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This book was categorized as romantic suspense I ve read so many of these that I thought there wouldn t be a twist or revelation that would surprise me any I was wrong Rebecca Drake did come up with a twist that I didn t see coming at all Unfortunately, the twist had nothing to do with the revelation of the killer Definitely a good read. I just finished this book for the second time the first was than six years ago On the whole it had a good story centering on real estate agent, Amy Moran, with daughter Emma as one of the many supporting characters.Amy is desperate to sell some decent properties, her terrifying setback, the last two houses were the settings for homicides The first victim Sheila Sylvester, a fellow estate agent and Amy s friend, the second homeowner, Meredith Chomsky If experiencing a draught in sales wasn t bad enough on top of her recent divorce Amy is considered the key suspect.As the plot progresses you soon discover the character known only as Guy, is a peeping tom murderer While it wasn t a letdown this book certainly kept me involved, the writing had some good moments but didn t feel as strong as previous books I ve read. E-pub ♫ Don't Be Afraid ♿ It S A Beautiful House A Perfect Place To Live To Dream To Start A Life Together It S The Perfect Place For So Many Things, He Thinks As He Puts On The Gloves And Reaches For Her, Enjoying Her Screams But Today, It S Perfect Place To Die Steerforth, Connecticut, Was Once An Idyllic, Sleepy New England Town But Now The Leafy Streets And Picture Perfect Houses Have Turned Shadowy And Menacing, Every Small Detail Suddenly Becoming Suspect Lost Toys Placed Carefully On Back Porches, Lights Blazing In A House That Should Be Empty, Closet Doors Standing Slightly Ajar, Mysterious Flowers Wrapped In Black Tissue Paper And The Bodies A Serial Killer Has Come To Connecticut He Is Watching, Honing His Skills, Waiting For The Perfect Time To Make Them Pay For What They Ve Done And When He S Through, Home Will Never Be Sweet Again It wasn t so much the body that they had to distance themselves from, it was the voices inside that compared this victim to their wives, sisters, daughters, mothers The fear that came with the job was what had to be kept at bay Amy works hard to provide for her young, asthmatic daughter by working as a realtor instead of pursuing a career as an artist Mark, a cop haunted by his past and his father s legacy, finds his only comfort in liquor Brought together when someone close to Amy is murdered, they must identify the serial killer before he adds Amy to his growing list of victims Drake keeps the reader guessing the identity of the killer by providing plenty of suspects, while creating solid character arcs for Amy and Mark Amy struggles with her decision to leave her cheating husband, even though a reconciliation could solve her financial problems and make her mother happy But it s a Mark s arc that made the book for me His rock bottom seems to keep getting deeper, but he s the only one who is able to keep the investigation from veering off track The killer s agenda provides a ticking clock, as does Mark s path of destruction to quiet his internal demons. Great storyLoved alot of Rebecca Drakes books, great twists and turns Alittle too long and some parts alittle gory Overall I would recommend this book It was a pretty good book The only parts I didn t care for was the descriptiveness of everything And I wish they would of let the killer speak at the end of the book just to give a sense of his mind set since he was so confident throwout the book fun book, but I can t give five stars because I read couple of books who were fun and thrilling than this one it was a mistery and I think the story was good, but the thrill factor was missing nevertheless, I recommwnd the book.. The story was good not quite as scary as I thought it would be based on the reviews on the cover, but I did jump once and yes, I was reading it late at night, but my dog jumped onto the bed I didn t like how everything was so neatly tied up at the end I felt that there were a few loose ends that weren t addressed, but I don t want to spoil it for anyone Good book, pretty easy read and some typos grammatical issues, but Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first book The Dead Place I read by this author, this one did not live up to my expectations Nothing terribly wrong just ordinary Predictable 3 stars Pretty good I really didn t care for the dog killing though