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~DOWNLOAD BOOK ⚆ Consumed (MMA Romance, #1) ☦ I Got A Late Start Signing Up For College And Now All The Dorms Were Filled So I Looked In The Most Logical Spot For A Place To Stay, The Newspaper After Finding An Apartment With A Guy That Was Supposedly An MMA Fighter And Only Walking Distance To The College, I Sent First Month S Rent Payment He Seemed Nice On The Phone But When I Showed Up And Knocked On The Door I Learned That I Broke His Number One Rule, Don T Ever Interrupt His Business Will I Be Able To Ignore The Most Popular Guy On Campus Constantly Hitting On Me Or Will I Give In And Find That He S Something Para los que gustan de las historias sobre romance universitario predecible, est bien Al parecer se fragmenta en varios libros, por mi parte llego solo hasta ac. This book puts every thing on fire What a cock block entry and the every time unexpected turns makes this book and readable after every turning page.God same me from this new book boyfriend.The story is quite simple Braxton is a fighter who had nothing now has all the things which a person need girls drooling over him ,ready to throw there every thing away and take his tranturms like he is a sex god.Emmi is a little girl who had her heart broken by her high school boyfriend and is now in a new city for a new start.They meet love happens but both of them tag it as lust and lack of sex but some what they crave each other.But this story is very very sweet and has all kinds of plays and bff drama to bring them together that whats makes it fun to read type books.Lace of trust in the manhore boyfriend and emmis makes a lot of twist and turns but this book will set all your surrounding on fire. I really liked this story it was well written with very engaging characters Emmi is starting college but was too late to get anywhere to stay on campus Instead she s managed to get a room in a house with a guy called Braxton She hadn t met him beforehand and had only ever spoken to him on the telephone When she turns up at the house she s shocked to find he s a six foot two hunk of muscle Braxton is fellow student and part time underground MMA fighter, he s also the biggest womaniser with the worst reputation.Despite finding him very attractive Emmi has no intention of becoming a victim of his short attention span As the days and weeks pass they do become friendly but that s all it is, even if Braxton would like to get her naked and in his bed.First part in a new series, Braxton is at first a big headed conceited idiot, he constantly thinks how irresistible he is He even goes as far as to purposely wear clothes that show his body at its best But the further into the story you get the easier he is to understand, he s not just a bunch of muscles basically he s a good guy He studies hard, and has real ambition outside of fighting in a cage I thought at first this might be a bit cliched as there s plenty of stories out there featuring fighters, but there was a lot going on in this Emmi doesn t trust Braxton at first, she s been hurt in the past I really liked her she has a backbone and isn t one of those heroines who melts every time the hero looks at her Although this is a short read it certainly didn t feel like it I will definitely be reading the rest of this series. Great start to a new series.Emmi is a week late starting college so all the dorm rooms are full, she s renting a room from a guy, a guy she s never met so this is a gutsy move Now the roommate is Braxton and he s probably the best looking guy she s ever seen, he s tall, muscled and a MMA fighter but he knows it, he s a player, in fact her arrival interrupts his playing so he s not happy and makes a point of explaining the number one rule no cock blocking ever Now Braxton is so cocky it never occurs to him that Emmi would ever say no to him, I mean after all she s female.I personally love different POV books So this was perfect for me, at first Braxton is what you d expect, a conceited man whore but the you read the you come to understand that he s not just a dumb jock I liked both Emmi and Braxton, although not so much Braxton in the beginning, he grew on me Emmi is a great female character and it s rare for me to find one that I like all the way through a book, admittedly this is a short book but she didn t have a single too stupid to live moment, which was great.Now you could argue that this book is nothing new, and it isn t, but then not many books are, it s reminiscent of Beautiful Disaster at times but then it s bound to be considering it s college, he s a MMA fighter, also a man whore, but he s a nice guy really, she s a girl who can say no and she sees past the imageyou get the picture This book is well written and I really liked it but then I liked the both the main characters which is the main stumbling block for me and I agree with the other reviewer this feels like a much longer book.I knew this was a cliffhanger book because I got Consumed and Devoured at the same time but I don t know how many books are in this series. For a short story, things were blurred from the start, I really felt absolutely no connections to either of the charactersunfortunately, and the speed was not the only issue 1.5 Did I read the same book as you STARS I feel like I have read books like this over and over again, but with different names and a different author I had to keep stopping because the characters didn t feel original enough and I kept thinking why do mma guys always have to be womanisers Why do the heroines always have to be these fragile, pretending to be tough, objects The writing was kinda bad to be honest and was uncomfortable to read because I had to keep re reading sentences to see if I got it right the first time As for the characters, I felt like they were based on stereotypes especially the lead male who was the jerk that all girls love but I think he went a bit beyond that, in a bad way And last but not least, the heroine She wasn t that bad, could of used a couple interesting character traits, but all in all they both need work.And as for the separate books, dafuq I don t think it s necessary and I won t be purchasing the next one But I also feel like authors who do this are trying to make money off of their readers, no offence. Typical NA genre hero is hot, sexy, jerk that all the girls want meets good girl who got burned from the past..You get my drift right So if you re bored and just want a quick read then I rec this book Needs a little editing but despite it I kinda enjoyed their cute story.3.5 stars. Not bad at all, not great either..I really love stories with roommates and i was hoping for this to be better.So we have Emmi, a nice, normal girl, that starts her college life with a little delay and catches her new roommate in a compromising situation Braxton is a colossal player, he fights to earn his living, he dumps girls right and left and also has a dorky side..AND he is hot and he knows it, so he roams around the house almost naked at any opportunity he gets to make her want him..Emmi doesn t trust him at first because the only thing he wants is sex and he states it very blatantly But on their way towards knowing each other better, they will both change their minds..The book overall was ok and easy to read, but needs editing and the story character developement The next book that i m reading at the moment is much better..THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK The fight scene was very good I liked Emmi s friend Dual POV Underneath the facade, Braxton has real goals for his life and that is admireable I liked Emmi s character generally I found some gramatical mistakes and a name stated wrongly Tayler as in Trent Their kiss was so hot. i abso freaking lutely loved it wow the ending was AMAZING i m so starting the second book ASAP like seriously anyway it was an incredible read that concerns roommates hat all i can say it was awesome and definitely worth the read, sadly it was really short.