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`Read Kindle ⚶ Putin vs Putin ⛈ According To Prof Alexander Dugin, Vladimir Putin Stands At A Crossroads Throughout His Career As The President Of Russia, Putin Has Attempted To Balance Two Opposing Sides Of His Political Nature One Side Is A Liberal Democrat Who Seeks To Adopt Western Style Reforms In Russia And Maintain Good Relations With The United States And Europe, And The Other Is A Russian Patriot Who Wishes To Preserve Russia S Traditions And Reassert Her Role As One Of The Great Powers Of The World According To Dugin, This Balancing Act Cannot Go On If Putin Wishes To Enjoy Continuing Popular Support Among The Russian People Putin Must Act To Preserve Russia S Unique Identity And Sovereignty In The Face Of Increasing Challenges, Both From Russian Liberals At Home And From Foreign Powers Russia Is No Longer Strong Enough To Stand On Her Own, He Writes In Order To Do This, Russia Must Cooperate With Other Dissenting Powers Who Oppose The New Globalist Order Of Liberalism To Bring About A Multipolar World, In Which No Single Nation Wields Supreme Power, But Rather Several Major Powers Keep Each Other In Balance Russia Is Crucial To This Effort, In Dugin S View, And Indeed, Its Own Survival As A Unique And Independent Civilisation Is Dependent On A Geopolitical Shift Away From The Unipolar World Represented By America S Unchecked Supremacy This Fascinating Book, Written By An Informal Advisor To Putin And A Kremlin Insider, Is The First Of Its Kind In English Interesting book Very relevant to understand the situation Russian politics was in after the collapse of the Soviet Union This book gives inside into the Russian standpoint of view and challenges Putin and Russia has overcome and still has to face The different chapters are clearly articles from different time periods and packed together in one book Interesting is to see the change in attitude towards Putin from the writer s perspective Putin is assessed against Dugins 4th political theory. Decent write up, though it s a collection spanning something like a decade and a half of his writings Its a bit disjointed due to that He includes a lot of his own philosophical and political viewpoints, which I largely agree with though some I dont , but the book has the majority focus obviously on Putin The disjointedness led to encounters where he was saying Putin is gonna be great, then at others where hes nearing the end of the road, hes great already, hes bad now, etc It s confusing sometimes but overall not too bad. This book is chaotic and repetitious and many parts are just rehashes of his other books, so structurally it has serious issues Dugin also brags about himself shamelessly throughout.However, there are brilliant moments and useful summaries that make it worth reading, but not as a starting point for understanding Dugin of 4PT.