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Sometimes a great novel can be summed by the extraordinary gift of storytelling by a talented writer One that simply makes you forget your reading a book, but makes you feel like you stepped into real life For me, that is simply, Christopher Slater and his novel, PUP A Novel of Accidental Heroism He was the winner of the authors first novel contest and after reading this book, you ll know with certainty why it was chosen I can say it almost feels like a Forrest Gump story, of a young man PUP who has just graduated high school and has his future set on college Knowing the Second Korean War has begun along with the draft he feels confident that he will not see combat based on his ability to have someone take one look at him for a likely candidate to be drafted and simply look the other way But that is not what happens In fact, PUP finds himself heading toward the South Sea along with many other soldiers who have begun to join the fight, but for the life of him, can t understand why he has been chosen, while many of the others have been chosen based on their ability to bench press most of the weights in a gym, PUP resembles the bar alone Not to mention that he is prone to motion sickness, and takes just about everything on the market for it He didn t plan on it making him nauseous and gains him an immediate dislike by a muscle bound soldier who insist that if PUP is going to throw up, he is going to rip off his nose and eat it He later learns that this man is his squad leader with the nickname Hannibal Wonder why The novel follows the coming of age that PUP will have to endure as he finds himself the FNG on the squad and will have to find ways to make himself useful to those who are on their second and third tours Thinking he will be assigned to completing paperwork and requisitions, he is assigned infantry duty and soon learns the true meaning of pain when he heads out, fully loaded with no idea of how he will handle what war requires for someone like him This one is a true trial by fire story of what so many of our young men had to endure on their first enlistments into fighting a war no one wanted to be a part of I received PUP A Novel of Accidental Heroism by Christopher Slater by The Story Plant Publishing for my honest review I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions contained here are strictly my own This is such a great novel because I feel it has a sense of realism to it that is lacking in many military novels Like I stated above it feels like a Forrest Gump story of how one unlikely soldier suddenly finds himself an unlikely hero and learns the meaning of what it is to lay down one life for another There is humor, humility and a sense of growing up too soon when war comes calling that must be experienced by reading this book For me, it is a 5 out of 5 stars and one I would LOVE to see brought to the big screen It s the story of one man being in the wrong place at the right time to make a difference in the lives of those he serves with I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Pup It was clever, unique, hilarious and sorrowful I thought Pup might remind of Gomer Pyle, but it never did Rather I found myself feeling like his mother, saddened by a fact that he would no longer be my boy, but a man when he returned home.I loved that the writing seemed self depricating and very tongue in cheek My favorite part was the airport scene when he first left for Korea The author depicted a gangly, awkward teenager who seemed to do everything incorrectly and embarrass himself in so doing However this young man also realized his clumsiness and acjnowledged it You know the saying, It is what it is This fits a description of this story to a T.Slater often speaks to Pups children as they are reading this book and I found that to be endearing and all a part of Pup s wonderful personna If you like war stories and if you like to laugh out loud while reading, this just might be the book for you to read I know I m getting my grandson Noah a copy and I know he will love it as well After reading Pup, I can thoroughly agree, it earned the win in the AUTHORS FIRST NOVEL CONTEST Well done Christopher Slater Adorable puppy of a protagonist naive, clumsy yet smart as a whippet In a world where the Second Korean War is a reality, Pup is drafted to the infantry He may be of serviceable age, but he s not quite what the army is looking for Witness what happens when he leaves his car keys in his pocket when being transported overseas Giggle at the method he uses to dispose of a photograph And just don t try his chat up linesThis is a narrator that you instantly connect with a little like Don Tillman in The Rosie Project, Pup the nickname he gains on joining the army is both incredibly intelligent but also insanely, frustratingly incapable He may have the causes of the War down pat, but can he go five minutes without a mishap occurring Think again Pup talks to us, or rather, his family through his story, so we know from the start he will survive the war He relates his drafting, training and then his tour of duty As the new guy, his unit hardly know what to make of him, though as the New Guy, he gets the treatment you would expect from Hollywood movies His unique skill set may provide him with a way of coping with and even excelling in certain elements of warfare.I really don t want to spoil anything by giving details, it s just too funny to read knowing what s going to happen And while it s funny, there are of course, injuries and deaths it is war after all There are some scenes that reminded me of Forrest Gump and indeed Pup himself has traits that hark back to this famous fictional hero.Pup makes a superbly entertaining narrator He KNOWS he s not the average soldier, he KNOWS he can t behave the way others do, but he is also just himself His language is endearing In one scene he tells us about an incident back in school with unselfconscious humour I had just wanted to make certain that my chemistry teacher wasn t exaggerating about how some chemicals reacted with each other It took a month for my eyebrows to grow back The chemistry teacher s toupee didn t make it He s just brilliant Even when showing his emotions, his natural charm and humour shines through On joining the army Not since the time I had gotten lost in the mall had I ever felt so alone At least at the mall I didn t have people trying to kill me Not that I knew We also get some nicely rounded characters in Pup s unit, both male and female, and get a glimpse at modern warfare in the contemporary world where this imaginary war though possibly based on real ones is taking place There s even a wait for it love interest This may not be a Catch 22 war story, or even the darkly humorous Fobbit, but if you want a Rosie Project meets Forrest Gump, this could be the book you re looking for Run Pup, run Review of a Netgalley advance copy. Pup is a great read written like a comedy movie that would have you laughing for the entire show.Pros Pup is written in a way that invites you into his life as a guest you may not understand why he does what he does and sometimes Pup doesn t either but he does his best to make you understand The book develops the characters well from Pup himself to the mysterious Boom, you will see how they grow throughout the story to become friends who would risk life and limb for each other The author mixes military action with comedy, romance and even comedy to make for a good read that you will enjoy throughout.Cons My first con with the book was the font, it was written in a font I was not familiar with and it was a little hard for me to read until I got used to it but after a while it got easier I would actually take off a half star just for the font if this was an option it was so distracting to me when I began the book The only writing con I could find was that some of the comedy is pretty slap stick and is like reading an old Chevy Chase routine Not that it isn t funny but you have to realize Pup isn t a normal person so some of the things that happen to him are just a little too crazy sometimes All in all I would say Pup is a great read that would be enjoyed by anyone who likes a book about someone who is in over his head every day of his life and still manages to get by It may even make you feel better about your day, I mean hey, at least you are not Pup. Sorry, did not like it Was this for teens I thought that the humour was a bit juvenile at first and I was missing being captivated by a story until halfway throughThen I was gripped and found some real laugh out loud moments.Pup is a self depreciating character that reminds me of Forest Gump in lots of waysIf you like trying a different type of book then I highly recommend Pup .Free Epub ⚉ Pup ♬ This Is Not The Story Of A HeroSo Begins The Story Of One Of The Most Distinctive Heroes You Ll Ever Meet Drafted Into A War He Barely Comprehends With No Taste For Combat, Pup Will Find Himself Thrust Into The Very Center Of The Conflict How He Affects That Conflict, And How This Changes Him And Everyone Around Him, Is The Soul Of This Utterly Unique War StoryEqual Parts Adventure And Farce, Tragedy And Comedy, PUP Introduces An Unforgettable Accidental Hero To War Literature, And Announces Christopher Slater As A Resonant New VoiceWINNER OF THE AUTHORS FIRST NOVEL CONTEST