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Hey, look at that We have a cover (((Download))) ☞ Giraffes Ruin Everything ✗ In This Mischievously Funny Picture Book, Friends Come In All Shapes And SizesIn Case You Were Wondering, Here S An Incomplete List Of Things Giraffes Ruin Birthday Parties Going To The Movies Playing At The Park Hide And Seek Everything ElseYes, That S Right Giraffes Ruin EverythingBut What Happens When Our Narrator Gets Into A Tricky Situation Perhaps He Ll Find Giraffes Aren T So Bad After All Once again, this book was read to me by the author It is soooo funny I can easily see it becoming part of a series of books It is one book I wouldn t mind rereading over and over to my children I ll be giving these as gifts Cute book The giraffe reminds me of several human beings that I went to school with The moral is good that we all have different strengths and shouldn t dismiss other people altogether. My thoughts Giraffe s ruin everything from birthday parties, to trips to the movies and park and I enjoyed how nicely the words on the pages blended together with the illustrations I particularly like the usage of pastel colors, because I feel that they help to draw the reader into the book, without being overly distracting.I do think however, that some words used like frustration and undertake might be a bit advanced for younger readers I d suggest reading through the book and making a list of the difficult words and then adding a simplified definition so that you can easily explain to the child what it means as your reading Otherwise, I found it to be an enjoyable book.I recommend this book for any child that loves animals or specifically giraffes I personally love giraffes which as why I d wanted to read this book I do believe this has the potential to become a bedtime favorite in any household. A humorous look at all the situations that are not built for giraffe participation Funny, enough and ends with an introduction as to why elephants ruin everything making me think this might become a series think If You Give a Mouse a Cookie etc.Pencil illustrations finished digitally PreK 2. This book is simply adorable With cute illustrations, easy to read text, and plenty of humor, this book is almost as great as owning a pet giraffe Who wouldn t want to have a pet giraffe Well having one might not seem all it s cracked up to be At least that s what the story s young narrator starts out feeling According to him, giraffes ruin everything From birthday parties to going to the movies and playing games outside, giraffes ruin everything That is until he realizes that just maybe giraffes really don t ruin everything You don t have to love giraffes to pick up this book, though if you do, you ll love it even so This is one cute picture book that s definitely worth picking up I m really hoping this is the first book in a series from Heidi FULL REVIEW SHARED HERE A boy is rather mean to giraffe about all the things giraffes ruin, while giraffe certainly looks sorry after each of his mistakes Giraffe saves the day by rescuing a kite, and he is finally accepted, but then the boy says elephants ruin everything I know this is just a picture book, and it s supposed to be humorous, and we are supposed to learn to accept others, and many people will say I m taking this too seriously, but I m not sure I want to encourage exclusionary bullying We don t just invite people to play if they can serve a purpose we invite them because it is the right thing to do and we want them to invite us next time. I received a signed copy of this book to share with my students and what an awesome picture book gift it is I m really looking forward to sharing this at school next week It s a funny look at how clumsy and awkward it would be to have a giraffe at a birthday party, or the movies, or on a play date at the park But it also has a terrific message, that there is good in everyone and sometimes we have to help our friends fit in It kind of reminds me of If You Ever Want to Bring an Alligator to School, DON T By Elise Parsley, which was also a big hit with my students when I read it aloud last week. What a fun read I loved the illustrations and page lay out, especially when you had to turn the book sideways to read one page My favorite illustration and page was the giraffe on the slide, and how his head was still at the top and his feet already at the bottom Kids will love this beautiful book.