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This was an interesting book, but disappointing in a few ways The author did an excellent job at telling the stories of well known cases of horrendous murderers and their pasts, but that is where it hits a catch This book becomes just another book listing off the ten worst murderers you can think and doing research on them Almost like a school paper The thing I like about this book was the information and semi analysis using the FBI developmental risk assessment criteria which was very informative An interesting read, but to be taken with a large grain of salt if reading for a research paper. I generally browse the true crime section at the local bookstore, and to be honest I pick up a lot of books based on their covers alone I know, I know, but sometimes you judge the book by the cover no matter what everyone says In this case, I really thought this title was going to present readers with a deeper understanding of the backgrounds of eleven different serial killers Since the title seemed to promise how to make a serial killer I ended up expecting something different than what the book offers I deduct stars for that because I don t like it when titles or book jackets trick readers This book does not offer a deep psychological or methodological analysis of how when children flip that switch and become problems So if you re picking this up thinking Maybe this will help me identify weird kids then this book is definitely not for you It won t offer you that It does use an FBI scale to try and show that different killers get different scores one serial killer even scored a 0% on this test which would make you think what All in all A very, very quick read and a very, very simple brief discussion of each of these killers Maybe a good starting point for someone just getting into true crime Yet as a reader of the genre, not the best non fiction writing I ve ever seen Kind of average but still engaging I d still recommend it if you re getting into the true crime genre and are interested in serial killers Maybe you find one of the eleven killers is really interesting to you, and then from this book you can look into that individual But again, if you re not new to the genre, you may not appreciate this Adaptation note This book accompanies a television program. This has to be one of the worst books I ve read on the subject The fact that the authors claim some psychological understanding of these murdered is completely absurd They took psychological advice from their research and twisted it into what sounded better not accurate The only redeeming factor was the backgrounds stories Other then that absolutely don t read this book for any better sense of understanding The authors should stick to CrimeTV specials and should wander far away from any psychological understanding teaching. Don t be afraid to divulge what at the very beginning of your story, because upon learning the what , it is human nature to immediately want to know the why GUARANTEED Interesting info but poor writing makes it a quick, but not necessarily awesome read. This book sounds promising and very interesting How to make a serial killer How is it possible that innocent children turn into monsters But I am a bit disappointed I expected it to be focused on the childhood of serial killers and to be informative on what are the signals in children that should give off alarmbells to the parents that their child is going down to wrong path How can we help these kids that already struggle with these feelings and urges But that s not really what this book is about We get info on serial killers and a part is about their childhood to let the reader know that these killers had all different but also sort of similair childhoods that may have had a role in their path to becoming a murderer The book ends with a chapter on John Wayne Gacy and that s it No end conclusion or something.Jeffrey Dahmer is included too and I think he s a good example of a child that should have got some help before he ended up killing But the writer spends time writing about his crimes I hoped the focus would be on his life before that Also not all the info on him was correct But still I kind of enjoyed reading this book but it was not what I expected it to be.Not sure if I want to rate it 2 or 3 stars so 2,5 it is.. I liked the idea of the book and thought it would be a good look into the psychology and physiology of a serial killer I was sadly disappointed that there was no bibliography or research information included, also it makes me question the legitimacy of the subject matter The point where I was so disappointed with this book that I had to rate it one star is during the review of Dr Harold Shipman s murders The authors discuss that the doctor had a severe drug problem in his early adult life but they do not include drug addiction in the FBI High Risk Register outline of this killer as they do with every other killer that had a history of drug abuse Sadly this is not for someone who wants a real understanding of the mental and physical traits involved in creating a killer 2 bit true crime at best. I liked the psychological risk factors chart assessing each character at the end of the chapters I would have preferred to read professional psychological opinions about their childhoods Much of the information in this book was just recounting the crimes of each serial killer While I agree it was necessary to have some info about them if you weren t familiar with their crimes, I really felt there was too much sensational info and too little analysis of their childhood histories Also I felt this book was very poorly edited There were numerous misspellings, repeated words and awkwardly phrased sentences throughtout. I recently read this documentary and found it to be very interesting Each chapter highlights the life and childhood of several well known serial killers My new co worker loaned me this book after we discussed that we both watched documentaries that detailed why serial killers do what they do.This book gives a scale at the end of each chapter and mathematically shows what the likely hood was of that person growing up into a serial killer Jeffery Dahmer and John Wayne Gacy never stood a chance of having a normal life The book is very graphic in what their crimes were so if you can t handle hearing the details you may want to bypass this one I found it to be interesting Hopefully, we can learn from this book and begin to raise our children with love and acceptance Wouldn t the world be a better place ^Download Kindle ⇬ How to Make a Serial Killer: The Twisted Development of Innocent Children into the World's Most Sadistic Murderers ⇳ THE LOST CHILDHOODS, HORRIFIC CRIMES AND DEMENTED MINDS OF THOSE WHO KILL WITHOUT REMORSEThey Were Born Into This World As Innocent Children They Ended Up As Merciless Killing Machines How To Make A Serial Killer Leads You On An Insightful, Scary, And Ultimately Disturbing Investigation Into What Made These Infamous Murderers Go Bad Following The Biographies And Killing Sprees Of Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, Washington DC Snipers John Muhammad And Lee Molvo And Many Others, This Book Asks Is There Really A Demon Seed Do Genes Play A Role Was It The Killer S Family Background How Did Peer Group Pressure Influence Their Murderous Instincts Can It All Be Traced Back To A Shattering Experience Early In Life How To Make A Serial Killer Follows The Lives Of These Lost Souls From Early Childhood To Dark Destiny It Provides A Fascinating Look Into The Potential For Disaster Created By A Violent And Abusive Upbringing No Matter What Their Crime, These Killers Are Still Human, And This Book Explores The Twisted Workings Of Their Destructive Minds