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After finishing Dangerous Passage on Sunday, I knew I d be checking out both of the next books this coming Sunday because I loved the first so much But this came in at work today, and it just so happened to be employee appreciation days, so I got all of 40% off, and couldn t resist, especially after I saw the synopsis Bottom line though I really wanted to read the books in order, I d have to wait til Sunday to do so, and it s impossible to do with a book like this already in hand This is just one of those books that defies all reason or logic to become a next favorite Sometimes I read books that are well written, and then some stories I just live in the pages and never put it down and have absolutely nothing to gripe about The writing is excellent, the characters well drawn, and the story deeply satisfying I really don t want the series to be over I ll be rereading this one plenty of times.I loved that the characters portrayed family so well, as those from former books didn t hesitate to put careers on the line to help Michael fight the bad guys I loved that both Michael and Olivia were already believers and were challenged in their faith by the issues they encountered the message didn t have to be overtly preachy they lived their morals even when it was hard and they didn t want to I also really liked that the romance was understated and still very real They became a team and then were surprised by romantic feelings just the way I d like to have it someday. About this bookMichael Hunt is alive and on the run Presumed dead by friends and family, the undercover assignment he s been working for the past eight months has just been blown With a hit out on his life and corruption inside the Atlanta police department, Michael finds himself hunted by both the cartel and the law His only hope is the daughter of the man who wants him dead This nonstop chase from taut suspense writer Lisa Harris will leave readers breathless as they race to connect the dots before it s too lateSeries Book three in theSouthern CrimesI have not read Book 1, but have been able to follow the storyline easily with reading Book 2 Book 2 s,Fatal Exchange , review is Here Spiritual Content Luke 8 17 at the beginning Prayers Scriptures are quoted Mentions of people from the Bible Talks about God trusting Him H s are capital when talking about God Note asigned on with the devilNegative Content Minor cussing including aheck of a lot easier , two shoot s and three stupid s Blood semi detailed Nightmares Mentions of killing, murdering dying barely above not detailed Mentions of smoking Mentions of La Sombra how he tortures people barely above not detailed Fist fighting semi detailed The drug cartel is a major part of this story Sexual Content a b st rd three barely above not detailed kisses and a semi detailed kiss Wanting to kiss Noticing Electricity Touches that cause warmth Olivia s mother was Valez s mistress though he never called her that A waitress who is a flirt When talking to Olivia about the drug cartel, Valez saysThe world I was in was as seductive as your motherLove, falling in love, the emotions Olivia Hamilton Michael Hunt P.O.V switches between them, Ivan Avery 304 pages Pre Teens One StarNew Teens One Star and a half Early High School Teens Two Stars and a half Older High School Teens Three Stars and a half My personal Rating Three Stars and a half Not for squeamish girls This was an interesting book I can t say I ve read many books about or featuring drug importing that aren t historical novels I don t really have much to say aboutHidden Agendabesides it kept me on my toes and was pretty good Only thing was I wasn t a fan of the extra Sexual content and all the murdering Link to review BFCG may Read the review to see recommend this book by this author It does not mean I recommend all the books by this author I received this book for free from the Publisher Revell for this review. Hidden Agenda was the conclusion of the Southern Crime Series It was satisfying to learn what happened to Michael in his undercover role. All I can say is, it was an awesome ending to an amazing series. Hidden Agenda is the third book in the Southern Crimes series, but is easily read as a stand alone novel I have only read books two and three in the series and had no trouble following along in either story I was intrigued to find out that Michael Hunt, who was presumed dead in the previous book, is alive and well His story is a very exciting one.I really liked the main characters in Hidden Agenda Michael has been living as an undercover cop for a very long time, and has been presumed dead for eight months The guilt he carries knowing that his entire family has been mourning for him is only slightly lessened by the hope that what he uncovers will bring down the leaders of a drug cartel.Olivia and Ivan are a brother and sister team who end up doing the right thing and save Michael s life when it is threatened These two individuals are so refreshing They know what they need to do and then do it, but they still continually question throughout the book the why s of what has happened It s one thing to be brave and do the right thing, it s another to be fighting for your life as a result of your decisions.I enjoyed seeing the couples from the previous books and catching up with their lives And I loved Michael and Olivia s developing relationship It seemed very realistic to me Yes, it did come about quickly, but due to the harrowing circumstances, I felt that it made a lot of sense This is a very action packed story, which I enjoyed from start to finish.I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.https brittreadsfiction.wordpress.c I have really enjoyed this series from Lisa Harris This is book 3 in her Southern Crimes series, and while you could probably read this one as a stand alone, I would highly recommend reading at least book 2 as there is a lot of reference to the events that took place in that one In the first 2 books, we see that the Hunt family is grieving the loss of Michael In this book, we learn that he is actually alive and has been deep undercover this whole time When his cover is blown, he prays for a miracle, only to find one in the most unexpected place This book had non stop action from the very beginning as Michael and Olivia are running for their lives This one also had a romance plot and a strong faith thread While I wasn t as big a fan of this romance as the other 2 probably because there was no history the romance wasn t rushed either, so it didn t detract from my star rating This book brought a very satisfying conclusion to the series I would strongly recommend for fans of Christian romantic suspense Michael Hunt is presumed dead by family and friends Only he s not dead Not at all He s been deep undercover infiltrating a known drug cartel The problem His cover s been blown and he s about to be killed Michael has no choice but to put his life and his trust into the hands of Olivia Hamilton, the daughter of the cartel leader he is trying to take down When Olivia and her brother Ian find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, they can t help but rescue Michael and escape But with cartel members chasing them as well as leaks in the Atlanta Police Department, the trio doesn t know who to trust Enlisting the assistance of Michael s family eases some of the danger while creatingMichael is determined not to go down without a fight, and he will take as many cartel members down as possible He wants this all to be over so he can explore his growing feelings for Olivia.This was probably my favorite of all three novels in this series Like the others, it was fast paced and very quick to read I had no idea how things were going to end up and I m glad that they ended the way they did.I loved Michael I thought that he was very well developed I also loved Ian And I loved seeing how Michael interacted with his family once he was no longer dead I also loved how he was willing to admit he was wrong about things.Fans of romantic suspense will love this book I think it s the last in the series, but I would love to seeabout Avery s team Tori, Levi, Carlos.I received this book for free from Revell Books for the purpose of reviewing My thoughts and opinions are my own.Recommended to fans of romantic suspense, Irene Hannon, Dani Pettrey, DiAnn MillsRating 4 stars Wow Is all I can say after reading this book This series has definitely cemented itself as being one of my favs in the crime suspense genre Lisa Harris is brilliant I can totally see why she s a Christy Award Winner.Warning If you have not read books 1 and 2 of the Southern Crimes series, I recommend you don t read the below sections because there are definitely some spoilers in book 3 Lol, ok I did my public service announcement view spoiler So in book three Hidden Agenda we find out that undercover cop Michael Hunt, who in the earlier books was presumed dead by friends and family after a warehouse explosion Is still alive During his investigation on an assignment he s been working, to take down a kingpin in a drug cartel, Michael s cover is blown and he s on the run With a hit out on his life he finds himself being hunted by both the cartel and the law His only hope is Olivia Hamilton the daughter of the man who wants him dead hide spoiler I was so looking forward to this book and I m thrilled to say that it totally lived up to my expectations and is officially my favorite book of the series I have wanted to meet Michael for a long time, he was every bit as much of an excellent hero as I thought he would be I also loved Olivia and her brother Ivan The suspense was so good, really non stop action, and while there were a few things that I found pretty predictable I still loved the story It felt like I had been waiting forever for Michael to be reunited with his family, and when it finally happened their reunion was so sweet it nearly brought tears to my eyes While I did feel like the ending was rushed, nevertheless I still loved the entire book I am a sucker for family sagas and I highly recommend this series to anyone who likes those types of books as well some great romantic suspense I really hope we will get to see the Hunt family again in this author s future novels, and I would really love to read a story starring Olivia s brother Ivan a few years down the road `Download Pdf ⇩ Hidden Agenda (Southern Crimes, #3) ⇲ Michael Hunt Is Alive And On The Run Presumed Dead By Friends And Family, The Undercover Assignment He S Been Working For The Past Eight Months Has Just Been Blown With A Hit Out On His Life And Corruption Inside The Atlanta Police Department, Michael Finds Himself Hunted By Both The Cartel And The Law His Only Hope Is The Daughter Of The Man Who Wants Him DeadThis Nonstop Chase From Taut Suspense Writer Lisa Harris Will Leave Readers Breathless As They Race To Connect The Dots Before It S Too Late