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~EBOOK ☩ BLACKOUT ☿ Shirley Was Living The Dream Expensive Cars, Clothes And A Million Dollar Home All Afforded By Her Husband NFL Superstar Quarterback Keith Nickels But Her Dreams Quickly Fade To Black When She Discovers What Keith Has Been Hiding Tasha Keith S Ex Lover And Mother To His Children Is On A Mission To Destroy Keith At Any Cost Jealousy, Deception And Murder Are Sure To Follow As Tasha Attempts To Ruin Keith And Take Shirley S Dreams For Her Own Will Shirley Settle And Humbly Accept Keith S Past As A Mistake Or Will She Get Her Clean Hands Dirty Trying To Cover Up Her Own This book would ve gotten stars had there not been so many errors The quotations were thrown all over the place and the dialogue between the characters were not separated by paragraphs Other than that, the book was pretty decent I won t be buying the sequel due to all of the errors I might encounter. need part 2this book is off the chain i can t wait to c what s gonna happen to Tasha ghetto behind, Keith conniving cheating but i hope Shirley get Jasper n on her plan for revenge as they say Krama is a bitch i hope Tasha Keith gets it allhell has no fury like a women scorned Shirley is out to get it all InterestingThis was just an ok read Nothing really stood out The thing that messed it up for me was that there was little to no editing Too many run on sentences and the structure wasn t good The story itself was interesting and it has potential to be a 5 star read.it just didn t make the cut. CrazyThis lady is married to an nil superstar for 9 years and never knew he had 4 children on the side until the mother and kids show up on her door step,now what is she going to do about it have to read part 2 to find out Good BookKeith was a liar and a cheat Shirley needs to get herself together Revenge on Keith is going to be good I didn t like that the book ended like that Looking forward to reading pt 2. What s going onWhy I don t get a full book is beyond me Every time I get interested in a book it s over and not because it s the end I don t like books like this. An interesting read There were a few typo s but overall a good writer I hope to read from this author. Love itIt keep u on your toes, I am so ready for the next Book, hurry please can t wait to see what is next too many typos but still an interesting story.