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!Free Pdf ♷ The Raven's Prophecy Tarot [Manual] ♷ This Record Is For The Manual Included Within Maggie Stiefvater S The Raven S Prophecy Tarot The Manual Does Not Include A Separate ISBN And Is Not Sold SeparatelyThe Iridescent Sheen Of A Raven S Wing Reveals A Tantalizing Glimpse Of The Future A Tattooed Hand, Sinews Roiling Like Ley Lines, Peels Back The Gossamer Veil That Separates This World From The NextWith Art And Instructions By Maggie Stiefvater New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Raven Cycle Series The Raven S Prophecy Tarot Reveals The Wisdom Of Dreams, Helping You Harness The Opposing Forces Of Intuition Of Cunning, Moon And Raven, Spirit And Intellect Inspired By Stiefvater S Artist Mentors, This Deck Is A Path To A Creative Life For Everyone Maggie es una artista extraordinaria 3 I got these today and I love them I feel like the book is very insightful into Maggie s artwork and her interpretation of the cards I marked it as comics graphic novels manga due to the cards I think if you are looking for a new tarot deck, this would be a great choice No me esperaba que la caja fuera tan grande y estuviera tan cuidada la edici n Mi parte favorita ha sido el librito que acompa a a la baraja, con explicaciones muy al estilo Maggie Imprescindible para fans de la saga. Some lovely person bought me a copy of Maggie Stiefvater s The Raven s Prophecy Tarot deck off my wishlist While most decks come with a little pamphlet that fits inside the card box, with a bare bones explanation of each card usually one sentence or less this deck comes with a proper instruction book, although the result is that the box does not really fit the deck of cards I ll need to find something to wrap them in The instruction book is called Illuminating the Prophecy and it s shorter than my main tarot instructional book, but it s still than enough to get a beginner started, and it s an excellent supplement to other materials Stiefvater explains the artistic choices she s made for this deck in particular, which makes it easier to remember the card meanings when using it to do readings, It s also a very good explanation of tarot in general, so it should be useful to use for other decks, if you have other decks that come with useless tiny pamphlets like most of them Each card is given a couple of keywords, then a page or two of explanation on how it fits into the greater patterns in the deck, what it can mean in different parts of a reading, how Stiefvater feels about the card personally, and anything else that she deems highly relevant The personal stuff is quite useful tarot readings are very personal and how one person reads something might not quite fit in the same way with how someone else reads it, based on a reader or querent s life personality relationship to the concepts represented by the card The booklet also has much of Stiefvater s characteristic voice, if not quite as nutty as the one she uses on Tumblr, so it is quite entertaining as well as informative.I ve started entering some of the notes from this book into my own tarot notebook, which is a jumble of things I ve learned from different sources but overall draws heavily on Tarot Plain and Simple, which has been my main instructional for years I lost most of the notes I had from when I first started reading tarot, so now I only use the things I remembered from back then, which was than a dozen years ago, so that s not a huge amount and it s not nearly enough to do readings from memory with I think I m going to end up incorporating a lot of what Stiefvater says into the way I read I think it s a bit on my wavelength than some of the tone of the other book Overall, A deck, A instructional booklet, would occult with again Also, the Queen of Pentacles card is so preeetty Originally posted at 5 5 estrellas.Gracias, GRACIAS por tanto, Maggie Aunque es un libro muy introductorio no dejo de leerlo Debido a sto descubr o se despertaron dones que toda mi vida so con tener y que resultaron estar ah , cosas de la vida.Y amo mis cartas, mis nenas, mis bebas El lazo que tenemos es envidiable Imposible que me despegue de ellas Esto es un amor correspondido. 5 5Hermosas ilustraciones en cada una de las cartas y un manual detallado de forma muy amigable para el entendimiento del lector Maggie no solo es una excelente escritora sino tambi n una brillante artista. Rating is only for the 184 page booklet, Illuminating the Prophecy Haven t cracked open the cards and done a spread yet, so I can t say how helpful everything is, but I ve read the booklet. perfect thing is perfect idek why but this really inspired me to want to get my life together