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Wow While the pacing gets bogged down a time or two, I found myself coming back what happens next The author has done an amazing job of giving us a glimpse into one possible future I kept thinking, as I read it, I would love to see the filmed version While it s necessarily heavy on explanation, it manages also to be fast paced, with very high stakes And I liked the main characters, flaws and all Good first novel Black Sands is a fast paced thriller that asks many questions facing society today Chief among them, how much are we willing to allow computers and machines to take over for humans in the dawn of AI Carl Goodman has written a well researched novel that is Clancyesque in its detail His knowledge of financial markets and computer systems is impressive to say the least Goodman is an author to be watched You don t have to be a computer geek to know that if the black hats take over the web, we re all in a heap of trouble If you are one, you ll find this techno thriller to be a frightening forecast of what could happen In the current news cycles we are seeing hacking attacks in almost every walk of life This book is prescient Danny Bowen, a hacktivist trying to recover his reputation with a skill set that is tops in the industry, is challenged by a tech savvy group of sociopaths out to takeover all the financial resources on the planet.Michael Lerner, an Internet wizard, with an need to control and the means to do it This man has some seriously cool toys and some seriously dangerous ideas.Roegan, one of the most interesting characters I ve read about this year The plot is as fast paced as a supercomputer, and the characters are very interesting You re sure to enjoy this one. Holy grammar fail, Batman As a writer who does use sentence fragments for dramatic effect, I am certainly not a grammar fiend, but holy moses the sentence fragments piles of them, hitched together like train cars sometimes even changing the implied subject without actually naming the new implied subject WHAT And so incredibly overused that it lost any dramatic effect as a literary tool It just read as choppy and awkward, and at times almost seemed like the author were stream of consciousness drafting and never came back to do revision The story was okay, somewhat formulaic in the structuring, but not a horrible storyline, so 2 stars. [ BOOK ] ♁ Black Sands ⚕ I Want My Fucking Money He ScreamedHe Pointed The Gun At Jackie Aziz You I Recognise You Why Did You Say That Why Did You Say That About The Bank She Knelt Frozen, Too Scared To Move Or Speak He Snapped Open The Barrel You Really Are Going To Tell Me, He Whispered, And Slipped Another Blood Red Round Into The GunDanny Bowen Is The Reluctant Hacktivist Who Founded Nameless, The Collective With Attitude And Ability Whose Exposure Of Global Surveillance Shook The World But Bringing Down Governments Wasn T Part Of Danny S Plan, And He Got Out Before Things Went Too Far Most Of The Collective Found Themselves In Jail, Only The Brilliant Cassandra Managed To Outwit The Security Services Danny Might Have Retained His Freedom But He S Lost Everything Else His Best Friends, His Job, And Part Of Himself Now He S A Lonely Ex Black Hat With A Mark Against His Name, Scraping A Living In Information Security But Someone Wants His Attention Hired To Investigate An Attack On Hamilton Private Equity He Instead Uncovers A Plot On An Unimaginable Scale It S No Coincidence Somebody Wants Him To Take The Job Danny Knows That On Zero Day Ordinary People Will Bear The Brunt Of This Next Attack It S His Last Chance To Atone For His Failures, And To Prove He S Still The Best Hooked Into A Deadly Race With A Group Of Ultra Violent Russian Mafia And A Sociopathic Search Engine Billionaire Danny Must Find The Key Before It S Too Late He Has Nothing To Lose They Have Everything To Gain Literally, Everything Technological ThrillerThe subject of this book was intriguing A self aware software passes the Turing test The scenario is plausible however, the problem setup and the following resolution was simplistic The book would benefit from copy editing Numerous typos, grammatical errors, and missing punctuation. For anyone interested in cyber crime an interesting read At times too much filler info, able to skip through quite a bit without losing depth in the story. Very good to excellant but not perfect I would put it at a solid 4.5 or 9 on a 10 point scale , and rounding made it a 5.The story started a little slow with the introduction of a number of characters making it a little confusing to start, but when the author hit second gear it blasted off.A number of other reviewers will tell yuo about the srory, so I ll tell you about the structure.You can read this story without resetting your mind for major grammatical or spelling errors Many readers will to notice any of the few errors because you ll be reading so quickly your mind will fill in the blanks the way a sentence should be constructed, will blend the few misspelled words smoothly into the narrative and if there was an homonym error, I missed it.The one issue that seemed critical to me was the instruction given to the algorythemic constuct, basically to do what s best If an AI passes the Turing test, does it know the difference between right and wrong If it does, which right does it use What is right for Humankind or what is right for the AI What is right for Briton or right for Guatamala.Are Right and Wrong absolutes, or will an AI be able to judge different shades of gray Mr Goodman never addresses these issues He simply takes the naive stance that good is good I don t think the difference between Right and Wrong or Good and Evil can be cut and dried.By most modern standards, our Earth is overpopulated To correct this Bad, would an AI make the decision that birth rates would have to drop to a sustainable level Would automatic birth control be the standard ignoring religion entirely , if so would this birth control be unilateral or would it be enforced by the AI in each area of the Earth by the percentage the population excedes the sustainable portion of the area affected How would that affect the morals of Mankind Would that change the way we look at ethical standards That s way above my capacity to decide I ll just continue to let the Lord decide, given Man s failure to use free will in a consistently good manner. Danny Bowen was an activist hacker who founded a group called Nameless, designed to expose the global surveillance network When the group started looking at bringing down governments, Bowen said no, and jumped ship just in time, as a crackdown led to the other members of Nameless going to prison The others, that is, except the brilliant hacker Cassandra who managed to outwit the authorities.When Bowen, who is trying to change his black hat hacker status to something respectable, is hired to investigate a hacking attack on a private equity company, he uncovers a plot even deadly He soon finds himself in a race for his life against the Russian Mafia and a sociopathic billionaire, and having to reconnect with Cassandra just to stay alive.Black Sands by Carl Goodman is a compelling mystery with all the usual elements good vs evil, a flawed hero, and a deadline for the hero to solve the situation or else Goodman starts off with high tension, and manages to ratchet it higher until it reaches an no, I won t tell you Read it for yourself and find out. I found this techno thriller very realistic and therefore very scary Could the financial markets be electronically looted by skilled black hat hackers Quite possibly this could happen, so it was believable Although the book kept me engaged until the end, I have a few quibbles that kept me from giving it stars First, the editing was very sloppy there were dozens of instances where the wrong word was used, even though it was spelled correctly Some examples your instead of you re and vice versa , muse instead of mews, plate instead of plait, and many many It is as if the author relied solely on his word processor s spell check program to do his editing Another concern is that the technical descriptions of the hacking that took place were unnecessarily complex I personally have a decades long background in IT technology, yet I found it all a bit much How would a reader without a technology background manage to stay interested Finally, I never really found a connection with Danny the hero I found myself not really caring if he survived or not.