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Irish mail order bride. First off, I did finish the book, but I feel I wasted my time doing so.The blurb on the back was just my kind of book I love historicals, westerns and mail order brides I had even read the 1st book in this series and was fine with it.Anna the so called heroine was such a nosy, busy body Searching the house and nosing around in the mother s closet even I know she had her suspicions something was going on behind her back and they were keeping secrets from her, BUTIn my opinion, the woman went way beyond what is acceptable In fact, I don t understand why Anna wasn t a bit scared She only knew these people through letters.If I had been the brother in this story, I would have paid to have her settled into the hotel in town and left her there until everything settled down.The entire story just borders on the absurd and I m not sure what the point of it was I wouldn t exactly say it had a happy ending either.Because of this book, I m skipping completely over the 3rd remaining book of the series.Can t say I ll be reading this author again either. I did not like this heroine She acted like a gold digger and was too pushy and demanding to be a stranger in someone else s house What a piece of baggage And Daniel was so freaking weak I would like a story about Rafael Their mother was a gorgon She should not have been allowed to get away at the end What s to keep her from coming back and trying to kill Pushy Greedy Anna later IJS Actual rating 3.5 stars Could you ever be a mail order bride Well, maybe not in modern times, but on the American frontier, life and marriage were a different ball game back then I am endlessly fascinated with the subject to the point where I suspect I was one in a past life Well, if not an actual mail order bride, then surely I ve lived in that era Truly, though, I simply can t get enough of these Fearful, desperate, or destitute, women who married strangers were often making a last ditch effort to staying alive and remaining respectable.Happily, Madison used a fresh backdrop for the second book of her Wild West series a California ranch during the time when the U.S government validated Spanish land grants The history lesson was absorbing, though the practice was often unfair to the Mexican families who owned these ranches As romance novels tend to gloss over or completely overlook that integral part of U.S history, I felt like I had a double treat.As far as romances go, Promised by Post was a sweet tale with just a bit of spice As a couple, Daniel and Anna both had appealing backgrounds he, the resented and ignored son who forever lived in the shadow of his older half sibling and Anna, an Irish immigrant with a desperate need for security Of course, their forbidden attraction created loads of sexual tension with Daniel barely being able to control himself, which was way fun Moreover, the entire family subterfuge was amusing at first, but I did find myself somewhat irritated with them the longer they dragged it out I could certainly feel Anna s frustration there.Explanations and the tying of loose ends were a little choppy at the end with unexpected yet creative results This is a solid romance, but the unusual setting and ethnic background nudged it slightly higher with my rating of 3.5 stars.Happy reading 3.5 starsNicely written, but I have to say I liked some of Katy s other books better I also thought some of the language came off a little modern as well.I liked that it was set in California and that the family were Mexican, but I didn t like all the continual lies as they got a bit dizzying.I also had to wrap my head around the fact the hero was only 22, but back in those days, I suppose people grew up really fast.However, Katy s books are still an auto buy for me, and I ve a coupleleft to read. Irish immigrant, Anna O Malley, answered an ad for a mail order bride by a California rancher when she lost her mill job in New England She searched the ads for a man with land believing that lead to security She misrepresented herself as a businessman s daughter who had fallen on hard times rather than as a mill worker On the final leg of the journey her stagecoach is held up and in the ensuing fracas Anna uses a dropped rifle to wound one of the bandits Turns out the bandits were her fiance and his brother, trying to get a peek at his intended, but everything went wrong and a couple of passengers are also wounded What follows is an attempt to keep Anna from realizing her fiance, Rafael is wounded His half brother, Daniel, runs the interference and so spends lots of time with Anna and is smitten Anna asks lots of questions and does lots of snooping The whole premise is a littledrawn out than it needed to be Decent story. Miniseries Wild West Weddings I won this book as part of a Goodreads giveaway Very easy read Writing is typical of this genre and publishing house Boy mets girls, obstacles in way Boy and girl find true love. Another disappointment for today. One thing I love about HR is mail order but this series is nothing but disappointment No the writing is not the problem It s the story and characters and makes me annoyed The first book s heroine was treated not so well by the hero and now in this book the heroine is a LIAR `E-pub ⇱ Promised by Post ↳ CALIFORNIA RANCHER SEEKS AGREEABLE WOMAN FOR PURPOSES OF MATRIMONY Anna O Malley Is Desperate To Put Her Impoverished Past Behind Her Posing As A Respectable Lady, She Becomes A Mail Order Bride, Hoping To Find Security By Marrying A Wealthy Ranch Owner When Her Stagecoach Is Held Up, Anna Shoots One Of The Bandits But The Man She Wounds Is None Other Than Her Fianc His Brother Sinfully Attractive Daniel Werner Must Conceal That Fact By Any Means Necessary, But How Long Can Daniel Keep Up The Facade When He Craves Anna For Himself Wild West Weddings Mail Order Brides For Three Hardworking, Hard Living Men