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This book will take you on a tour through the countryside and into the mind of man. [Free E-pub] ♰ Learning Human: Selected Poems ♫ A Collection Of Les Murray S Poetry That Reveals The Variety, Intensity, And Generosity Of This Great Australian Poet S WorkI Starred Last Night, I Shone I Was Footwork And Firework In One,a Rocket That Wriggled Up And Shotdarkness With A Parasol Of Brilliantsand A Peewee Descant On A Flung Bit From Performance Les Murray Is As Keenly Admired As Any Poet Working Today Joseph Brodsky Called Him Simply The One By Whom The Language Lives Harold Bloom Has Compared Him To Walt Whitman, As Well As To John Ashbery And A R Ammons, Adding I Can Think Of No American Poet Of Murray S Own Generation Who Is His Equal In Range, Intensity, And The Absolute Joy Of Being Selected Poems Includes The Strongest Poems From Each Of Murray S Books Of Poems So Far The Ilex Tree , The Weatherboard Cathedral, Poems Against Economics ,Lunch And Counter Lunch , Ethnic Radio , The People S Otherworld , The Daylight Moon , Dog Fox Field , Translations From The Natural World, And Subhuman Redneck Poems Along With A Dozen New Poems It Is The Best Opportunity Yet For American Readers To Encounter The Poetry Of This Eloquent And Moving Writer This was quite enjoyable Murray paints some truly beautiful pictures of the human condition, especially An Absolutely Ordinary Rainbow , which is about a man weeping in the middle of the road, and The Transposition of Clermont , which is the story of a town being moved wholesale and does a wonderful job of capturing all the contradictory parts of our lives and the way they coexist also very good was the heartbreaking The Chimes of Neverwhere and all of the poems from The Idyll Wheel which I would love to find in full There were of course a number of other very good pieces, but these were some of my favorites His treatment of poetry is fascinating He frequently talks about poetry, but, like in The Instrument , he usually appears to define poetry as simultaneously life itself and the lines on a page that attempt to capture life This creates very interesting ideas like Poetry is read by the lovers of poetry and heard by somethey coax to the cafe and Being outside all poetry is an unreachable void both of which are out of The Instrument.Murray has a working class , generally simple, style here is an example out of The Cows on Killing Day All me are standing on feed The sky is shining.All me have just been milked Teats all tingling stillfrom that dry toothless sucking by the chilly mouthsthat gasp loudly in in in, and never breathe out.Obviously, he does not pretend to be a cow in all poems, but the vast majority contain this sort of simple lyricism that at times is indistinguishable from prose His free verse is, at least in my opinion,lyrical and powerful than the pieces with heavy rhyme or meter, but those are typically decent as well My one complaint is that, as an American, I found the frequent references to specific Australian locations and cultural phenomena, as well as the use of Australian colloquialisms and slang as in The Dream of Wearing Shorts Always to be confusing and opaque This is not Murray s fault, but rather mine for being an American unfamiliar with Australia All in all, recommended, if a bit slower than many collections of poetry for non Australian readers. Worth 4 1 2. My favorite is The Last Hellos. Dazzling