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.Pdf ⚑ Kings of the Jungle: The Savage Savannah - Lions & Leopards & Man, oh my! ⚆ Lions And Leopards And Man Oh My It Had Started Like Any Other Day The Wind Whistled Eerily Through The Swaying Long Grass Of The Plain A Vast Savannah Of Life And Death Stretching Mile After Uninterrupted Mile Into The Distant Horizon, Ceaseless Slaughter Committed Across The Length And Breadth Of Its Dusty Soil Under The Constant, Unforgiving Glare Of The Burning Sun Tsetse Flies Buzzed Through The Air, Their Sinister, Invidious Noise Vibrating Through The Arid Heat As They Flew, Stinging The Flesh Of Animals Too Depleted And Wearied By The Weather Conditions To Resist Them Mal Volo The Leopard Is Wreaking Havoc Up And Down The Length And Breadth Of Aldous The Lion S Territory From The Thickly Forested Dense Jungle To The South And Lion Rock To The North Croc River To The East And The Man Camp Far To The West In Doing So, The Wily, Cunning Cat Manages To Shake The Foundations Of The Food Chain Itself In The Tempora Dramatis Of The Height Of A Hateful Summer Kings Of The Jungle Is A Morality Play Set In The Unforgiving Environ Of The Savage Savannah Featuring Unforgettable Characters Such As The Wily, Cunning, Iconoclastic And Nihilistic Rebel In Mal Volo The Leopard Rustica, His Solitary Son Aldous The Lion And His Lioness Pride Donny The Crow Natura The Cheetah Malcolm The Masturbating Chimp And , KINGS OF THE JUNGLE Is A Playful Allegorical RompA Short Novel By Asia Based English Writer Daniel S Fletcher, Author Of Jackboot Britain