Book ☨ God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy ⚑

I enjoyed this book of Huckabees than I thought I would I found other books of his to be boring In this book, he compares Bubba villes versus the Bubble villes the power centers of the country like New York, Washington, and LA He gave great examples from popular culture about hot topics such as homosexuality, gun control, the infamous discussion about Beyonc being a role model for girls, etc. Down state IllinoisGlad that someone in the know had the guts to tell it like it is without holding back Usually the media crushes or crucifies those who speak out Clear examples would include Phil Robertson, James Dobson, and Sarah Palin Not very many people I know would take on the groups mentioned in your book Will recommend this book to all and hope that another book would come out about Hillary before 2016. Book ⚇ God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy ♱ In Mike Huckabee S New Book God, Guns, Grits And Gravy, He Asks The Question, Have I Been Taken To A Different Planet Than The One On Which I Grew Up The New York Times Bestselling Author Explores Today S American Culture, Drawing From His Travels As A Presidential Candidate To Present Average, Small Town People And Families, And Their Optimistic Resilience In The Face Of Hard Times Their Stories, Says Huckabee, Will Inspire Readers To Think About Their Own Values And Rediscover What Makes America Great At Times Lighthearted, At Others Bracingly Realistic, Huckabee S Brand Of Optimistic Patriotism Lends Itself To Discussing The Reintroduction Of Fundamental American Values, As Well As A Bright Outlook For Future Generations Reading this book reminded why I love the Governor so much He is direct, honest but respectful and courteous to those who may disagree with him He offered clear explanations for the reasons he believes what he believes and why a majority of fly over country folks share those beliefs So much of what he said in this book about growing up southern made me smile because I know exactly what he s talking about This was a very, very good book. I love God, guns are one of the greatest inventions, grits sound good, and gravy is to die for This is one of my new recommendable books The book contains life lessons, spiritual lessons, food lessons, and a healthy dose of sarcasm and jokes The many of life stories are interesting and keep your attention For being a teenager a majority of the lessons that are taught could apply to me in a way Good overall books good for a summer book and a learning book. Honestly, I generally hate politics and any books about politics But this was not too bad actually, it was pretty good Huckabee is really funny and I enjoyed reading about his Southern Christian values Plus, he just tells it like he sees it, which seems rare for a politician No flim flam here But, if you disagree with him politically, I can see that rustling a few feathers. Do not buy this book I got it from the library I wish I could have given it 0 stars, but that s not an option First, no one this parochial should be President of the United States It s OK that he really enjoys grits it should be equally OK that I dislike grits This guy says how can an eating place that fancies itself fancy have the audacity to open its doors and not have biscuits and gravy or grits on the breakfast menu Because not everyone likes grits And whether or not you want to admit it, it s a regional dish We simply don t serve it in the Northeast Second, this book is extremely poorly written somewhere, there s a grammar school teacher who either has very high blood pressure or is spinning in his or her grave Quotation marks are used for quotations, not for emphasis Sarcasm can be delivered in other ways And it s not a digression if you make the point every chapter I hate his folksy style I don t want my President to be folksy I want him or her to be intelligent And it s not a digression if you do it all the time it s your central point Third, he is remarkable inconsistent According to Huckabee, the Government should stay out of our business except to prevent gay people from getting married Don t bash the President s parenting Not appropriate Regulation Taxation Litigation Job migration So, stop taxing and regulating, right Except that his example, Texas, is faltering California is recovering Perhaps you should wait on your examples until they actually play out Christians are not being persecuted in the United States Christians are being persecuted in many places around the world, but not the United States Just ask the Chaldeans Topics about which Huckabee and I agree 1 The term flyover country is insulting.2 The NSA shouldn t spy on its own citizens and Edward Snowden is neither villain nor hero 3 Some regulations are stupid and overbearing, and social change cannot be legislated However, you don t get to say that you can identify with people from the Midwest in your introduction and then insult Midwesterners in your final chapter Just as flyover country is insulting, so are terms like citidiots. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee writes about concerning topics as talked about on his Fox News show Huckabee talks about ideas that I agree with such as too much government spying and a tendency of some in government to over regulate and interfere with the lives of Americans Huckabee s simplistic premise is that the United States consists of two types of people, the Bubbas who are decent, God fearing, Bible believing, Christians, and the people in Bubbleville who are crude, know it alls, who live in the cities of NYC, Hollywood, and DC Huckabee s ideas would be laughable if they weren t so true Huckabee writes about how the United States needs many types of people who each can contribute in their own way for our country to flourish I know Huckabee, like myself, believes in personal freedom because he devotes a whole chapter to it This book is a great overall read that was easy to breeze through and enjoy probably because I am from the south myself and could relate to so much he discussed but I think this book was incredibly well written and will definitely keep it on my bookshelf and re read it again. The best part of this book was that get off my lawn was actually part of one of the chapter titles This book is basically one giant get off my lawn to people who aren t like the author As a DC native, gunless non Christian, Ivy League graduate degree paid for by my father s government job , PhD environmental scientist, childless single woman, and two time Obama voter, I don t even need to be told to stay off this man s lawn, but unfortunately he seems to think that the entire country is his lawn.The basic premise of this book is that America consists of Bubbleville and Bubbaville, but it s not entirely clear to me how large parts of the country are classified DC, LA, and NYC are called out as bubbles and the rural small town South and Midwest as Bubba, but a lot of the rest is unclear I assume major coastal cities like SF and Boston also fall into the bubble category, but what about the big cities of the Midwest and South I guess we shouldn t be surprised that grey areas are glossed over in an intentionally us vs them, con vs lib, red vs blue, farm vs city, broad brush, stereotyping hatefest like this book. I saw Mike Huckabee on the Daily Show and the topic in this book was relevant to what I m currently writing I don t completely subscribe to right wing conservative politics, nor am I extremely liberal However, he made some fair points about how republicans and people of faith or country folks are portrayed in the media He does get a little scathing about how lame he thinks liberal coastal elites are But all in all, Mike Huckabee comes across as likable and fairly sensible Even if I don t love every single thing he says He is making a fair point about how divided American society is and how certain qualities are valued in the media while others are not It was also informative reading if you are interested in politics.