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This book was intriguing to me as my wife and I are about to embark on an adventure of our own into the Yellowstone wilderness Tim Cahill paints a vivid picture of his time spent in the Yellowstone backcountry, often accompanied by his good friend, the legendary, Tom Murphy The story takes you through the majesty and unbridled vastness that makes up one of the world s truly great wilderness reserves As the story progresses Cahill s depiction of several of Yellowstone s natural wonders is somewhat clouded by his over indulgence of the street drug ecstasy His encounters with herds of American Bison are unbelievable as he constantly talks of having tea with Ms Betty a 2,000 pound wild beast I, for one, do not believe that he and Ms Betty have a standing appointment every third Tuesday at 1 45 in the afternoon to share a cup of tea and talk about current standing of Italian A league futbol This example is unbelievable for two main reasons 1 a bison the size of Ms Betty would not have the dexterity to look at a watch on her hoof, much less the ability to put one on Additionally, I pray I m not expected to believe that she would have the steady income stream required to rationalize having a smart phone capable of reminding her of her pending appointments not that T Mobile would get service in Yellowstone anyway I figure Ms Betty would purchase a T Mobile plan as they are the most economical, and her budgeting for a smart phone would be tough to begin with 2 No way would Ms Betty want to talk about Italian A League futbol La Liga is overrated when it comes to professional soccer leagues If anything Ms Betty would be interested in international competition rugby or the NFL.In conclusion, I gave this book three stars A full five star review was not handed out as I don t condone drug use, and I value safety Sipping tea within a few feet of a bison isn t safe, there s no two ways about it Additionally, the endless rants on his conversations with trees while on acid were tough to get through.I hope this is helpful. Not a guide to Yellowstone in the traditional sense A love story, an inspiration, a personal relationship with the place and possibilities I envy Cahill and want to be his hiking buddy If you love Yellowstone National Park, or have never been and love the idea of it or if you ve never been and you wonder what the big deal is, and why Congress created the first National Park in an effort to preserve the Yellowstone, this brief book is for you Written with wit and a sense of wonder. DOWNLOAD ⚈ Lost in My Own Backyard: A Walk in Yellowstone National Park (Crown Journeys) ☸ This Title Brings Author Tim Cahill Togather With One Of His And America S Favourite Destinations Yellowstone, The World S First National Park Cahill Stumbles From Glacier To Geyser, Encounters Wildlife, Muses On The Microbiology Of Thermal Pools, And Sees Moonbows Arcing Across Waterfalls At Midnight My parents took me to Yellowstone very often and in all seasons We lived about 100 miles from the Park in Idaho As a teenager naturally , I completely took this for granted Cahill reminds me how truly special this place is and how lucky I am Not a field guide, not a history, but one man s look at the Park he frequents from his home 50 miles north of the Park In some places funny as Cahill can be In some spots a love letter to the world s first national park. A lot of this felt very flat and matter of fact, especially for Cahill The last part about 3 backcountry treks was much better, poetically beautiful and funny at times. I haven t been to Yellowstone yet so I read this as a way to whet my appetite for our trip there in August and these essays did just that I m especially interested in the exhilaration anyone with a heart feels while walking in Yellowstone I can t wait to feel it. Short travelogue type book that was fun to read in preparation for a weeklong camping trip in Yellowstone National Park. I guess you could call this short 121 pages book an impressionistic, anecdotal book about Yellowstone Park As such, it s excellent. If Yellowstone were a movie, this book would be the trailer Cahill provides trail anecdotes, wildlife anecdotes, historical context and natural history Refreshingly, he focuses upon areas where the average tourist would not go to or would not have time to go and visit But its kind of short Its the kind of book I could see reading in the lodge near Old Faithful in one of those comfy chairs over a hot cup of tea.Having been there myself, I can say without reservation that everyone should experience the park once in their life If this book gets a few people to do that, great Be warned that its no guidebook You will not learn how to get to anything in the park, about how to visit the park in a cost efficient manner or where to go to see the elusive wolf packs Thats ok, it doesn t purport to be that kind of book But there is a helpful bookshelf section that goes into detail about those kinds of books.In the final analysis, this is a nice little love letter to Yellowstone If you enjoyed sitting around hearing Grandpa tell stories about his adventures, you might enjoy this book Thanks for reading. Very, very, very insipid.Got the book because Yellowstone has been one of my favorite national parks to visit and in another book the review said this is an interesting and humorous account It is really anything but.It is a collection of walks and backcountry trips, with the author hardly ever really being lost as the name implies he will In fact, if anything, it seems these were articles he just couldn t get National Geographic Adventure or Outdoor magazines to publish If they did, my opinion of both has decreased many fold.