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This is an escapade of Flavia spending an hour or two in the local Boys School due to emergency note implications for seeking HELP It s highly enjoyable if you have read the series and know the full context to Flavia s chemistry summations It reminded me of Sherlock in his deductions from personal clothing or scuffs on the pants legs to event origination This is what a short story should be, IMHO And I disagree completely that this didn t give enough depth to Flavia s character and onus on the whole In fact, I think for the length and the occurrence described, it gave a nearly perfect window This will not be appreciated if you don t understand the Flavia de Luce brain or style of operations And love them, as I do. First Sentence I was peering through the microscope at the tooth of an adder I had captured behind the coach house that very morning after church, when there came a light knock at the laboratory door.It s not every day Flavia is summoned to her father s old school Upon arriving, she finds a terrified boy and a bathtub containing a naked man covered in copper It s time for Flavia to get to work.Bradley s wonderful descriptions and excellent dialogue explain exactly why one can t help but love Flavia From her anthropomorphism of her bicycle, to her brilliance and logic, there is something truly wonderful about this character She may be a fictional character, but Flavia represents that to which a young girl can aspire without the poisons and bodies, however The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse is a delightful, perfect amuse bouche until the next full installment of Flavia is available THE CURIOUS CASE OF THE COPPER CORPSE Myst SS Flavia de Luce England Contemp ExBradley, Alan ebook Short StoryBantam, Dec, 2014 #FREE ⚡ The Curious Case of the Copper Corpse º Murder The Letter Says, Come At Once Anson House, Greyminster, Staircase No How Can Flavia De Luce Resist Such An Urgent Plea After All, Examining A Dead Body Sounds Like A Perfectly Splendid Way To Spend A Sunday So Flavia Hops Upon Her Trusted Bicycle, Gladys, Whose Rubber Tires Hiss Happily Along The Rainy Road, And Arrives At Her Father S Mist Shrouded Old School There, A Terrified Boy Leads Her To The Loo Where, Sitting In A Bathtub, Is What Appears To Be A Statue But, No To Flavia S Surprise, The Thing Is In Fact A Naked Dead Man Save His Face, He Seems To Have Been Carved Out Of Copper Never One To Shy Away From The Macabre, Flavia Gets To Work Only To Find That When An Investigation Begins With A Metallic Cadaver, Ever Curious Twists Are To Be Expected A short, very short story Point proven that a character as rich as Flavia can not possibly fit within the confines of a short story Mr Bradley, really A Flavia De Luce short story She s up to what she does best Loved this. I miss my little friend when she s not availableso this short story was fun to read I m actually not much of a short story fan, but I find that when they related to characters I ve already developed a fondness for, then it s sort of like having a small dessert every now and again This time, Flavia has been summoned from a student at the boy s school Murder has already been done, but who is it Can Flavia figure out the case and avoid getting caught Since trouble tends to follow her like a shadow on a particularly sunny day, it s hard to imagine a successful end to the venture but you ll just have to read on I m hoping that this is not the last little interlude we get with the best chemist in England In the number 6.5 spot of the series, this is a short story and it clips along at a fast pace In no time flat, little miss Flavia has the whole thing sorted with the help of her discernment, sound reasoning, and of course her brilliant grasp of all things chemistry As in the periodic tables kind A fun read even though it was short. I never thought a Flavia book would come to this I LOVE the Flavia series But this little in betweener seemed pointless Benign, but pointless Someone else said Point proven that a character as rich as Flavia can not possibly fit within the confines of a short story I would say in a story as short as this Sadly, I just wasn t feeling it. Fun to read if you like Flavia de Luce, but the problem I see about this very short story is that the crime isn t that bloody interesting and the ending a letdown But Flavia is Flavia, sometimes I forget that she is only 11 years old But she is so smart and her thoughts in this short story, how she solved the case etc is the things that make it readable She is just soprecocious Okay, naja, ber die Sinnhaftigkeit dieser Kurzgeschichte l sst sich streiten