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~Free Epub ♑ Old Flame (Morelli Family, #8) ☪ You Ve Met The Morelli Family, Now Delve Into The Love Story Of Mateo S Callous Brother, Dante Morelli Loving Dante Was My Original Sin They Warned Me Of The Slippery Slope, The Moral Corruption, The Outright Debasement Of The Morelli Family They Warned Me Not To Get Involved Not To Love HimI Didn T Listen I Thought I Would Be His Saving Grace I Was A FoolOnce Upon A Time, Dante Morelli Was The Source Of My Happiness, The Powerful Embrace Which Would Always Keep Me Safe And LovedNow, Dante Morelli Is The Source Of Every Moment Of Pain, Every Moment Of Grief, Every Heart Breaking Moment Of My Young LifeOnce, His Love Was My LifebloodNow, His Love Is My Prison Once, I Thought It Might Kill Me To Leave HimNow, I Know He Will Never Let Me Go Warnings Dark Romance Bad Guy Hero This Is A Comprehensive Series, So You Ll Have A MUCH Better Time With Dante S Story If You Have Read The Entire Morelli Family Series First The Author Does NOT Recommend Trying To Read This Book As A Standalone If You Have Not Read The Previous Morelli Family Series Books The Morelli Story Begins In ACCIDENTAL WITNESS, Not Dante S Book I was nervous AF starting this book considering I read Untouchable and hated it Old Flame kept popping up in my recommended for you list onSo, I downloaded it In the beginning, when the heroine was planning to marry another man, I asked myself, what have you gotten yourself into Then, Dante being the man he is, takes what he wants I love a bad boy who takes what he wants and doesn t bullshit The heroine though topped it off considering she smarts him at every chance she gets Her blue eyes flash angrily, and that spark of real emotion pleases me, even if the emotion is negative I don t care what you want, she tosses back Just like you don t care what I want This isn t a relationship any, it s captivity, and I ll be damned if I let you forget it A nobler man would have let her move on and marry someone else if that s what she wanted, but I ve never claimed to be a noble man As much as the heroine tries to fight the Hero, she can t do it for too long The smex scenes are so damn steamy If Colette didn t give in soon, I was going to jump inside the book, take her place, trap him, and live a happy ever after That s the speed and hardness he decides he likes, so the next several thrusts are just as hard to take I gasp and hold on tight as his fingers dig into my hips, as he pounds his cock into me like he s trying to throw me on the floor He fucks me forever It feels so good now, but every thrust is so brutal, so aggressive, I know I ll be sore for a couple days after he finishes with me He fills my pussy full of his cock again and again, then finally grabs a fistful of my hair, shoves deep into my body, and unloads his cum inside me as he growls with pleasure Dante had me swooning from the moment he had taken Colette I think I loved himfor not giving her the chance to marry another man I felt sorry for Delcan but loved DanteThere is drama But, I search for love My heart was pouring sugar out while reading this book But nothing He drops tender kisses to my restrained hand, telling me, I m yours and you re mine Nothing else matters I love you, Colette I love you, Dante I loved how there was no cheating There was some jealousy of other women, and other men mentioned That drama didn t bother me though since I love a bad boy with a heart of gold Colette had sass until her body betrayed her, and she gave in But damn, if I were lying next to Dante, my body probably would have betrayed me too Colette, there s no one for me but you I said that and I meant it I m a lot of things, but I m not a fucking liar You never have to worry about me with other women, Colette You know that I might have to deal with women sometimes when it comes to business, but there s only one I want, only one I give a fuck about, and that s you Never doubt that I haven t read the first one in the series I wasn t lost It flowed However, after swooning so fucking hard over Dante, I m starting from the beginning. This series just keeps giving and giving In book 8 of the Morelli Family series we get a look at Dante Morelli and Colette Fontaine The first thing I feel that is important to know is that, you have to read this series to fully get the amazing writing of the characters Sam has created Old Flame is cleverly written All the characters in the Morelli world intertwine and give us readers a book that is amazing, shocking, frustrating, witty, and romantic Sam has not disappointed in the journey of her characters in this series Dante and Colette love is strong but fragile It s hard for Colette to love a mobster Can she love Dante unconditional Can she accept the morality of a infamous mobster Sam does not hold back in this story I highly recommend this book but to get to power and magic of Sam s writing, read all her books in this series. I dared to run away from the devil and start a life without him and now he s going to burn me for that unforgivable sin I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SERIES I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THESE CHARACTERS I CAN NOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS AUTHORS WORDS The thing with Sam s writing is, she aims to obliterate your sense of morality when it comes to the stories you read That black and white world that you live in She will push you into that gray area that resides in between She pushes you past your limits without you even realizing it which I LOVE that she can do this Because a true testament to her abilities to get, me as a reader, out of my own head She creates such a compelling book world that it is IMPOSSIBLE not to be consumed by it and love on the characters that would be scorned and loathed in other books because they would be deemed evil But us as readers, LOVE them with her books Sam ALWAYS brings a uniqueness that can only be reached by her words Sam never aims to blow rainbows and glitter up your arse with her stories She brings raw, animalistic passion between her characters A tangible want and need within her characters that jumps off the page It s the rawest kind of love The kind of love that you would literally kill for And as a reader, you will crave for Sam s lead male characters to tear down the world and everyone in their path to get to their one and only woman And you will want for her lead woman to get caught Captured by her man, just as much as you the reader, have been captured by their passion for their woman A man like Dante can t lose, because he refuses to Whatever he has to do to win, he ll do it If there s a line drawn to show how far is too far, Dante will step over it like a meaningless crack in the pavement He won t bat an eye at doing things far worse than I could ever even imagine She did all these things I mentioned above with this story Dante and Colette each other s end game and their love is inevitable One thing I absolutely love and applaud Sam for is, she stays true to her characters, no matter how despicable or evil they can be She aims to bring us readers characters that will have us gasping with the audacity of the things that they say and do Dante goes after what he wants, especially when he s running on jealously I know his need to dominate takes over, but I also know it doesn t mean he loves me any less It s pure animal instinct for him, and it s one of the things I loved about Dante in itscivilized forms One can t pick a brutish, dominant man and then be shocked when he behaves like one There were several times while reading this book where I was thinking, How the f k is Sam gonna pull this off Dante s just SO INTENSE He has no moral compass He s SO dark But then Sam would have me inevitably falling for the bad guy right along with the heroine That s talent right there Sam truly has me captive with her words and this book world I am drinking the koolaid like my life depends on it If you are interested in reading about the bad guys winning the girl, then THIS is the series for you NOTE This story run parallel to the first 7 books in the series, but in NO WAY is it a retelling Dante and Colette s story is very much their own It s the timeline that runs parallel but Dante and Colette were both minimally in the first 7 books I am ASTOUNDED by how well Sam executed this She literally had to weave Dante and Colette s story within the characters from the first 7 books and still stay true to THAT story characters It s like she created a world within a world and she did so masterfully If you haven t read the first books in this series, STOP NOW You MUST read them in order to get the full experience with this book You will be left feeling confused at times because you will not have the knowledge from the first books and if that happens, you will not enjoy this book Believe me, Dante and Colette deserve your full cooperationwink you will want to read ALL the books before OLD FLAME.6 stars Dante is a BAD man Total villain Wow Hot So good This fit in with the rest of the series seamlessly.Also I m on board with whatever Sam wants to do, obviously Want to kill the fianc and make the girl fall back in love with the killer Sure Let s do it BUT I think planting some not nice things about dead fianc would have made it easier for Collete Dante or Mateo should have thought of that Like make it seam like the dead fianc had been cheating on her. Oh Dante, how I love thee Sam Mariano does a great job of bringing us back into the fold of the dangerous and captivating Morelli family This is Dante and Collette s story, but the entire family is of course present while we navigate through their turbulent relationship.Yes, you absolutely need to start with Accidental Witness in order to enjoy this crazy ride Trust me when I say the journey in getting to know this mob family is one I m so happy I took I love this series and I m thrilled to have a piece of Dante in my heart These Morelli s are bad men and Dante is no different but an extra dose of crazy comes out when they fall in love.I liked seeingof everyone and can t wait for Alec to have a story Mateo is the master manipulator This story was just missing that little bit of extra for me Other than the reason they were back together, the story settled on what Colette s moral compass would do I thought there would be a bitdrama thrown in, maybe from Dante s insider or the housekeeper, so I kept waiting for something that didn t happen Overall I really enjoyed being back in this world. I am going to start this review out with the reminder that it is imperative that this book needs to be read in order Even though the story is about Dante it still has major perspectives to the story that would either a not make sense or b spoil this part of the story I would hate for anyone to not understand the dynamics at play ESPECIALLY when it comes to Mateo.Now that I have said that let me get on with this story Sweet holy Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, and baby Jesus I am not sure how it is that this author can make antiheroes so dang intriguing but she takes it to a whole different level This lifestyle is pretty repugnant in so many ways Something that all of the characters know Hell, even the author knows but the author portrays it with an authenticity that makes it compelling to read She even gives insight that even the main characters feel the demons left behind from their choices That was definitely the case with Dante He knows that what he does to ensure he doesn t lose Colette is wrong, he just is willing to accept that because the love he does feel for her is right He showed that he wasn t remorseful but that he would have, and did, do anything to have her be the light in his life I am pretty sure he would have sold his soul to be with her That is unconditional love He showed his moments of love, tenderness, and even vulnerability when he needed to He also showed that he might as well been made of steel in other ways because he was definitely a made man and one not about to bend And that is what had me love him evenbecause I knew that he would have had no qualms lighting the world on fire for his Colette Dante was much different than Mateo but also the same in many ways The same could be said about Colette and Mia There was something intrinsically good and pure about both of these ladies They knew the world they were getting into just as they knew that the men they loved weren t truly good I liked watching Colette struggle with how to accept this and finally quit fighting it Together, Dante and Colette were just as epic as Mateo and Mia just in a different way They burned just as bright just with a different intensity.I really enjoyed seeing some of the scenes that had occurred in previous books from a different perspective or lens It helped add additional insight into the characters and the overall story It also allowed me the chance to see how fantastic Mateo is at being the puppet master that he is That man truly is a manipulative bastage genius tomato tomahto and cemented his placement in my top BBF s of all time However, it also allowed the chance for Dante to creep up in the rankings because there is this Je ne say quois type feel to him Basically, this author has proven that I would sell my soul for a Morelli man Speaking of which, I am going to need this author to write about Alec asap He has had some pivotal scenes in a couple of books and I am needing to know .The bottom line now that I have rambled like a rabbit shiny squirrel is read this book However, read this book AFTER the others have been read Even though I have read the series several times now as well as the Vegas spinoff, it makes me want to go back and reread it again because not only is it amazing but because I learn something every time I read it I also suggest reading the often times missed book Entrapment, which is Mateo s POV and deleted scenes from various parts of the series it isn t numbered as part of the Morelli series because it really adds another dimension to the story. Because you followed the author s explicit advice and read the Morelli series before jumping into Dante Colette s world, you ve got a pretty good idea of how the story starts.You know, for example, that Colette s struggling a bit with Dante s method of renewing their relationship.And all right, all right you get where she s coming from But Dante deserves love too You don t know is how damn sweet Dante can be For instance, when he remarks to himself on what he s been doing for Colette s shop during the slow months OMG I melted.And when Dante informs Colette of what s his, and what he s allowed to do with it AND THEN HE DOES THE OVER THE HEART THING Obviously, by this point, you ve made peace with the fact that if Colette doesn t want this crazy bastard, you do.And then when he asks her finally asks her to forgive him This story shocked me with it s sweet Sure, sure there was some brutal, but nothing you fellow Morelli lovers would choose to stay up at night hashing over If a Morelli is going to cause you to lose sleep, you ll make sure it s for a good reasonTHIS WAS SUCH A FABULOUS story for Dante I loved it Andthan ever, if they wouldn t wreck the whole world MY whole world I d like one of each Morelli brother, please Now I have high hopes for Alec he s been so quiet and well behaved and easy going, that it s time we watch him fall wildly in love, and unlock that sleeper cell of insanity inside him D Unexpected For those who know the series.Let me preface that I ve been waiting for this book a long time The first time I met Dante, I knew he maybe the only one to finally break the love spell I had with Mateo Mateo at that point, could not be kicked off the throne I had placed him on as my favorite villain Others had come real close, but never succeeded As time went on I realized I loved Mateo as much as I did, because I also loved Mia The two put me in a spell That was when I started to worry Had I expected to much from Dante Old flame, yes was about Dante, but also about Colette As the release day got closer, I was haunted with the fact I had put to much pressure on my expectations I actually put of reading it for like a whole 10 hours Then I snapped and started at 4 am My God This bastard did it I didn t think anyone could rival Mateo in ruthless behavior, and still come out lovable However, let s talk about Colette All I can say is I love her That s the power couple I imagined She is soft, loving, but not a push over Dante, is by far my favorite I think in some weird way this couple works so well because they don t even try to hide emotions Like they get mad, and they snap Whereas Mateo was all ways level headed, and Mia was always trying to make peace Now for those who don t know the series.I ve done what you are about to do with other authors You see 5, stars, get snippets from reviews, and click buy You pick up maybe book 3, or 8, and then you are like oh wow, I really want to get to know said character and find yourself going back to start the series from the start Do not do that with this series Trust me You will hate yourself Trust me, you will want to know everyone they engage with, and reading this book will ruin the others for you Start with accidental witness Warning, if you are not into bad guys, monster behavior, and illegal activities, then this series is not for you For the author..Thank you He was worth the wait