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I was lucky enough to win the Goodreads Giveaway of Once Beloved This book blended hope, second chances and romance into a story that will move you Helena was an admirable heroine Her growing courage kept me tuning the pages All will be well Now I want to read Royce s Never Too Late. 4.5 starsThis is a lovely historical romance about finding love in the most unexpected place Helena and Daniel seemed perfectly matched, even in their dislike for one another Yet, there is much for this couple to overcome before they can find their HEA The most challenging hurdles are the misunderstandings, false blame and emotions that have had 20 years to fester.In the end you find a couple who has learned to share hope, pleasure and second chances in order to finally claim a love they never dreamed possible.I received an ARC of this book, via Net Galley, in exchange for a fair and honest review 3.8 starsOnce Beloved is the story of Helena Martin, a widow with three sons Helena s age isn t given, but it s been twenty years since she and her late husband married, so she is at least in her upper thirties, which is refreshing.As the novel opens, Helena s oldest, Bart, is away, serving in the navy, but her two younger sons, teenaged Mark and the much younger Tommy, along with Helena s two friends, Marissa and Honoria, accompany her to the Great Exhibition at the Crystal Palace.The excursion is a difficult one for Helena to undertake Since her husband Isaiah s death two years before, Helena has been afraid of crowded places, but now she braves the Crystal Palace for the sake of her boys Once there, the throng proves to be too much for Helena, and she passes out.Also at the Crystal Palace that day is Daniel Lanfield, a sheep farmer who has come to London from the village of Marksby to find buyers for his wool Daniel witnesses Helena s collapse, and he catches her in his arms and assists her.But Daniel and Helena share a past, and although Daniel does not immediately recognize Helena as the girl to whom his brother was once engaged, and whose elopement with another man devastated their community, Helena recognizes him Once the introductions are made, Daniel recoils from her.Days later, Daniel runs into Marissa s husband and is invited to his home While there, Daniel states that his wife is gone, without expounding It is a true statement Daniel s wife has left him but he is taken for a widower, when the reality is different.Daniel also learns from Marissa that Helena intends to travel to Marksby Though her late parents never patched the rift that followed Helena s elopement, and Helena has therefore never returned to the village, Helena s grandmother is now nearing death After years of silence, the grande dame has written Helena and her sister Elizabeth so that she can see them again, and Helena is determined not to throw this chance at a reunion away.An angry Daniel tries to dissuade Helena from this course She s done enough damage, he explains Not just to his brother Gordon, but also to Marksby itself Helena s family s land was supposed to be united with the Lanfields upon Helena s marriage to Gordon, and a railway company had planned to purchase those lands When Helena ran off with Isaiah, the railway company s employee, the deal fell through, and with it, Marksby s chance at economic prosperity.Helena s friends and sister also try to keep her from leaving, arguing that Helena is prone to panic attacks or fainting at the sight of a crowd, so how can she possibly travel on a packed coach or train But Helena will not be dissuaded Even if she has to face the villagers censure, she will travel to Marksby and tend to her frail grandmother Reluctantly, a still angry Daniel offers to take Helena and her teenaged niece, Vanessa, who comes along in Elizabeth s stead, in his wagon.On the journey Helena and Daniel both become aware of their attraction, but neither is willing to concede the other s points about the past And when they arrive in the village, Helena encounters the villagers anger, while Daniel struggles to explain to Gordon how he could have brought Helena there.Will Helena overcome the obstacles she faces in the village Can Daniel let go of his anger over Helena s abandonment of his brother Can this couple find love despite past bitterness And what about Daniel s wife Once Beloved is the kind of romance I sometimes hear readers clamoring for, one with nuance and heart The characters are adult and down to earth Neither is an aristocrat, and both feel like real people.Helena is alternately fragile and strong, but in a way that feels consistent There s a reason for a her fear of crowds it got to me emotionally , as well as for her determination to soldier on despite the animosity she meets with in Marksby Her friendship with Honoria and Marissa, her love for her boys and her grandmother, her happy first marriage, and her attraction to Daniel, define her as both loving and brave.This is a partial review The complete review can be found at Dear Author, here The book is based on the expectations that are placed on a woman and what can happen when she fails The heroine Helena was supposed to marry a neighboring landowner, but instead elopes with a business man traveling through her town The marriage is happy but he s killed in a freak accident She s required to travel back to her home village where she fears, with good reason, that she ll be rejected Did her elopement really doom the village We ll never know, but there s plenty of questions raised I enjoyed this book, but felt like the writers style needed development At times it felt like there were too many characters to keep track of and that it could have been simplified Still very engaging I hope she continues to write. A captivating lovely historical romance about finding love in the most unexpected place and with the most unexpected people Delightful story, enticing characters, delightful setting Highly recommended to lovers of historical romances I received this book for free in exchange for my honest review from Netgalley. The whole premise of the plot, that a town holds a grudge for a long, long time against a woman for not marrying a man she didn t want to and therefore destroying the town , is ludicrous Even if you can believe that the townspeople and hero really believe this, you are also supposed to believe that this is right and proper and that the heroine should actually feel bad about this The whole book, you just want her to yell at everyone to shove it but instead she actually buys into it. Good read.I have read all of Amara Royce and they are very heartfelt Helena ran away to get married and the whole town feels all the problems they have are her fault Daniel is the younger brother that she jilted and is very bitter They have alot of baggage, but they get thru it find happiness. Super intriguing premise, and everything flowed nicely, but I just couldn t really get attached to any of the characters I think I d like to read from this author e ARC provided by NetGalley This is the first I have read anything by this author Let me say WOW I was hooked from beginning to end Amara Royce s writing is like being on the ocean during and after a storm Exhilarating, turbulent, and then calm and beautiful She is a wonderful new author I just discovered who I can t wait to see what she writes next I received a Arc of this book from Net Galley for an honest review. ^DOWNLOAD EPUB ☞ Once Beloved ☙ In Bustling Victorian London, A Desperate Woman Turns To The Last Man Who Would Ever Want To Come To Her AidYears Ago, When Helena Martin Escaped To London With A Dashing Captain, She Had No Idea She Was Endangering Her Entire Village Little Did She Know, The Arranged Match She Fled Was The Little Town S Last Chance At Prosperity Now, With Her Beloved Grandmother S Health Failing, Helena Must Face The Damage She Wrought And She Must Do It With An Unlikely Escort Her Jilted Fianc S BrotherDaniel Lanfield Is Undoubtedly Attracted To Helena And Furious With Her Though It Was Unintentional, Her Thoughtlessness Has Caused Great Misery To Their Village Yet Daniel Is Uniquely Positioned To Help Her Return Home, And Strangely Compelled To Keep Her Close Along The Way For No Matter What Their Pasts, The Desire Between Them Now Is Ever Present