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Often I find it hard to enjoy a book where the heroine has an unlikeable personality, but the storyline and other characters kept me reading andthan made up for her flaws until Eileen s reserved and prideful nature dissipated The author chose wait until nearly the end of the book to reveal to the reader as well as Simon the reason for Eileen s uptightness, which made itof an effort to get to know her true character however I think it was an effective method of letting the reader experience Simon s journey of viewing the slow crumbling of her defenses The romantic moments between the two are my favorite scenes in the book and definitely sigh worthy Thank you to Harlequin Publishing for a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review This was a much better installment of the Texas Grooms series than the previous holiday one I read last month It wasbalanced between sweetness and seriousness and was overallrealistic Mrs Eileen Pierce is a young widow and person non grata in Turnabout, Texas She had a pampered but very lonely childhood, followed by a marriage where she was seen as a good hostess and a pretty thing to look at and dress up show off Her short marriage to her husband ended when he embezzled money from the bank to pay bills that came about from his luxury lifestyle and he committed suicide when people started looking into the bank s affairs She had to sell most of the marriage s possessions to pay back the money her husband stole, but her fall from the town s graces isto having a husband die via suicide than the downturn in financial affairs Dovie returns, as she is now living back in Eileen s house as a boarder she was living with Eve and Chase in the last book I read Dovie islike Eileen s confident and mentor Eileen s one friend in town is Dovie s foster daughter Ivy Eileen s world is very small Enter Simon Tucker, bachelor and carpenter who is escorting a family friend and her ten foster children to their new home in Hatchetville They stopped in Turnabout because the family friend foster mother had a stroke on the train and that was the first stop While the doctor in Turnabout sees to Ms Fredrick, Simon is in need of shelter and food for himself and his ten charges At a church meeting, social pressures force Eileen to open her home to the temporary visitors to Turnabout Ms Fredrick passes away and Simon has to make some tough decisions now that he is the sole guardian of the group Simon had a rough childhood, but has made the most of his opportunities since reaching his majority and decides to treat all people with true respect and dignity, no matter what the locals have to say about anyone Eileen and Simon were so well matched and fun to get to know as a couple There was a strong chemistry between the two that when they finally kissed, it was worth it Eileen grew a lot during the course of the book, gaining confidence in her abilities beside being pretty And thankfully Simon was not the picture perfect hero he had his flaws just as Eileen did Dovie did her part time and again to help them along on their journey much as she did in the last book , but without needing to lecture Eileen or Simon on how they are treating each other Ten kids in a romance is a lot, and not all of them got screen time, but none were annoying or cloying sweet Just an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. 5 stars I was surprised about how much I liked Eileen Pierce If you have read any books in the Texas Groom series you will want to read this one Eileen Pierce for the last two years as been keeping by herself since her husband died and his crimes came to light I understand and enjoyed learningabout her Simon Tucker was escorting 10 children and their guardian Miss Georgina Fredrick They were moving from the city to a western city to a bigger house When Georgina had a stroke and they were taken off the train in Turnabout, Texas The kids are not related but they have become a family and Simon plans to keep them together Simon is hoping that Gigi will get better and they will be able to travel to their new house He asks the people of Turnabout for help The people say they can feed them and Eileen gets asked to house them since she has the room in her house Simon also volunteer to help Eileen with any repairs while they stay their Eileen is full of rules She has no experience with children It is good to see her open up to the children and Simon Miss Dovie Jacobs is a boarder who lives with Eileen She is wonderful with the children She can not leave too far from her room but knows children The setting for the book is Turnabout, Texas November 1896 I love the children That would be hard to take care of 10 children all of once Simon has only known the children for the most of about a week Except his niece and nephew who lost their mother three months ago Lots of drama, relationships and caring people of Turnabout Also clean read I was given Her Holiday Family to read by Net Galley and Harlequin In return I agreed to give honest review of Her Holiday Family. What a good, emotional story Eileen and Simon were really great main characters Eileen was so proper, so rigid but so hurting too Very few people got to see the real person underneath all that facade Dovie is someone who has been boarding with Eileen for some time and she has only see some of what Eileen is going through Dovie does prove to be quite the caring, friend to Eileen and the family that is now staying at the castle That is the name that one of the littlest girls, Molly calls it and she is simply in awe of the castle As you can see, 10 children is going to be quite challenge even for people familiar with children, which Eileen is not.Eileen had such a barren, rigid childhood, it s almost not fair to say that she had a childhood It becomes easy to see why order and discipline is a major part of her life It might not have been fun but there were times that it steadied her life Simon, is like no one Eileen has ever encountered but he is a good man She slowly begins to see that And when he gives his word about something he does his very best to honor it no matter what It was good to see Simon s childhood also had it s bumps and bruises too.The children all bring something to the story of course, because no matter how well behaved they are children Fern at 13 seems to be one of the most challenging to Eileen But it soon became clear to me that some of it was because they were so alike I liked the slow friendship that turns to a slow romance As they watch each other, they begin to seethat they like in each other Still, that also terrifies Eileen An unexpected twist towards the end brings understanding to Eileen Understanding of what she has to lose if she doesn t just grab her courage when it comes to Simon.I was glad to see that there was a sweet Epilogue included in the book. This historical romance can be quite amusing as a solitary widow who pretends wealth to keep up appearances in a small Texas town, finds ten children under her feet She s also got their temporary guardian, a cabinet maker and handyman Ah well, at least he s good for making repairs in her big and formerly empty house I was not convinced that such a small town would have a sweet shop and a toy shop These items would have been largely made at home People did not have a lot of money to spend and children needed shoes and clothes before toys which would have to be brought by train or cart I could see a general store stocking a few of these items Children in those times were seen and not heard, and were expected to work around the house or garden I think the strict minded widow is too modern in her actions towards them but of course the story also had to be acceptable for today s readership The tale follows the group through Thanksgiving and Christmas with a look at legal difficulties in establishing an orphan home and a gradual thawing in the relationships of the adults Plenty of fun. Eileen Pierce was wealthy and spoiled, but she is trying to hide just how far she has fallen from a town that already looks down on her Can she continue to hide her secret when she is coerced into taking in ten stranded children and their temporary guardian Simon Tucker is intrigued by the ice queen that offers them shelter while the caretaker of the ten kids he has been escorting to their new home recovers from her stroke Eveninteresting is the fact that she obviously doesn t want them in her home, but she opens it to them anyway He is sure that there must behere than meets the eye.The characters in this book were so believable I felt like I was right there with them I understood what they were thinking and why they did the things they did That isn t true of very many books A lot of the time when I m reading I keep thinking how stupid the characters are and they really get on my nerves Griggs characters weren t like that Yes, they had their problems, but they were believable, relatable, and worth reading about.This book did take me a little longer to read than I expected, however it was still a great book to read during the holidays I kind of wish we had a secret room where we could put up our tree I highly recommend this book This was a lovely book, my first time reading from this author, and she did a wonderful job at writing this book I ve come to find out that she has writtenbooks that I will read as well If you are looking to read a lovely book, I recommend this book She takes in 10 orphans and a man, while they wait to see if the caregiver will make full recovery from the hospital Like I said if you like to read a book that you won t want to put down this is it, you will catch yourself smiling, a few laughs here and there a few tears I also wanted to say to Winnie Griggs is thank you for writing sure a wonderful book and thank you for putting this book on the giveaway, as I won this book from you, I would have never known about you had it not been for the giveaway I will be buying books of yours. Her Holiday Family has been by far my most favorite book in the Turnabout series It took me almost until the end of the book to realize who Eileen Pierce was from the very first book Handpicked Husband which was another good one Simon Tucker found himself the ward of ten children after Miss Frederick s the children s caretaker suffers a stroke on the train, as they were traveling to their new home Now they were stranded in Turnabout and needing assistant Enter Eileen Pierce who appears to be the only one capable of taking this large group in and the towns shunned widow Simon and Eileen share an immediate connection in their efforts to care for the children This is such a awesome read and I thoroughly enjoyed myself Series Texas Grooms book 5 Her Holiday Family by Winnie GriggsI enjoy reading the LIH books, good authors and good stories go together in this group.Eileen Pierce was a reserved widow who had her life organized just as she wanted it and did not plan on being a mother any time soon This changes when Simon comes into her life with a group of 10 children looking for a place to stay while the woman that had taken care of them has a stroke Eileen looks on with interest when the church talks to the town about someone volunteering to care for them and the preacher singles her out because her home is so large and can accommodate all the children.Before she can blink she has said yes and as time goes on she is glad that she did The big old house comes alive with the patter of running feet through the halls and up and down the stairs.You will enjoy as I did this story and how it unfoldsA heart becomesopen and learns to love again with all the antics of the children and Simon brings a smile to her many times.Thanks Winnie. `Download Book ✒ Her Holiday Family ⇴ THE CHRISTMAS CHILDRENReserved Widow Eileen Pierce Never Considered Herself The Kind Of Woman Who Was Cut Out To Be A Mother She Wouldn T Know What To Do With One Child, Much Less Ten But When Handyman Simon Tucker Is Stranded In Town With A Group Of Young Orphans At Christmastime, She Discovers She Can T Just Turn Them AwaySimon Knows There S To Eileen Than Meets The Eye Though His Easygoing Demeanor Immediately Clashes With Her Buttoned Up Propriety, Simon S Kindness Soon Melts Eileen S Stern Facade Simon And The Children Already Upended Eileen S Quiet, Orderly Life Will They Do The Same To Her Guarded Heart Texas Grooms In Search Of Their Brides