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!READ PDF ☹ Star Wars Mania ☩ Part Craft Book, Part Activity Book, With OverProjects To Make In Each Book, The Mania Series Offers Hours Of Creative Fun For Boys And Girls Of All Ages Want To Make Wookiee Finger Puppets How About Lightsaber Party Favors Star Wars Mania Will Show Fans Of All Ages How To Turn Ordinary Objects Into Incredible Intergalactic Creations This Amazing Book Is Filled With Craft Projects, Trivia, Experiments, Party Ideas, And Packed With Fascinating Fun, Star Wars Mania Is Sure To Make A Star Wars Maniac Out Of You Hours And Hours Of Fun Guaranteed Dexter 7yo read Good things to build If you re crafty and have a yen for all things Star Wars, this is the book for you. I loved it what can I say and it also interested my son..for a non crafty child he picked it up and went okay I could make these.. Nice collection of star wars crafts I saw this in a shop and immediately picked it up It s a really fun book detailing Star Wars crafts for kids covering the proper 3 movies complete with theirminor characters It s inspiring and fun most of the crafts are for 5 years and up but only to make them accurate and relatable to Star Wars Most use fairly basic household craft supplies but some require specialist paints and so on so be warned and start crafting with caution