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This was a really enjoyable read A semi if not than semi autobiographical account of a chemical fueled time within a secluded hippy enclave on the Thai island of Koh Phagnan, where the main character searches his soul for the philosophical answers to the universe The style is whimsical and at times stream of consciousness, very much in keeping with the protagonists state of mind Very enjoyable and at times thought provoking the vivid descriptions of the landscape will also bring back fond memories for anyone who has headed over to Asia to take time out from western life Highly recommended Love this book Loved this one Made me laugh and wince with nostalgia in equal part even with its misanthropic nature at times Somewhere between a novel and a memoir and full of drug trip anecdotes from Thailand The first time Ive ever seen 25I NBOME featured in a book and full of acid and mescaline trips in the week long narrative of the story.Makes me want to go back to Koh Phangan sooner rather than later even though the parties described in this book are closed Found it from the Eden page It is not The Beach or Fear and Loathing but a nice pseudo autobio that lays somewhere in the middle Look forward to though hopefully in a novel style An excellent book, it is very attractive, it illustrates too many experiences. `READ E-PUB ⇠ The Acid Diary ↛ Secluded On A Ko Pha Ngan Beach And Its Loose Hippy Community, With No Inland Route In Or Out Of The Enclave, Yr Old English Traveler Monkey Man Seeks Answers To The Mysteries Of Existence, Encountering Hope And Happiness, Hypocrisy And Hostility, Love And Loss, Peace And Discord, The Quixotic, Neurotic And Psychotic Alike Along The Way Aided And Abetted By LSD, LSA, Mescaline, MDMA, I NBOMe, C B, Psilocybin Mushrooms, Cannabis, Alcohol, Tobacco And A Whole Host Of The Weird And Wonderful, Wacky And Willing Accomplices That Gravitate To Such Places In Thailand And The TropicsA Third Novel By Daniel S Fletcher, Author Of The Well Received Jackboot Britain