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I actually found this short story quite hilarious! And we got introduced to a character with potential..... Such an excellent inbetween story!! I want more like this. Loki...

How I wish it was me you after....ahaks! The Vittra Attacks is a short little read giving a look at things from the other side. Were it not for the fact this story was included in the combined edition of the trilogy I own, I doubt I would have read this story. In truth, I was disappointed with Switched – and as I’m not the biggest lover of short stories anyway, there was very little leaving me willing to read this.

Still, as it was a short read and it was included between the pages of books one and two in the combined edition, I decided to say ‘screw it’ and read it.

Although this was not a terrible read – it’s more of a onepointfivestar read, but I could not bring myself to round it up as I gave Switched a twostar rating – it did not add as much as I would have liked. When it comes to stories being told from a different perspective, especially when the perspective is that of the bad guy, I really like to be invested in the world. I like for a much bigger picture to open up, to get to see much more.

Sure, I got a quick look at the other side – but it was not enough. It was barely a taste – it let us see without developing things. I hope things develop more later in the series, as potential has been opened up. However, as an introduction to the other side – an introduction where we’re thrown in deep – this one did not do much.

If you’re a fan of the series, I’m sure you’ll have fun with this extra. If, like myself, Switched did not win you over, then I doubt The Vittra Attacks will do much for you. Loki!!! <3 A fun little story to give you an understanding of what the Vittra really is.
I wouldn't recommend reading it without having read Switched, as it would spoil a major part of the book.
Overall it just gives a bit of insight and an idea of what is to come in the next book, Torn. Short story in the Trylle series.
Would recommend reading as part of the series, no point in reading as a standalone. This is a short story that must be read between the first two books, here we get to know a new character (Loki) that is a Vittra and see from his POV the attacks and attempts to capture Wendy.

I know already (from reading the second book blurb) that he will be important in next book and i'm glad that i get the opportunity to know him and his motivations before he appears in the next book.
I like him and i'm so curious to know why the hell he is a vittra and also i'm dying to know why the queen wants Wendy so much.

I gave 3 out of 5 * to this novella, i like it and it is important for the next book in my opinion but i could not rate it more because it is so small.
I will be reading the next books in this month. (BOOK) ó The Vittra Attacks á The Vittra Attacks By Amanda Hocking The Vittra Attacks Is A Short Little Read Giving A Look At Things From The Other Side Were It Not For The Fact This Story Was Included In The Combined Edition Of The Trilogy I Own, I Doubt I Would Have Read This Story In Truth, I Was Disappointed With Switched And As I M Not The Biggest Lover Of Short Stories Anyway, There Was Very Little Leaving Me Willing To Read This Switched The Vittra Attacks Torn Ascend Switched The Vittra Attacks Torn Ascend Hocking Amanda Language English ISBN File EPUB,KB Send To Kindle Or Email Please Login To Your Account First Need Help Please Read Our Short Guide How To Send A Book To KindleThe Vittra Attacks Trylle Trilogy Bonus Amanda The Vittra Attacks Trylle Trilogy Bonus Amanda Hocking ISBNPDF Download The Vittra Attacks By Amanda The Vittra Attacks By Amanda Hocking The Vittra Attacks Is A Short Little Read Giving A Look At Things From The Other Side Were It Not For The Fact This Story Was Included In The Combined Edition Of The Trilogy I Own, I Doubt I Would Have Read This Story Ever After By Amanda Hocking The First Short Story, The Vittra Attacks, Was The Best Of The Three It Was A One Point Five Star Rating TheMini Reviews The Vittra Attacks, Hannah Hoch The Vittra Attacks By Amanda Hocking Published Th JulyPublisher Tor Series Trylle TrilogyPage Count Synopsis A Never Before Published Bonus Story, The Vittra Attacks, Set In The Magical World Of The Trylle Which Can Only Be Seen In The New Edition Of Switched Review As Mentioned Above The Vittra Attacks Is A Very Short Bonus Story At The Back Of Switched Which IBooks Similar To The Vittra Attacks Goodreads Find Books Like The Vittra Attacks Trylle From The World S Largest Community Of Readers Goodreads Members Who Liked The Vittra Attacks Trylle Also L The Vittra Attacks LivelibThe Vittra Attacks,Top Shelves For The Vittra Attacks To Readpeople , Fantasypeople , Young Adultpeople , Novellaspeople , Short Storiespeople , Paranormalpeople , Yapeople ,Vittra Folklore Wikipedia A Vittra Is A Type Of Vttr From Northern Sweden A Vttr Is A Nature Spirit, A Type Of Mythological Creature Very Common In Scandinavian Mythology Elves, Dwarves, And Jtnar Are Vttir Experts Are Not Certain If Vittra, Huldra, And Ncken Can Be Grouped Together Or Not Because All Three Of Them Support Nature Against Humans And Dangers When Is It Coming Out The Vittra QA Question About The Vittra Attacks When Is It Coming Out In the interest of full disclosure, I won this as a Goodreads Giveaway with the expectation that I would give an honest review.

It's hard to say much about this short story, because it is so short. I would say it gave me more questions than it did answers. It does come at you from a different perspective and I think that will help fill in some gaps over the course of the trilogy. I will say that I am very excited to start reading the second book of the trilogy. I think it's going to be a wild ride folks!