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I love Stephanie Laurens books and came across this one by accident It was the best accident to occur This story is funny, cute and filled with laugh out loud moments This is the story of Dominic and Georgiana Dominic assists Georgiana in escaping her vile cousin and sets her up with his sister for sponsorship Georgiana thinks she is preparing for work as a lady s companion but Bella is launching her in order to find her a husband When Dominic finds the festivities boring in Brighton, he returns to London to find that Georgiana is a success Dominic s protective feelings becomelover like and he realizes he is falling in love with Georgiana but has difficulties convincing her This is a great story.The Accidental Princess written by Michelle Willingham is a bonus book Michelle is a new to me author I found this story entertaining, heartwarming and wonderful Lady Hannah is a debutante who is controlled by her mother who tells her what to wear, how to act and what to eat During a ball she is accosted by one of her suitors and Lieutenant Michael Thorpe comes to the rescue but they are caught in a compromising situation Michael is forced to travel to Lohenberg because he is believed to be the true prince Hannah is travelling to Germany to stay with relatives They both are on the same ship When attempts are made on his life, Hannah decides to travel with him to help him until his situation is resolved During their travels love blooms and they must decide if fairy tales do come true Great story. [Read Book] ☦ Impetuous Innocent / The Accidental Princess ♡ Ing Nue Prot G E AmoureuseDominic Ridgeley Has Done A Gentlemanly Deed, Belying His Rakish Reputation He S Delivered Friendless Orphan Georgiana Hartley Into The Protection Of His Vivacious Sister Under Bella S Accomplished Tutelage, Thinks The Viscount, Georgiana Is Sure To Attract A Suitable Husband How Right He Is Georgiana S Guileless Charm And Pretty Figure Quickly Launch Her To The Acme Of London Society She S Fairly Besieged By Suitors Dominic Is Shocked By His Plan S Success And His Growing Feelings For The Effervescent Girl But With Multiple Proposals, Valuable Property And Damned Propriety All Standing Between Them, Will This Innocent Ever Be Dominic S BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME The Accidental Princess By Michelle Willingham Lady Chesterfield Gladly Succumbed To Scandal In The Arms Of Lieutenant Michael Thorpe Her Social Ruin Means Nothing Unless Her Common Soldier Is, In Fact, A Prince This was a charming volume, featuring two novels, Impetuous Innocent by Stephanie Laurens and An Accidental Princess by Michelle Willingham Impetuous InnocentThis story follows a painter s daughter, Georgiana, as she comes to England from Italy after her father s death and is subjected to the inappropriate attentions of her cousin, who wants to claim her fortune for himself She is taken in by a neighbor of her cousin s in the country, Dominic, Lord Alton, his sister, Bella, Lady Winsmere, and her husband, Lord Winsmere and is introduced to London society, where she immediately attracts a number of suitors However, she harbors a secret love for Dominic, complicated at least on her side by a number of factors throughout the story I found Georgiana a bit annoying at times, especially given that she has so many reasons to think that Dominic doesn t love her, some of which seem rather silly But Dominic was a great hero, who wrongfully earned a rake s reputation after persuading a girl he knew was interested in his best friend for the wrong reasons to be with him instead, before dropping her And the supporting characters, especially Bella, are so endearing The Accidental PrincessI loved this one This story follows a marquess s daughter, Lady Hannah Chesterfield, who is confined by rules, imposed by her exacting mother Her world changes when she is saved from ruin and marriage with an odious man who kidnaps her to trap her into marriage by Army lieutenant Michael Thorpe To escape the scandal, she is sent to her relatives in Germany, escorted by the Graf von Lohenberg, an ambassador to a European country neighboring Germany Michael is also sought out by the Graf, who believes him to be Lohenberg s lost prince What I loved about this story was that it showed that being a prince or princess isn t just about looking perfect or behaving impeccably Hannah chafes under her mother s expectations, longing to defy them and be herself Michael doesn t consider himself fit to be the prince of Lohenberg, due to his common upbringing, even though he is a prince by blood. I liked the concept of the first book a woman goes to a man for help, he helps her and falls in love with her However, I kind of wish he hadfaults, such as finding out who she was in the beginning and that was his motive to help The second story seemed okay, but I wasinterested in the timeline of a servant to prince It was a tad bit predictable, or rather boring, I guess is the better word When I started to skim read, I only had to go back once to make sure I understood the plotline Otherwise, it was one I have seen somewhere before. Didn t read The Accidental Princess