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This was such a boring read.fell so flat for me I could not connect with the mc sin fact I really disliked the herohe was such a not so nice man.and the heroine..welllet s just say I found her totally irritating.The story line was unrealistic to me.all the angst and drama.too much for me.I think this is the first book by this author and I don t think I will grab any of her future books. Terrible, awful, dreadful, ghastly, vile, sleazy, detestable H Don t read this. Very emotional book about a broken marriage Hero was alpha, heroine was a sweetheart and the sex scenes steamy Plus the epilogue was super adorable Great debut book What an amazing debut book by Andie Brock An emotional roller coaster of emotion of hurt and misunderstanding that had Lottie leave her shattered marriage Loss of a child will either make the marriage stronger or pull it apart Too many misunderstandings, unspoken words and words that should never been spoken had left them both bitter and hurt After an accident Rafael life was shaken and a wake up call how fragile life was He wanted and needed an heir to continue the line of Monterrato and only one person who could do that with was his estranged wife She arrived thinking he wanted a divorce not have his child He was cold and indifferent Lottie was holding onto her fragile strength she had found Built herself a new life after their marriage fell apart two years ago Everyone is affected differently from a trauma like losing a baby They both reacted in different ways, both suffered in silence, instead of reaching out This one pulled at my heartstrings Communication is so important in a marriage, in any relationship to make it work Even though they resented each other, hurt each other by hitting out, their attraction, what had first pulled together, was still there Just some things can t be changed, some things that can t be fought like a love that was meant to be It is a story also about letting go of the pain, the guilt, the anger, the bitterness, and words do hurt that can bepainful then any knife to the heart Loved this to pieces Well done Andie THE LAST HEIR OF MONTERRATO by author Andie Brock is a Harlequin Presents release for January 2015.Charlotte had walked away from her marriage and husband the Conte di Monterrato when his coldness towards her became too much But he needs an heir now and he has no one else to ask but his estranged wife, Lottie.Would she come back Could she risk her heart yet once again Though she also yearned for the child, would she say yes to Rafael s proposal THE LAST HEIR OF MONTERRATO is an emotional roller coaster of a story Reading this book brought me to tears many times This story is about moving from past hurts and sacrifices Author Andie Brock did a fabulous job with Lottie and Rafael s characters Readers would cry with Lottie, yet would find it in their hearts to forgive Rafael as well.Highly recommended for all readers of romance. I have personally always been a major fan of daredevils, the pure thrill and excitement of these badboys is addictive So of course I was thrilled when I learned that this read had such a hero, and my oh my what a hero he was The read introduces us to Rafael Revaldi, he has always lived for the moment, then his whole life changes when he cheats death This leads him to know exactly what he wants, and that is an heir But to make it happen he has to focus all his attention on winning back the heart of his estranged wife Lottie.Lottie returns to the castle she once called home, but with her she brings a newfound strength , she s not the same woman she use to be and she ll be darned if she goes down without a fight again, if only she can carry her strength to full The intense sensual connection between her and Rafe is still there and it s hotter then ever, but the emotional scars from their marriage still lingers Can she stand her ground and walk away from heartache and pain or will she once again lose her heart when if she fails to give them both the child they both so desperately want I adored this read to pieces, the raw emotional hurt from the characters had me in tears for the best part of the book, which of course is always a definite sign that an author knows what she or he is doing The characters of Rafe and Lottie both pulled my hearstrings to the point where I honestly wished I could climb inside the book and just fix it all, the author let the hurt, anger and pain play out perfectly, it was truly as if I was right there watching the characters tear each other to pieces.Through both characters the author showed , that we all react differently when life fails us, some of us lash out, others simply go into a little cocoon of self defense But at the end of the day which ever action we take hurts our changes of being able to really get back up again, stand our ground and let the world know we are stronger then what ever life trows at us.The cold hearted method taken by Rafe to inform Lottie of his decision was one written so well it sent chills down my spine, and of course I thought What a bastard and then I wondered what really lurks behind the cold man of steel And let me tell you when the author began digging into the past of these characters and the cold hearted methods they both take, I was an absolute mess, I bawled like a baby, I shouted in outrage and I yelled with frustration, so many various emotions ran through me and without a doubt this author got to my heart and soul I am taking away a message of life can knock us down so badly it feels as if there is simply no way back up again But the trick is to find the right balance to get back up again, you can pretend all is fine and make everyone believe you re having a high old time, but when you are alone the darkness overcomes you There is a thin line between getting back up to the point where you are able to move on without regrets and accept life for what it is, and getting back up but still leaving a part of you on the ground begging for help Never give up, always fight and most importantly communicate and tell the truth to those that matter, if you don t there simply is really no way you will ever fully get back up again and be able to face life.I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads with amazing twists and turns, pure raw emotional heartache , stunning passion and a wonderful message of love conquering all A brilliant debut Andie 5 5 star review Death tore them apart, can a new life will bring them together The Last Heir of Monterrato is about Can This Marriage Be Saved As a romance reader I can be convinced that almost every marriage can be saved but the writer failed to convince me it was possible with this marriage While this was a very well written emotionally engaging story, the romance failed to measure up mainly because the hero stubbornly held up barriers threw most of the book The last chapter is where he suddenly confesses his love after pushing the heroine away and punishing her most of the book Very frustrating See after the heroine lost her baby the hero emotionally abandoned her Once she is back in his life, the hero never admits his part in the marriage breakup The hero was clueless for way too long.This author deals with serious issues well but failed in re making the romance. *Free Ebook ⇬ The Last Heir of Monterrato ⇫ He S Fallen , Feet From The Sky Now He Knows Exactly What He Wants Daredevil Rafael Revaldi Has Always Lived For The Moment But Having Cheated Death, The Conte Di Monterrato Is Focused On The Future He Needs An Heir, But To Get One He Ll Face His Toughest Challenge Yet Winning Back His Estranged Wife Lottie Returns To The Castle She Once Called Home With A Newfound Strength The Intense Sensual Connection Between Lottie And Rafe Remains, But So Do The Emotional Scars Of Their Marriage Can Lottie Risk Her Heart Again To Give Them The Child They Both So Desperately Want This story is an emotional roller coaster journey to a HEA Rafe the Conte di Monterrato and Lottie fell in love pretty much at first sight their love for each other is passionate and when Lottie falls pregnant they marry and they look forward to being parents but when an accident causes a premature birth and the loss of their child their marriage falls apart and badly but two years later when Rafe is injured in an accident and summons Lottie back to the Palazzo to discuss having another child to carry on the Monterrato line their relationship is put to the test I really enjoyed this debut story about a tortured couple that have been through so much it does not help that Rafe is so stubborn and alpha and Lottie is caring but strong the tension throughout is full on and it will keep you turning the pages I loved the epilogue. How much did I love this Very very very much Summonsed to her ex husband s Palazzo, Lottie is expecting divorce papers to be slapped down in front of her, instead she s completely stunned sideways when Rafael suggests they use their last embryo from their IVF trials two years ago A nasty skydiving accident has left Rafael likely to be unable to father any children in the future He really does want a family and knowing that Lottie cant conceive naturally any, he hopes she ll agree they are each others last hope What neither of them realise is this seeming clinical transaction is going to reopen old wounds and awaken feelings that have been hidden and buried and pushed away Feelings for each other and feelings for the loss they suffered together years ago.I m a total sucker for reunion stories and with this one Andie Brock gets five stars from me 6 stars even for many reasons Firstly, I felt the whole spectrum of emotions when I read The Last Heir of Monterrato I laughed and laughed at Lottie and Rafael s witty exchanges I cried on the inside as their loss was described throughout the story I was gripped by suspense with my heart beating double time at each page turn when Lottie and Rafael had their out with it all moments I felt Lottie s pain at Rafael s rejection when she lays her heart on the line I felt Rafael s pain at his memories of what happened I seriously didn t want to reach the last page As I read this the outside the weather was thundering and pouring with rain but I was totally swept away with Lottie and Rafael s story.Secondly If I did not know this was a debut novel I would never have guessed The story flowed perfectly, I was totally by their side along for every bumpy second of the incredible ride I appreciated the witty humour When I say witty humor I don t mean chick lit witty I mean just the little touches that were added examples to come I thought Rafael was the perfect alpha He was perfect because he made me so mad at him but always managed to smooth it out when I read his point of view Lottie was lovely, wasn t phased by her growly bear ex husband, and wore her heart on her sleeve I really enjoyed that they both desperately loved each other, always had, but just didn t know how to move past their shared tragedy.The third reason The Last Heir of Monterrato gets five stars from me is because when I pick up this book to read again, it ll be for the third time.I always feel that when I love love love a story I don t do it justice with my words so I ll just say, give this one a go if you love the angst reunion stories have, if you love fantastic alpha s, if you love it when the lil guys win and if you want to be whisked away to another place for a while, away from the daily grind and if you love the emotions only Harlequin Presents Sexy can bring What a stunning debut Andie Brock, I absolutely loved The Last Heir of Monterrato and I will be eagerly waiting for