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Great story Very engrossing tale covering alternate timelines, including a spiritual dimension and absolute credible disaster The central character is absorbing and very dynamic. This was an excellent sci fi thriller I really enjoyed the premise of the book and Dekker really paints a good picture with his words.When I first started reading Black, it took a little bit to figure out what was happening but once you do the story becomes a rollercoaster ride. @Kindle ⚡ Circle Trilogy 3 in 1 î Three Novels Two Worlds One Story Enter An Adrenaline Laced Epic Where Dreams And Reality Collide Black An Incredible Story Of Evil And Rescue, Betrayal And Love, And A Terrorist Threat Unlike Anything The Human Race Has Ever Known A Virulent Evil Has Been Unleashed Upon The People Of Earth The Only Man Who Can Stop It Is Thomas Hunter, An Unlikely Hero Whose Life Is Stretched Between Two Worlds Every Time He Falls Asleep In One Reality, He Awakes In The Other Soon Thomas No Longer Knows Which Reality Is Real Yet It Quickly Becomes Apparent That His Choices In Each World Impact The Other And That The Fates Of Both Rest In His Hands Red In One World, Thomas Hunter Is A Battle Scarred General Commanding An Army Of Primitive Warriors In The Other, He S Racing To Outwit Sadistic Terrorists Intent On Creating Global Chaos Through An Unstoppable Virus Thomas Must Find A Way To Change History Or Face The Destruction Of Two Worlds White Thomas Hunter Has Only Two Days To Survive Two Separate Realms Of Danger, Deceit, And Destruction The Fates Of Both Worlds Now Rest On His Unique Ability To Shift Realities Through His Dreams Thomas And The Circle Must Quickly Decide Who They Can Trust Both With Their Own Lives And The Fate Of Millions And Neither The Terror Of Black Nor The Treachery Of Red Can Prepare Thomas For The Forces Aligned Against The Circle In White An absolutely spell binding retelling of the salvation story from the Bible Ted Dekker does an amazing job at giving the reader a sensory experience of the spiritual world around us and a dynamic glimpse at the fact that Christians really do live in two realities at once both realities threatened by evil The Good News is that Good has already triumphed and now works romancing those who would be His bride Evil will not prevail I highly recommend these books to you I m definitely going to be diving into the rest of Dekker s books in this series. Played Russian roulette at the library and grabbed this because the first book s Graphic design was interesting as was the title I was confronted with tons of religious imagery and a strange plot line of a character stuck between two worlds dreaming of both I just couldn t get into it I m a person who likes to know the ending no matter what so I skimmed the better part of the whole trilogy and just wasn t impressed. WARNING, THIS BOOK MAY CHANGE YOUR LIFE That s really all I can say without spoiling it but seriously, read it Black2 starsI quite like allegorical Christian fiction I don t read much of it, but when I do I always enjoy it on some level Sometimes things can get a bit out of hand, though, and I fear that that might be what has happened in Black, because if you d ask me to sum up the book in one word, it d be silly.Don t get me wrong, I liked quite a lot of the allegories in this book Teeleh Satan, Tanis Adam and the lure of the forbidden water fruit, especially but others were simply bizarre Elyon in the guise of a young boy was just weird, and the Great Romance thing was cheesy and boring.As far as writing goes, Dekker seems to have a thing for pastels I m almost pleased that the book ended with the colored forest being destroyed, because after four hundred pages of reading about shimmering shades of blue and red and purple and pink, and juicy fruits that dribbled with juice, and golden this and topaz that, I was on the verge of stabbing myself in the eye with a spoon.The strange thing is, Dekker s language isn t really flowery in that sense of the word he spends a lot of time extolling the beauty of the colored forest, but when it comes to characters he doesn t really have much to say The main characters aren t as flat as they are nondescript If you d ask me to describe them and what makes them tick, I probably wouldn t be able to do it I simply have no idea who these people really are especially Valborg Svensson I fear Dekker might be confusing Switzerland with Sweden, because that name sure ain t Swiss not to mention that Valborg isn t even a male name.When it comes to Thomas Hunter, the main character He s a smidgen Gary Stu, a dollop of idiot and a nugget of uninteresting Most of these come about because he doesn t hesitate to tell people about his dreams of an alternative life in the Forest of Many Colors, where bats talk and no one wears shoes, and then demands that everyone take him seriously He sounds like a nutcase, gets upset when people don t believe him like a nutcase and tries to convince them that he s telling the truth in ridiculous ways like a nutcase If I were a secondary character I wouldn t believe a word that came out of his mouth, and the fact that the characters in Black actually do is slightly disturbing and kind of a cop out, because they re being far too accommodating for me to take the plot seriously.On the topic of Elyon God, the character is such a disappointment Elyon comes across as childish and insecure like a fourteen year old girl clinging to her crush, Elyon latches on to Thomas and makes him promise not to leave Never leave me, Thomas Tell me that you ll never leave me he says, and then tops it off with a chorus of I love you I love you I love you like some kind of desperate teenager Even without the whole Fall of Man allegory, I wouldn t have been surprised that the colored forest got over run Elyon is such a weak and helpless being that it was inevitable Where s the righteous anger and just judgement Where s the sovereign God in all of this Also, I m kind of weirded out by the fact that the colored forest is supposedly post Armageddon, yet evil still roams free not to mention that man falls again Had the dreams taken place in an alternative universe it wouldn t be a problem, but since it s implied that it s the same timeline It s not a big thing, but it bugs me just like the implied Monique Hunter thing bugs me it would have been okay if Monique looked like Rachelle or they were somehow connected, but since they re apparently not It s a bit creepy, to be honest.Still, this book is kind of a I take what I can get kind of deal As far as Christian fantasy goes, it s not too badRed3 stars Red is a whole lot interesting than its predecessor, Black The allegories are better, as is the writing the action is engaging and there are less rainbow colored forests and blood thirsty desert bandits always a plus First off, I have to admit that when I first read this book a few years ago I didn t quite pick up on the Justin Christ parallels Maybe I was distracted by other things, maybe the desert landscape made me expect Thomas to somehow be Moses thus displacing events a good many years either way, the aha moment I experienced with Justin s death continues to be one of the greatest reader experiences I ve ever had It s not often I m so completely blindsided by a plot twist and I have to take my hat off to Dekker for that one, even though reading through the book now again, several years later, I can t believe I didn t see it coming.That said, the character of Justin leaves me scratching my head, because I m looking for Christ like qualities and I just don t see many of them Surely it would have been better if Justin hadn t been a warrior Or if it d been the Forest People Jews who d been the driving force behind his death instead of the Scabs gentiles And why is he morphing into a weepy little kid at random moments And there s still the issue of Elyon s characterization see above review of Black.I enjoyed the fact that it seemed like the book s content favored the future world rather than the current one Because virus outbreaks and politics in all their glory, nothing beats sword fighting and explosions It also bothered me that all the world leaders seem to be completely incompetent and bewildered when faced with an international crisis surely the brightest minds in the world would be able to come up with something seriously, anything better than relying on a twenty five year old barista who, frankly, is a bit of a fruitcake If you question someone s judgement or experience and their response is to perform a series of karate moves or worse, rip their shirt off to show you their scars most awkward scene ever written, perhaps , then you should probably think twice about trusting that person with the fate of humanity as a whole I m just sayin.Still, I quite enjoyed the book in spite of or perhaps because all its shortcoming because I m always happiest when I have something to rant aboutWhite1 starTo give an indication as to where this review is going I read the first few chapters of this book, put it aside, and promptly forgot all about it for almost a week It was a happy but brief period of blissful ignorance.If Black is all about forest loving hippies who shun shoes, and Red is about epic sword battles in the desert, then White revolves around the epic romance of Thomas and Chelise And by epic I actually mean hot mess Because seriously, Dekker s attempt at writing a believable love story is the most out of the blue, sloppily handled, clich riddled, cringe worthy piece of romance I have ever read It is very possible that it doesn t get any worse than this, folks.It s not that the pairing is confusing and unbelievable it s not that the characters insist on calling each other my love and speak like Shakespeare wrote their dialog it s not that the Hero, in the face of their doomed love, likes to weep single tears of sorrow down a rugged cheek it s not that their plot line reads like a rejected Disney film script with an all mouse cast Oh, no, actually it is.Never before have I cringed and facepalmed my way through so many pages I didn t know you could get such bad second hand embarrassment from reading professionally published fiction It s like Dekker, after neatly wrapping up his 21st century plot line, realized that he actually needed a resolution for the dream world too and, stumped, decided to use that Horde princess he briefly mentioned in a stray paragraph in Red I do realize that the whole thing was most likely planned, but I prefer my version because I like giving Dekker the excuse of being the victim of time constraints and stress rather than simply being a downright awful writer Because wow, Dekker Wow.And it s not like one can ignore the Thomas Chelise plot either, because as previously mentioned, that s pretty much all White is an ode to their romance The virus nuke situation in the other word is downgraded to a subplot and I use that word generously , because heaven knows that it s interesting to read about two characters sitting in a library, crying over a book and making eyes at each other while trying to ignore the brimming UST.The bad really did outweigh the good in this book Dekker was cutting corners through the whole thing using Johan to turn Carlos, like the flick of a switch, was such a cop out The fact that Thomas blood was the key to it all was downright disappointing, because it was such an obvious solution that it was almost too obvious, and I was teetering on the brink of respecting Dekker for not taking the easy way out when, to my utter despair, he totally did.The characters spend an unhealthy amount of time weeping, because apparently turning into pacifists means that they re now a bunch of pansies Even Elyon Justin can t help but desperately sob every time he appears, and by the end of the trilogy I didn t care if he was some sort of allegory for God I wanted to punch Justin in the face because he was that obnoxious.And what was up with the Elyon God parallels anyway Elyon gets a fair deal of screen time, and the characters are certainly acknowledging his existence, so I find it strange that it takes them three whole books to start connecting the dots between the Great Romance and Christianity the MC was raised by a chaplain, for crying out loud And even when they do all agree that that s the way the land lays, no one seems to care about making peace with God They re all about to most likely die in a few days, and they could care less about the salvation of their souls Thomas witnessed Justin s sacrifice, which certainly moved him, and he claims to love Elyon above all else, and yet he never bothers picking up a Bible or researching the similarities between the two religions This trilogy is supposed to be Christian fiction I simply can t give this a pass.Dekker also seems to get hung up on certain words or phrases and goes through long phases of using said words as often as he possibly can in the first books everyone s eyes would twinkle and people would wink at each other all the time, and in White there seems to be a spitting epidemic he spit to the side , she spit on the floor , he spit before answering , she looked away and spit It s ridiculous.That said, it wasn t all bad Most of it was, but I enjoyed the fact that the Horde couldn t read the Book of Histories, and the epilogue was kind of interesting The fact that France was trying to take over the world never ceased to amuse me.I was even planning on giving the book two whole stars, but then I got to the ending.Thomas has spent most if not all of the books being somewhat of a Gary Stu That s fine, I can live with that But with the blood theme that s been a constant red thread throughout the books Thomas blood enabling dreaming, Justin s sacrifice turning the lakes red, etc etc the ending seems downright inappropriate.Thomas dying to save the world I can stomach, but the way it was worded, the things it implied his blood saved the world , he gave his life for the world , his sacrifice saved mankind Sound familiar As a Christian, I balked at that I don t appreciate it when the MC is turned into a Christ figure.Overall, reading White was like pulling teeth, a disappointment which, looking back, has dampened my enjoyment of the trilogy as a whole I reread the books because I hadn t written a review and I wanted to add one from my first read through I remembered that the trilogy were pretty mediocre, but it was actually worse than I could ever recall. Dang Incredible. I finished So I finished This amazing, crazy, confusing, double world, fantasy, metaphoric recount and writing Wow This was stunning It was so deep It was brilliant and eye opening It was hard to fully understand, and I will be reading it again This book it ridiculous Ok Now on to the review I m gonna try and do an organized review just to see if I can get my thoughts together BLACK.Black was really cool The characters Thomas, Rachelle, Johan, Tanis, and then of course The Boy, and Teeleh There was the introduction to everything Thomas knew, and everything he didn t know The Earth that he stumbled into was amazing The Black Forest was dark, painful, deathly, and creepy I could feel the utter pain and terror that radiated from Thomas when he was in it and the evil that Teeleh impersonated The way that the Roush and the Shatiki were both types of bats, but Roush being pure and white, and Shatiki being dark and evil and ugly More than once the description of their eyes was simply pupil less Like large red cherries The description was gripping And then the colored forest Oh the beauty The joy They didn t know what it meant to be in pain, to be dis satisfied or upset The way they were so innocent, so clean and happy The people It was amazing The way that Ted describes the world It s amazing And then the story itself At first, it was hard to get into, hard to understand what was happening Don t get me wrong This kept me reading the entire time But it was rather mind boggling, like all fantasy is The way the story progressed was really well done The end would have killed me if this was not a trilogy If it was not together in one book If I had had to wait to get Red from the library I would have died screaming XDRED Red What can I say It was amazing Where Black focused on the fall and the contrast of evil vs good, Red is the description of the fight against heresy, and the possibility of yourself being the heretic The characters, again Loved them Rachelle really developed herself in this book where she seemed to be lacking in Black Thomas grew stronger, wiser, and manly And yet he was so torn, and so tired, constantly going from one world to the other In his dream world, the Forest Dwellers had retreated to the forests that Elyon had left for them They must bathe every day to keep the disease of the Horde, and of the Scabs, at bay This is symbolism of sin I believe that the water represents The Word Marie and Samuel seem like extra characters that had to be thrown in to show that Rachelle and Thomas actually did something well he didn t dream for 15 years Which was only 8 hours on earth In Red Kara Thomas s sister is also developed to have strength than she had in Black I love Mikil, and oh my goodness my heart Martyn Johan Carlos and Johan That s all the same person It was an epic adventure, realizing that both worlds were connected And Justin What can I say about Justin He s the sweetest, most sensitive, loving character, but he s got a courage and a confidence to stand for what is truth Can t tell you I was surprised that He was Elyon That line that Dekker kept using Am I a lion Am I a lamb Am I boy Am I father or son Am I Justin Because God, Elyon is so big, He is all those things Justin s execution murder, and the brutality of it The horror, the gore, the absolute evil of it It was so perfect The way that Teeleh played it out into his plan, but Elyon was victorious in the end anyway You ll have to read it to find out how And that ending Oh my goodness It was amazing It was refreshing, the love, and the raw emotion, giggling, sobbing, then laughing and then weeping Everything so perfectly mixed to express what our hearts go through It was just Wow WHITE And white ended it all perfectly Chelsie A new main character, Mikil now married, Suzan, and Johan Dear Johan The red lake The requirement to drown to live The way that was explained Wow And then of course there was the idea of how to gather Scabs to Justin s bride, like He had told them to The way Dekker handled that situation was perfect And then there was the virus The terror and the despair for an antivirus It was beautifully played Although I have to say that Thomas using his dreams so freely and easily to get help in the other worlds, it seemed too easy, but the problems themselves were so huge there wasn t really hard to accept it And then of course the beauty of the discovery that Thomas s blood allowed others to travel to the other reality, and discovering who was linked to who That made it so much fun I think that Mike and Theresa were extra characters that didn t need to be there, but they played their parts well none the less And the end was satisfactory It left open smooth streams of clean questions, available for whoever is interested in reading Green and then the other books, but for myself, those questions were something to look into later in life When I recover from such an awesome book In conclusion If you have 4 days in your life that you can do nothing but read and you can get your hands on this book Do it It s awesome It changes the way you look at Elyons love and the Great Romance itself You won t regret this book, I can tell you that much, unless you re not taken to fantasy very well I wish I could keep talking, I feel like if I don t stop you can t not read it You should Really Libby All three of these books were amazing I didn t really start to get into the story too much until the second book, Red Then I couldn t put it down Ted Dekker did a great job in writing this inspiring novel It was really exciting as well as impacting I read it during a rough time in my personal life and it really gave me a new view about my relationship with God That was probably the most important thing that I will say about the Circle Trilogy Giving glory to Elyon..God The last book, White, was absolutely amazing It actually brought me close to tears in a few parts Well written, good plot, and the memorable characters puts this at the top of my list.I would highly recommend this book to teens and adults It is a bit intense and keeps you on the edge of your seat, dying to know what happens in the next chapter I read the whole trilogy in 4 days and couldn t decide what to read after I finally put it down.Bravo, Ted Dekker.