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This story was told back to front, starting with the ending and working back through time to see how it all began It seemed like an interesting way to write a novel when I first picked it up, but it just didn t really work out the way that I thought it might The characters felt forced, the climax wasn t that exciting and it just lacked something There are a lot of stories out there that have a dark hidden secret from the past that is revealed at the end, but they seem to do a successful job than this story did I guess this is what I get when I pick up a book for 25 cents at a used book sale. I thought this book was pretty stupid It s been a while, but I remember finally getting to the end and being disappointed at the shabby explanation for why the whole thing started. @Download Book ì Rewind ⚥ Sometimes, Love Only Makes Sense BackwardThis Is A Teen Romance Like No Other A Thrilling Tale Of Betrayal And Heartache Told In An Incredible Reverse Format Think MEMENTO Meets SUMMER BOYS It S Prom Night Shy Hippie Chick Cady Is Hoping For A Dance And A Hook Up With Her Long Time Crush, The Sexy Musician, Lucas Instead, She Witnesses Lucas Commit An Act Of Unforgivable Cruelty Toward His Date, The Gorgeous And Popular Hope But Nothing Is What It Seems As The Story Unfolds In Backward Time Retracing One Senior Year We See A Slowly Developing Photo Of The Truth Roles Are Reversed, Secret Motives Are Exposed, And Hidden Desires Come To The Surface This Twisty Tale Of A Love Triangle Gone Wrong Will Keep Readers Guessing Until The Last Revelation In the beginning of the book Cady was pretty shy because of her long time crush, Lucas In the middle of the book she begin seeing the other side of Lucas He begin being mean to people by hitting them against the wall, punching them in their stomach, kicking people in their backs and etcCady and her best friend started to know who Lucas was in reality.at the end of the story Cady saw something she could never imagine Lucas would do He slapped Hope, his girlfriend, who cried and said she was never going have a crush on Lucas again But she still wanted to have the last dance with him. We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for a public service announcement Mutual emotional whining is not love, teenagers Girls, violent boys are just that violent and dangerous, not misunderstood Boys, no matter how heartbroken you may, it is no excuse to resort to hitting Rewind tells the story of Cady, Lucas, and Hope, three seniors whose entanglements with one another end in a bad prom night The title of the book refers to Downer s usage of reverse chronological order as she switches between the perspectives of the three leads The reverse storytelling seems like a contrivance however, merely intended to retconn a villain into the piece, and the none of the narrators really take off from the page to become believable characters.Further, the prose is often awkward, and Downer often makes novice writing mistakes such as having to describe what each character is wearing in every scene This gets old real fast The not so shocking teenage antics seem ripped from bad teen soaps, despite the author s constant attempts to seem hip and real by name dropping brands left and right The dark events that surround the characters, for example, sexual manipulation and an alcoholic parent, are played for cheap emotional response rather than really understood or explored.There are some good concepts touched upon here the breakdown of friendships and the power games people play, but ultimately they are not delved into very well as the novel ultimately resorts to character stereotypes and overwrought backstories I found the protagonists incredibly unlikeable, and the tale to be sending a very reprehensible messages about teenage love Rating 0.5 stars spoilers The end of the novel, by focusing on Cady s hope of getting to know Lucas and Hope s not very believable plan, as well as the of the first chapter Cady and Lucas reaching for one another seems to try and present this as a touching love story and Hope as a villain When in fact, Lucas is a very disturbed young man obsessive and violent and Cady a nice, if dumb, girl doesn t deserve to be inflicted with his love. I wrote a report on this, but no one had ever checked it out in the library, so i could just make stuff up and my teacher didn t know, Thanks Laura Product DescriptionIt s prom night Shy hippie chick Cady is hoping for a dance and a hook up with her long time crush, the sexy musician, Lucas Instead, she witnesses Lucas commit an act of unforgivable cruelty toward his date, the gorgeous and popular Hope But nothing is what it seems As the story unfolds in backward time retracing one senior year we see a slowly developing photo of the truth Roles are reversed, secret motives are exposed, and hidden desires come to the surface This twisty tale of a love triangle gone wrong will keep readers guessing until the last revelation.Toward the end of the book, I found myself skipping ahead over what seemed like meaningless random passages that did not have anything to do with the plot It also did not keep me guessing And the last chapter just kind of stopped, so it didn t seem like the book had a real ending The beginning of the book was definitely better than the last part, because in the beginning I did feel like there was a mystery to be solved and I wanted to know how these people got to this place But about halfway through it just lost steam for me. I read this book in three hours I didn t really want to read it in the first place because when I got it home from the library and I reread the back it didn t sound as good as i originally thought I did read it though, well not really I skipped a lot of it in the middle, only choosing the read the parts with Lucas in them since I wanted to figure out what was going on with him I really hate Hope, so much she is such a bitch, telling him that he should just get over his mothers death, she is so cruel I thought the idea of the book going backwards would be cool and reading it was ok but I hated how indecisive the ending or beginning of the story was, do they end up together There was no retribution for the evil girl and the perfect couple does not end up together Now I have read it but I find that I didn t even get the satisfaction of knowing a new story since the story didn t end I wanted to know what happened in their time but ended up just wasting my own. I overall liked the book Rewind The main reason why I liked this book was because it started with the end result and you had to read through the events backwards to get the story I liked how there were three main characters and they all narrated so you could hear everyone s point of view The book was about how a nerd, Cada, meets a boy named Lucas who is her crush and she has to fight a battle to win him over from the popular girl, Hope. I m just going to start by saying DO NOT READ THIS BOOK Seriously though It will only bring disappointment, anger issues, and a three week session of yoga The main characters in this book Lucas, Hope, Cady are a complete disappointment to me.Lucas is obsessive,possessive, and a wee bit mean.Oh, who am I kidding He s a complete %% Hope is a self centered, conceited, brat And Cady is just.Cady I guess Anyways, did Lucas really had to go with the vile witch cough Hope cough.Why couldn t he go with Cady When I was done with the book, I was like WHY WHY I felt like going up to Laura s face and saying WHAT WAS THE POINT OF A MAKING A BOOK LIKE THIS She would probably call security to throw me out, and such Clears throat Moving On At the beginning I was like WhatHow Why But towards the end I was like insert me throwing the book at the wall and throwing a tantrum I was so confused Like, at the end, what did Lucas mean when he said It wasn t her You were the one I was so confused by this, that I even asked Siri what it meant Anyways, the WHOLE gist of what I said is basically Dude, don t read this book Do something better with your life by, I don t know, reading TMI That is all Au Revior