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I received this book from YA Bound Book Tours in return for a fair and honest review.This book starts off with a father and his three daughters moving to Arizona to be with his fiancee and her three boys Happy families, right Wrong The girls don t want to move, the boys don t want them there, personality clashes all around and don t forget the baggage that they bring with them and I m not talking about the stuff that came with the removals truck.I found this book to be really well written and I ll explain why I didn t really like either main character Gasp, shock, horror, I know Although I could understand Adrian s POV and loved her witticisms and repartee, I really didn t like her very much The same goes for Alex I know that there are hints that he is nice, somewhere deep, deep inside and exceedingly well hidden but I really didn t like him very much either So to read a book to the end, whilst not liking the main characters, takes some doing BUT Jenn Young managed to make this book a compulsive read once you started it So even if you don t like the main characters there is enough of a storyline throughout plus supporting characters that you do like that will ensure that you continue reading just that little bit.Just a quick mention of some of the other characters the other sisters and brothers are intriguing I want to see of them Travis I actually love he was the perfect foil for Adrian and made me laugh out loud on than one occasion Justin seems to be a sweetie and doesn t deserve to be hurt so I m really hoping he gets his very own HEA Vaughan, Grant, Quentin all brilliant in their own ways Although there is sex mentioned in this book, none of it is graphic and is or less left to your imagination so this does make it friendly for most ages.Reason and Romance left me with a book hangover as I pondered over the storyline and the characters And for saying that I didn t like the main characters, I am hooked on this series and can t wait for book 2 to be released next year. Being stuck in the godforsaken desert is Adrian Blake s worst nightmare come true Senior year is all about making fun memories It s not about starting over at a new school and navigating a new Brady Bunch family It s really not about living with a sexy, arrogant would be stepbrother who knows how to push her buttons.Alex Montgomery is the very definition of a player The only thing he commits to is a one night stand He s exactly the kind of guy she hates When she sleeps with him, it s the biggest mistake of her life Now she can t stop thinking about him Not at school Not at home.But sometimes the best mistakes are the ones that you make over and over again @DOWNLOAD EPUB ⚷ Reason and Romance (River Valley, #1) Í Being Stuck In The Godforsaken Desert Is Adrian Blake S Worst Nightmare Come True Senior Year Is All About Making Fun Memories It S Not About Starting Over At A New School And Navigating A New Brady Bunch Family It S Really Not About Living With A Sexy, Arrogant Would Be Stepbrother Who Knows How To Push Her Buttons Alex Montgomery Is The Very Definition Of A Player The Only Thing He Commits To Is A One Night Stand He S Exactly The Kind Of Guy She Hates When She Sleeps With Him, It S The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life Now She Can T Stop Thinking About Him Not At School Not At Home But Sometimes The Best Mistakes Are The Ones That You Make Over And Over Again That ending Cliffy from hell, yep Full review to come for blog tour.Edit June 2018I m guessing the next book isn t ever coming out I m a bit disappointed. This book far exceeded my expectations The cover did nothing for me and when I began reading and discovered it s written in third person, I was worried I d feel too distanced from the protagonist to really get absorbed in the story That didn t happen In fact, the point of view disappeared into the background as I became engrossed in Adrian s world.Adrian s widowed father falls in love and proposes to a woman Adrian and her sisters have never met And if that isn t bad enough, he uproots them from the only home they ve ever known and carts them off to Arizona, where it s hot and dry and nothing at all like what they re used to Adrian meets her soon to be stepmother and her three sons, realizing her life is about to look a lot like a very modern day Brady Bunch with her and her uber hot stepbrother in waiting playing the roles of Marcia and Greg.Adrian has a boyfriend back home, so she ignores Alex s overt attempts to befriend her It becomes clear he s the it guy at her new school, but she doesn t want to play his games She decides to go it alone, only to find out to snub Alex is to be snubbed by everyone else Her only friends are the school stoner and the gossip queen When Adrian s boyfriend dumps her, she ends up in Alex s bed and the two of them race to see who can shut it down the fastest Except neither one seems to be able to quit the other The power struggle that ensues between these two is like a bad car accident You want to look away, but you just can t.PlotI found the story riveting even though the plot sort of rambled Author Jenn Young does such a great job of creating spellbinding conflict that the plot almost takes a backseat The story is primarily about Adrian s goal to fit in at her new school, but it evolves into her wanting to best Alex, and then get Alex, and then best him again And because of that, I never really knew what was going to happen next Anything was possible.World BuildingThe setting is a typical high school in blistering Arizona and it s well done Jenn Young seems to have captured the heart and soul of the modern teen world really well.CharactersI didn t like most of the characters Adrian is self absorbed, arrogant, and just plain mean at times Alex is cocky, self assured, and a complete douche And yet both are incredibly well crafted, deep, three dimensional characters Adrian s sisters and Alex s brothers also have issues that make them difficult to sympathize with, but they are absolutely fascinating About the only characters I found likeable enough to hang out with were twins Justin and Bri and Adrian s newfound stoner friend, Travis Travis is a bit stereotypical, but in his role as Adrian s foil, it works.Top Five Things I Love About Reason and Romance1 Travis He s just fun and he keeps Adrian honest.2 The dialogue It s fresh, witty, and sharp tongued.3 The conflict There s a lot of it and it s just so good 4 The ending I m dying to read the next book, but the ending totally rocked.5 The characters Okay, so I don t love them love them, but I love how complex and riveting they are They come alive on the page in vivid color.Bottom LineReason and Romance is a compelling debut novel that opens the door to what should be a fantastic young adult series.DisclaimerI was provided with a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. When I finally got my review copy of the book it was at least a month before I needed to have my blog post up so I thought I would hold off reading the book because I am a fast reader So I went through two books before seeing this on my Kindle and thought I might as well read it because I was in a slump and thought this sounded like a good book to bring me out of the slump.And oh my gosh it did.It so did.I could not put this book down for nothing I went without a shower, without lunch, dinner and breakdfast the next day I barely had sleep because I knew that I had to finish the book and when I finally did I could not believe the ending It just ended Nothing of a resolution Nada I was all for the ending yeah revenege, lets go kick some boy ass and whatnot and then it was to be continued.Throughout the book I was surprised by how much I began to enjoy it, beginning wth the very first page Right off the bat we are introduced Adrian s witty, sarcastic attitude that suits her well and she knows it I adored Adrian in this book and could not get enough of her sense of humor and smart ass comebacks that had me giggling and begging for I was also happy that this MC was NOT a virging and was perfectly fine with that This book is also one I commend on for the side characters, I don t think I loved the side characters as much as I loved Quentin, Travis, Justin, Bri, Vaughn, Alex s brothers, Adrian s sisters, the random girls Alex is sleeping with and the guys that fawn over Adrian, ahhh it was so good.There were so many cold hearted girls in this book, asshat boys and drama being thrown in the crowd left and right that I wished I went to high school with the rest of the gang I loved the excitement of gossip in the story and how one little thing led to the most outrageous piece of crap that had everyone believing it was real.Of course I have to talk about this thing going on with Adrian and Alex I was rooting for them I wanted them together but they were on the brink of that horror everyone else was thinking as well as me incest They weren t technically related by blood by they were going to be related by marriage and that whatever was going on between them could not happen But I really wanted it to However when they did cross that line, questions appear Is this mutual attraction something What happens next What will other people think All I could think was, FINALLY But then feelings come into place and mess everything up Ugh.Oh but this is where emotions are on the line and they get hurt, backstabbed and betrayed and the player Revenege makes an appearance The climax was at its peak and I was so excited And like I said it just ended when the game was going good I was scrolling through the pages to see if I missed some by accident but no That was it.If you are a huge fan of high school drama, secrets, revenege and fast paced stories, Reason and Romance is just for you I highly recommend it giving it 5 gossip filled stars and cannot wait for the sequel which is to come out next year, I don t know the exact date for sure but hopefully soon An eARC was provided in exchange of an honest review It s been such a long time since I last read a fun and light book I m usually into dark romance books, but when I read the blurb for this book, I was very intrigued, so as soon as I got my copy of it, I had to start reading it.This book is told from Adrian s third POV, and follows her as she and her family move to live with their new step mom and her children in Arizona Life isn t so easy when everyone in the household pretty much hates each other and doesn t want to be there, add to it a strong attraction to Alex, her step brother, a new school with people who s only amusement is gossip and you ve got a whole lot of drama.I don t think I ve enjoyed a contemporary book as much as I enjoyed this one in a very long time I could not put the book down, even when my eyes couldn t stay open any I started Reason and Romance as I went to bed, right around 2 3 a.m which turned out to be a huge mistake since I couldn t get enough of it, but I was so tired I kept drifting off You can trust me when I tell you I woke up extra early the next day to continue the book.Adrian is a complex character She s very self conscious, and has little confidence even though she behaves like nothing matters to her at all and that she doesn t care what people think of her Inside though, it eates her up, and she just wants to loved and accepted I felt for her very much, and I loved her throughout the whole book I loved how she could pick herself up and stand strong even when she was breaking inside, and how she struggled with life at school and her problems made her a very real character to me and someone to relate to Then there is Alex I liked him very much He s hot, sexy and a jerk My favorite combination I can never turn down a jerk and Alex certainly fit the bill Things tended to get really steamy whenever he was around, so hot in fact, that he had me fanning myself over him.Adrian is one of the things that had me hooked on Reason and Romance She is one diva you never want to cross or get on the bad side of She proved to be constant amusement as she dealt with school, boys and jealous teenagers The other thing is the drama and gossip I ve never been one for drama and I usually stop watching a show or reading a book when I feel like the drama level is high, yet with this book, I never had enough, I wanted , and Jenn Young certainly delivered There wasn t a moment when something wasn t going on or when someone wasn t plotting something It had me giggling, gasping and laughing out loud while I was reading it And that ending, oh god that ending I was just staring at the screen of my iPad, flipping pages and gaping at the fact that there was no to read I wanted and I couldn t believe that things ended that way I need book two ASAP.Reason and Romance is for fans of Gossip Girl It s fun, short, light and with enough emotions to have you addicted. List of characters that I liked, from most to least Meg, Adrian, Mr Melbourne really , Justin, Travis these two are interchangeable , Grant and finally, Alex Ideally, I would need to be have the lead male higher up the list to be invested in the romance, but we ll quibble about that later Let s start with the positives Meg She is the character that initially drew me in from page 1 She kind of disappears from the majority of the book tis a pity , but she kind of hands on a baton as a memento to her older sister, Adrian Suddenly it s Adrian with the sass and fire and sharp tongue Her exchanges with Mr Melbourne, the AP English teacher, easily ruled this story Arguably, they had the best chemistry between them, and at no point, did they rip each other s clothes off Who knew submitting pro Nazi reports and the like, would be soentertaining.Now, let s talk about the dark blip Alex.Compared to how fiery Adrian was, Alex just paled in comparison The extent of his interaction with Adrian before they have sex, is the offers for her to be part of his group, and then he just keeps quiet rest of the time, smirking and laughing in the distance and making intense eye contact occasionally Which is why I m feeling the chemistry with Mr Melbourne and Adrian at this point That said the first six chapters were quality 5 star material..So the sex happens And it literally is zero to ninety okay, maybe from ten to ninety I don t mind one night stands many great books might even have it as an opening scene, but to go from peppering the guy s face with kisses to having sex with him within the hourI felt cheated These two characters hardly set the pages alight when together in the first six chapters, so it just came out of the blue Oh well Tis the nature of fast plotting shrugs Alex redeemed himself, by becoming marginally interesting in the latter chapters, setting up the sequel nicely When he told Adrian, they needed to slow down and then takes up Bri as his new girlfriend suddenly I was impressed, yo Looks like the playboy actually has the heat to take on Adrian, whilst I just saw him as a little wet before.I really liked the writing Jenn Young is a writer to watch.And as the sequel promises to continue the wars between them, I d probably drop by to watch Quick read Brilliant first 6 chapters The rest was okay But the ending packed a little heat, to keep me interested Nice one, Jenn I ve been in the mood for messy teen drama lately and this was spot on for that It s just a shame that there still isn t a second book. Is this book clich Remarkably so But behind the trite beautiful people and somewhat corny high school king and queen adage, are an array remarkably likeable of characters, interesting plot line and in my humble opinion exceptionally good writing.Sure, like I mentioned earlier, the whole king and queen of high school and sex god roles are overdone and they tend to be over dramatic However, most readers will fall in love with Adrian some might even like Alex , Travis, Quentin, Vaughn, etc Adrian is that popular girl we loved to hate because she makes it easy But Jen Young goes past that Adrian has a real past, she s vulnerable, she even grows But most importantly, Adrian is ok with her looks She knows she s hot In a literary world where girls have to still pretend they re not beautiful I think Adrian is a breath of fresh air Also, thankfully, there isn t any insta love You know the kind in most romances, where people fall in love almost instantly, after having a few conversations Well, that doesn t happen here Sure, you have a natural chemistry between Adrian and Alex, but that s where it ends and the characters are, seemingly, ok with that.So sure, Young could definitely avoid clich s, but if you re ok with skimming over the fact that everyone is beautiful and teenagers don t really act like teenagers like young adults or older college students then I think you ll like the book.