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JUST LOVED IT. I was kind of disappointed in this book, which made me sad because I love the author The love scenes were great I didn t have too much of an issue with those My problem was that there was way too much going on I understand romance novels need a secondary plot sometimes, but this one had way too many There was her issues with her family, his stuff with his family, her best friend s marital problems and pregnancy..there was just so much And while I don t mind an indecisive heroine who can t quite make up her mind, this one just took a total 180 I won t spoil anything, but there were some things she did that I m not sure I would be as forgiving about.Anyways, like I said, I love Karla Doyle and I m looking forward to her next book I just didn t care too much for this one. READ DOWNLOAD ♨ Stealing Home ♿ When Paige S Latest Attempt At Happily Ever After With A Nice Guy Tanks, She Decides To Quit Fighting Her Destiny She Craves Bad Boys Men Who Deliver Short Term, Panty Melting Excitement, Not Reliability And Settling Down If She S Going To Embrace Her True Nature, Who Better To Start With Than The Dark Haired, Tattooed Ballplayer Whose Cocky Attitude Gives Her Thrills Than Any Steady Boyfriend Ever Has Alex Had Major League Plans For His Life Until It Threw Him An Unexpected And Unwelcome Curve Ball Switching Gears To Pursue His Other Passion Was A Rough Road, But Things Are Good Aside From His MIA Muse When A Chance Meeting With A Blonde Firecracker Stirs His Creative Juices And Alex Is Game To See Where Their Chemistry Leads Trouble Is, His Potential Miss Right Thinks She S Only Capable Of Playing The Field 2.5 closer to 2 stars, but I felt bad for some reason, so here s my 3 stars I don t know is this author is pretty new or not, but that s kind of how I felt while I was reading this book The idea wasn t bad, the plot was interesting and the characters could have been great But they weren tI didn t feel any chemistry between the two, but that s not even a problem here They felt pretty plastic, I couldn t see them as real Despite them having problems, they both of them were pretty flat I don t really know why I didn t DNF it Probably because I kept expecting Ah, and skimming also helped me in my quest of try to finish books that aren t 100% idiotic I don t succeed every time, but hey, at least I try Ah well, it could have been worse At least it wasn t that awful cliche I was expecting D Didn t hate it but I didn t love it either I have loved previous Karla Doyle books and this book s blurb sounded like something right up my alley But there was just something missing for me.Paige doesn t do commitment She s a serial monogamist but when things in her relationships begin to get truly serious she cuts and runs She watched her mother cheating on her father growing up so she is naturally a little hesitant to settle down, afraid she will repeat the same mistakes her mother made By chance she meets Alex, a cocky and arrogant hero who has certainly got dirty talk down to an art And when these two hit the sheets it is combustible hot.Alex had dreams of playing professional baseball but only played a year before his plans got derailed Now Alex is an art teacher who plays on a weekend league to satisfy his love of baseball Alex is also an artist who has lost his muse But Paige seems to reignite the creative spark in him.Everything after that just seemed to fall apart for me Paige was downright prickly towards Alex She waffled somewhere between indecisiveness and borderline hostility And Alex, he was so blas about Paige pushing him away There was no fight in him for this relationship, in fact he let Paige do most of the heavy hitting in the begging for second and third chances These two stubborn idiots seem to be making headway into healthy communication when Paige is called away by her friend Becka who is in labor yeah there was a bit of a side story involving that one and Alex is actually sweet and understanding, he even tells her to call him if she needs somethingthen when she does call him he basically lets her walk away Leaving things this way pretty much ensured she d bolt Maybe for good this time Not what he wanted but he was done trying to break down her damn defenses The headway he thought they d made earlier today gone Yeah he is not the heroes dreams are made of He talks a good game but in the end he made Paige do all the groveling Even in the end Paige is the one who comes to him and he makes her spell out what he wants I can t take back all my screw ups and I ll probably make if you re dumb enough to give us another chance, but I want that chance, even though it scares the hell out of me Would be okay with that considering Paige did indeed screw up a lot, but Alex made just as many mistakes as she did But like I said, it wasn t a strike out for me, but it wasn t a homerun either The writing is signature Karla Doyle funny, sweet, and quite steamy The chemistry between the main characters was off the charts, but there need to be a bit alpha in Alex to make this work better for me. I really liked this book I made the mistake of reading a few reviews before I started reading and those reviews weren t good and had me worried a bit Just a bit as they weren t from trusted fellow readers and from readers I don t hve much books in common with And it turns out I needn t worry at all as Karla Doyle once again delivered a sexy and emotional read with characters that didn t take the easy, cheesy route and had to work hard for their HEA while making me work for it just as hard I can imagine some readers will not like Paige and some won t like Alex either but I loved them both And their development throughout the book was done excellently There was one thing I didn t really like in this book and it had to do with a secondary couple In the end it worked out fine but it came to close to stuff I m not comfortable with in my romance novels If it had been with the main couple I would have really disliked this book I enjoyed this one a lot though and it was totllay worth the long wait for it but I really hope the next book will come a bit sooner as it is one in a series I love and I m dying to read that story. I really enjoyed Stealing Home I loved Paige and Alex s first meeting and Paige s feisty, sarcastic personality, although I did find her very frustrating at times She had relationship issues stemming from her parent s marriage that resulted in her having major trouble with committing The constant pushing and pulling she did with Alex was very frustrating I wanted to shake some sense into her She kept pushing away a man, who, in my opinion, was pretty damn perfect And let s talk about that man, shall we Alex was everything I would ever want all wrapped up in one hot, tattooed package sexy, funny, smart, talented, caring, protective, great with kids, had a great relationship with his family, and was yumm i ly dirty and bossy when it counted If I had to sum him up in one word, it would be delicious So Damn Delicious Paige and Alex s banter was fantastic and the development of their relationship felt natural and believable Their chemistry was very strong right from the very start and the sexy times were very hot Let s just say between the dirty talk and his moves, Alex knew what he was doing between the sheets Paige was a very lucky girl I felt the characters were very well developed and I felt a connection to them immediately I m a huge baseball fan so I loved how it played a big part in the story The only negative for me in Stealing Home was Paige s constant back and forth on her feelings for Alex I understood her motivation, but I eventually became annoyed with her She wavered so many times, at one point I wondered why he kept taking her back.Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book Karla Doyle is one of my favorite authors If you are a fan of hot and sweet contemporaries, you should definitely give her books a try For about the first quarter of the book, I wanted to throw it across the room I didn t Don t want to break my iPad The heroine was constantly cycling between OMG lust I m too messed up for him The hero cycled between OMG lust she s crazy Make up your effin minds I m glad I stuck with it though, because the story got a lot better The hero is a complex guy maybe a little too perfect geesh He s good at everything The heroine is constantly snarky and sarcastic Eventually both characters undergo some emotional growth, with the help of their good friends and family, and the HEA is sweet.Bought from kobo How disappointing I was loving this book because I was sure I d get an incredible hero that fights to show the heroine why they should be together It started off great but the author totally ruined the entire story by having him give up NOT EVEN halfway and have the heroine chase his ass like a pathetic loser.I mean at 39% when the heroine pushes him away he doesn t do anything to stop her He didn t even care His excuse was He didn t do crazy chick drama Or play mind games A waste of his time and energy, both of which he valued way too much to give up Well FUCK YOU I want a man that s going to fight for a woman he wants Who will do anything to break down her walls That s the kind of romance I like Not some self righteous prick who thinks he s too good to put effort into winning over the heroine.I don t find it romantic when the heroine has to go out of her way to get the hero back That s not my idea of romance I don t give a fuck about the hero getting tired of her pushing him away I want him to fight for her till the end not the other way around I m a woman so I relate to female characters NOT the hero so I don t care if he felt slighted my her not worshiping at his alter I m so disappointed with this author for ruining the book with this bullshit I waited forever for this book to come out and have loved all the books I ve read by this author It sucks she decided to go a different route and turn the heroine into the chaser I wanted to slap the heroine and be like stop acting so pathetic Stop calling and chasing his ass How completely disappointing Next time, don t have the heroine chasing after the hero give up and act like a little emo bitch If you re going to write about an alpha male then you need to deliver with a man that goes after what he wants till the end. 2 StarsWhat can I even say Hmm, is there such thing as too much sex No No. But it sure got old pretty quickly for me It didn t help that Paige and Alex both acted like jerks too Not to mention the crazy back and forth between them with regards to their relationship non relationship was annoying And the repetitiveness of everything And the eye roll inducing ending Thanks for the buddy read Ami and Jeanne Proud to say I made it till the end Didn t back out halfway, didn t DNF Woohoo