty years ago The two friends return to the beautiful coastal town that holds memories of a haunted past to help Juliette.Summers with Juliette isn t a standard Australian read It flows between beautiful sentences and stereotypical Aussie words like barbie for barbeqcue that usually make me shudder In Juliette they fit seamlessly as does the cast of characters Madden introduces us to We re invited into the coastal town of Ellesmere We can smell the beachy air, feel the heavy down pour of rain and sweat in the heat Madden is effortless in telling Juliette, Anna and Sera s stories Of hospitals, failed families, terrible tragedy and confusing curses.In Juliette I did not expect to cry and, yet, I found myself shedding tears and swallowing back despair as the story neared its end Motherhood has made meemotional, yes, but I wasn t sure this story could take me to the depths of sadness that bring about burning tears For some time, I was forced to place the book down, remove my glasses and swallow the lump in my throat I let the silent tears fall, cleaned myself up, slipped my glasses back on and continued.Summers with Juliette is a quick read but don t mistake this as a negative It s not fluffy and light It has meaning and truly makes you pause for breath multiple times throughout It makes you think and ponder and, ultimately, gives wonderful life advice in a wonderful story of female friendship Summers with Juliette by Emily Madden is published by Harlequin Books and is due for release in January. [Read] ⚒ Summers With Juliette ♻ Almost Twenty Years Ago, On A Beautiful Coastal Cliff, Juliette Cole, Anne Kendall And Sera Di Maggio Linked Pinkies And Made A Vow To Be There For Each Other No Matter What Might Happen In Their LivesNow Juliette Is Calling In The Promise Terminally Ill, She Wants Her Two Friends To Come Back To Ellesmere To Help Her Through Her Last Summer The Trouble Is Anna And Sera Haven T Spoken In Years, And Anna Hasn T Returned Home Since She And Her Mother Were Run Out Of Town In DisgraceBut Anna And Sera Do Have One Thing In Common They Want Juliette To Fight Her Cancer By Any Means Possible When They Realise The Only Way May Be To Find A Man Called Noah, They Reluctantly Agree To Put Aside Their Differences And Search For HimBut, As Anna And Sera Discover, Sometimes Facing The Past Is The Best Way To Face The Future, And Perhaps The Only Way They Will Find The Strength For Their Last Summer With Juliette Five stars if only because I couldn t put this down Originally I found some of the characters annoying, but they very quickly grew on me, and while I sighed at the completely overused tropes, the story grabbed my attention and did not let go I would preferred to seeresolution or indeed, any to some of the minor story lines, and the climax was also full of tropes, but the resolution to the final story line did make me grin. I think everyone knows that I m a sucker for a good cover and Summers With Juliette is no exception Who could resist a gorgeous coastal scene with three women who all have perfect beachy wave hair Plus, as you can t see the women s faces, there s a certain sense of mystery about it I also love a good friendship story and this book doesn t disappoint Remember those pinkie swears you made with your friends as a teenager Summers With Juliette takes that one step further calling in that promise no matter where, no matter when, no matter what It s a delightful story, full of warmth, delicious muffins and scones but also a bit of a heartbreaker Fortunately, there sthan a couple of hot men in the narrative to help the reader recover It s a wonderful summer read that won t disappoint but wear your sunglasses for the sad parts.The story centres around three women, all friends as teenagers but after a scandal rocked the small coastal town of Ellesmere, Anna and Sera no longer speak Their only connection is through Juliette, who is now terminally ill Juliette calls in the pinkie swear for help and Anna and Sera are reluctantly reunited They both want to help their friend, but it turns out that Ellesmere hason offer for them than just a good friend There s city slicker lawyer Jack and the new mayor Patrick When Juliette alludes to a man called Noah, Anna and Sera decide that they need to find him to ensure Juliette doesn t leave without love in her life Can they work through their differences to help their ever kind and generous friend Emily Madden is a debut author, which I found a little hard to believe at first Her writing is so assured and confident, plus she has the knack of great dialogue that sounds realistic and juggling a multilayered plot with ease The story flows effortlessly and although you know ultimately what is going to happen, it s an emotional and engaging journey I enjoyed how the story focused on the friendship between the women rather than focusing on Juliette s physical decline due to cancer It lets the reader see the person Juliette is rather than turning her into a bunch of symptoms and a disease Juliette herself is also a tower of strength getting about her daily business, doing all the things she normally does and ignoring her disease She s someone to admire although I wish she had documented her grandmother s recipe for vanilla and almond scones so I could recreate it I d also categorise this book if forced as life lit or the dreaded contemporary women s fiction Sure, there is romance but it s just one of the many plot threads The strongest element is friendship and support during hard times It s a touching story, one that will remain with the reader long after the book is finished You ll laugh, cry and also be tempted to make some of Juliette s delicious sounding muffins But most of all, you ll be reaching out to your friends and family to tell them how much you love them.Thank you to Harlequin Australia for the ARC My review is honest.http samstillreading.wordpress.com Need to write the review, but these pictures should do the trick for now ARC received from Harlequin Australia for an honest reviewI knew from reading the synopsis that Summers With Juliette was going to be an emotional read, so I was prepared for it.What I wasn t prepared for was the for the punch that this book packed.It is a gut wrenching, heart breaking but also heartwarming of friendship, and what lengths friends go to for each other It is about mending broken friendships, forging new relationships Juliette calls on the pinky swear she, Sera and Anna made when they were teenagers She is dying and wants to spend one last summer with her best friends.I loved Juliette from the minute the book started So strong, she has had so many horrible things happen in her life, but she lives her life every day with a smile I want to be as strong as her when I grow up Anna and Sera, each with their own problems but they come together for Juliette, and while they are repairing their friendship, they are forging life changing relationships with men they meet while in town.From the blurb you know that there are going to be heartbreaking moments But boy the one that I knew was going to happen still took a strong grip on my heart and felt like it was squeezing the life out of me.It is hard to believe that this is Ms Madden s debut novel The story, the writing, the emotion leapt off the pages, and I could not put Summers With Juliet down once I started.This is a wonderful read, so grab a cuppa and a box of tissues and dive in You will not be disappointed.I cannot wait to see what Ms Madden has for us next. 4.5 starsSummers with Juliette is the type of book that makes you stop and appreciate the important things in life that we often take for granted our health, love for our family, stability and good friends It centers on the remarkable story of a courageous young woman named Juliette who is battling terminal illness With cancer ravaging her body, Juliette knows she has only one summer left and she is going to make it count She calls on her two very best friends, Anna and Sera, who made a pinkie swear as teens to be there for one another no matter what Problem is Anna and Sera have not spoken to each other for many years, their only link is Juliette Having both moved away from the small town in which they grew up, the picturesque coastal town Ellesmere, making the return will be a painful one inthan one way Anna and Sera must summon all the strength they can to support their friend Juliette as she says her final goodbye.It was quite astonishing to discover that Summers with Juliette was written by a debut author I was impressed by the quality and poise that came from reading Emily Madden s words The dialogue in Summers with Juliette was a highlight and a pure joy to read, it was so very realistic Characterisation was equally impressive, I really did feel like I got to know each of the characters well by the conclusion of the novel Juliette was an immediate standout character for me, I connected with her straight away, feeling like I could easily be friends with her I greatly admired her strength and determination to continue to life her life as she did I was easy to understand why she was so loved and embraced by the Ellesmere community Madden s choice of setting in Summers with Juliette was simply stunning I knew I was in for a treat setting wise when I saw the cover of this novel, it is absolutely beautiful Madden s depiction of small town coastal life was top notch I also loved that this book was about so muchthan Juliette s disease, rather it is about the emotions and friendships shared by Juliette, Anna and Sera Although I knew that sad end was eventual, when I reached that point it did pull at the heartstrings but the overarching theme of the power of friendship won me over completely.Summers with Juliette is a powerful debut by an author I am looking forward to hearing muchfrom in the future Make time in your reading schedule to experience some time with a powerful and admirable protagonist Juliette and her long standing friends you will not be disappointed. Started and finished the book on the same day Absolutely could not put it down and was sitting at school pickup crying reading it A wonderful story with characters that just draw you in Highly recommended, I loved it. This reads like a soap opera so, is this what Chick Lit is all about Do people really talk and feel like this I didn t hate it, but I didn t love it I can see other people swooning over it though.