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Sweet, gentle, contemporary romance from Love Inspired author, Merrillee Whren This is the first time I have read a Love Inspired book and the first time I have read a book by Merrillee Whren I would call this a cozy romance Nurse Kirsten has a big heart for helping the elderly and children in the Village of Hope, but her heart calls her back to the mission field and hopefully Brazil Brady, a charming and a bit rebellious, veteran finally comes to Georgia to care for his grandmother who raised him First impressions do not tell the whole story and both Brady and Kirsten find that God is leading them on aperfect pathcould that path be together I will have to confess that the romance was sweet, but I enjoyed the antics of Ms Cora Brady s grandmother the most When your spirit needs that sigh that comes with a cozy happily ever after, give this book a good read. I enjoyed revisiting the Village of Hope, especially Cora She talked about her grandson, Brady in the first book and how she worries over him In this story, she s none too happy about being in the nursing home recovering from a broken hip She enlists Nurse Kirsten Bailey s help in trying to reach Brady several times to no avail The reward for her efforts is several annoyed voice messages left on his phone Why would anyone abandon this sweet lady If she ever meets him, she s sure to give him a piece of her mind Brady hears every one of those messages and decides it was past time to visit his Gram And maybe find out just who Kirsten really is This was a fun story where we meet two characters who couldn t beopposite Brady is a fun loving, adventurous kind of guy, whereas Kirsten isserious and grounded She has plans for her life where he seems to be drifting with no real direction This makes for quite a few sparks between these two There are also some serious issues for each of them to deal with Why is Kirsten so opposed to give her heart to anyone And Brady s broken too many hearts and had too many regrets to make up for You ll see how God works on each of them as their faith walk plays a huge part in this story I also loved revisiting past characters from Second Chance Reunion Watching Ian and Annie on their wedding day, and getting to know Adam Kirsten s dad and MelodyYou ll also be delighted to meet two little scamps in the form of boys, Zach Tyler who stole my heart and maybe the show They add evenfun to this delightful story of faith, trusting God and healing hurts As a side note, this can be read alone, but I d recommend reading the first book in this series to get the depth of character learn all about the Village of Hope. READ E-PUB ♅ Nursing the Soldier's Heart ☢ Loving The SoldierNurse Kirsten Bailey Places Her Family Above All Else She Refuses To Give Former Army Medic Brady Hewitt Any Leeway For Being Weeks Late In Visiting His Ill Grandmother But Brady Has A Good Excuse, And He S Eager To Show The Pretty Nurse That First Impressions Aren T Always Right While Working With Brady To Care For His Grandmother And Two Orphaned Boys, Kirsten Realizes That His Charm And Kindness Aren T An Act But Kirsten Plans On Doing Missionary Work Abroad, And She S Determined Not To Fall For The Engaging Soldier Could The Man She Once Dismissed Be The One To Make Her Stay Forever It s an easy heartwarming tale with no twists. Cora has fallen and broken her hip and has to go into the nursing home at Village of Hope Nurse Kirsten Bailey has made numerous calls to Brady Hewitt, the grandson Cora raised He won t return her calls Kirsten is becoming quite annoyed with this guy, thinking he doesn t care When he does show up at the nursing home she is not very pleasant to him.Brady ends up working at Village of Hope and stays with Adam who is the Administrator at the Village of Hope, and also Kirsten s dad When a fire at the Village displace two young brother s, Brady is asked to take them in and care for them He eventually desires to adopt them.Kirsten has it in her plans to return to the mission field Will Kirsten see that God has a plan for her and that He knows exactly what she needs and where she should be Will she be disappointed if God s plan might be for her to stay at Village of Hope instead of returning to the mission field Will she see that maybe God s plan might include a 2nd chance at a life with Brady and the two boys Read Nursing the Soldier s Heart by Merrillee Whren to find out I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Nursing the Soldier s Heart, while renewing our acquaintance with many people we got to know in Second Chance Reunion, can be read as a standalone novel Author Merrillee Whren uses this book to introduce us to some new friends.Nursing home resident Cora Barton has asked nurse Kirsten Bailey to contact her grandson to let him know that she is in the Village of Hope hospital Kirsten s repeated efforts to contact Brady Hewitt result in only reaching his voicemail to leave messages that are not returned Needless to say, Kirsten thinks little of someone who does not care enough to even let his grandmother know that he is concerned about her When Brady shows up unannounced she makes it clear that she is not impressed by him or his delayed response Cora and her meddlesome friends love to play matchmaker and immediately start in on Kirsten and Brady Brady, it turns out, has a valid reason for not returning her calls and drove from Texas to Georgia as soon as he found Kirsten s many messages He finds ways to be in the same place as Kirsten, even renting a room from her father and taking a job at the hospital Slowly the reasons that Kirsten uses as an excuse she should not date Brady are peeled away and the two become friends However, she still has reservations about romantic involvement as she very much wants to return to mission work in Brazil and also for apersonal reason that caused the breakup of a previous relationship I loved this story of how faith can help us accept unexpected and not necessarily wanted changes in our lives and use them for good Yes, I already have the third book in this series, Falling for the Millionaire, and look forward to my return to the Village of Hope. This is the second Book in the Village of Hope Series and I just loved it I finished book 1 and couldn t wait to read this one Kirsten is a nurse at the Village of Hope and one of her patients is an elderly grandmother named Cora Cora wants Kirsten to reach her grandson Brady and let him know that Cora is in the hospital She has broken her hip Kirsten tries to reach Brady but he doesn t return her calls She leaves him several messages and each one lets him know that she isn t happy with the way he has neglected his grandmother.He sneaks in the hospital unnoticed and Kirsten catches him in Cora s room Brady tries to be his charming self but will Kirsten change her opinion of Brady This is a great story and I think you will love the twists and turns the book makes In the series, you will see that their are several matchmakers and the books are awesome I am now reading the next book in the series. Kirsten is desperately trying to get in touch with Cora s grandson, Brady Why won t he return her phone calls Doesn t he realize that his Grandmother could be in bad health or even worse Kirsten is annoyed and surprised when Brady shows up at The Village of Hope without contacting anyone to say he is arriving Their relationship starts off rocky, but, Cora sees wonderful possibilities for Kirsten and Brady As their friendship strengthens, Kirsten shares with Brady that she wants to go back to Brazil to continue her missionary work Brady and Cora suggest to Kirsten that maybe God has missionary work for her to do at The Village of Hope This is a thoughtful, loving, caring story that reminds me of the respect that we need to give each other and especially our elders God can show His plan through anyone of any age A very good story. Nursing a Soldier s Heart is the second in the Village of Hope series It can be read as part of the series or a stand alone Because this is about a village, there are many recurring characters between the books and reading the whole series does help you understand the back stories.I really loved Kristen and Brady s story The parts that happened in the nursing home were realistic I got a sense of who the characters were and really liked them Everything the characters deal with in stuff that happens in real life I enjoyed seeing how they got through their struggles Great story of how Brady and Kristen found their family, individually and together This is a Christian book but is not preachy Great example of discerning what God wants you to do versus what you think you want I m looking forward the next book in the Village of Hope Melody s story maybe A Village of Hope book Brady s Grandmother becomes ill and ends up in Nursing Home part of Village She has nurse Kirsten try to reach her grandson she raised.Kirsten and Brady do not hit if off when they meet But overcoming those first impressions, bring Kirsten and him together.Sometimes God even has to shut doors to accomplish his purpose Kirsten has her heart set on Mission work A fire in kid s home area causes two boys to move in with Adam, Administrator who is Kirsten s Dad Brady rents from her Dad.The boys keep asking Kirsten to come make popcorn and watch a movie.The rest of the story you have to read for yourself.