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A nice light romance, good for a first and good too that it retained the romance without resorting to full on sex My only gripe would be the scene of the Halloween party not great as a scene for a Christian writer, although not viewed as seriously as it should be in the US Good quick read. Sometimes you just need to let go of the past to be able to confront the future.Micah has spent a decade using the tragic demise of a friend, to hide away from the world and any type of close romantic relationship All that time wasted, just wallowing in self pity and denial The old gang of friends is getting fed up with the very reluctant Micah As far as they are concerned it is time to move on, move over and let it go.That s the thing about keeping a ball full of remorse and guilt in the pit of your gut for a long time, eventually that ball grows so big it is in danger of bursting When it does there is nowhere to hide from all the repressed emotions and memories.Sounds like Micah is in for a tough time, which I suppose is true if she wasn t having trouble keeping her mind and hands of her best friends body.Not that Josh minds all the looking and touching, but he would like to know whether Micah can distinguish between past and present Does she want him or does she want the impossible and the past I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and Mills Boon. #KINDLE ⛎ If Only... × If Only I Hadn T Had That Last DrinkIt Might Be The Toughest Night Of The Year For Micah O Shea, But One Tequila Too Many And Suddenly She S Seeing The World And Her Best Friend Firefighter Josh Taylor In A New Light Surely A Bit Of Dutch Courage Is All She Needs To See If He Tastes As Good As He Looks Why Did No One Tell Her That The Morning After Is Way Awkward When You Re Friends With The Man You Threw Yourself At And That It Gets Awkward When You Start Having X Rated Dreams About Him Perhaps Micah Should Stop Saying If Only And Start Asking What If Winner Of Harlequin S So You Think You Can Write Contest Rating 3.25 stars Definitely time to move onDefinitely time to move onIt was a cute book Story of friends that get together every year on the same day to remember a friend that passed away but also story of two of those friends where feelings are awakened between the two of them The thing that bothered me was the girlfriend of the guy that passed away has been holding on to him for 10 years even though they were together for 2 years You need to let go of the past to be able to move on and have a future. Nice story The heroine has been mourning the death of her boyfriend for the past 10 years Well, stuffing the grief away and only taking it out once a year But now it s all welling up again and her friends, who were his friends and relatives, have moved on and they want her to as well And why is she suddenly noticing the cuteness of the hero, her best friend and the dead boyfriend s bestie too The heroine got a little whiny for me, but not enough to interfere with my enjoyment of the story It s a sweet friends to lovers story. I loved it I must disclose though, I know the author personally This is a quick, easy read, it s a nice romance and while I kind of knew what was going to happen, Tanya added a great twist in the story that I didn t see coming I was engaged and felt as if I knew the characters personally, I find myself hoping for the best for them This was Tanya Wright s first book and I can t wait to see her next project Ten years of secrets and denial and things building up Josh had his secret that kept him acting as protector for Micah And each year Micah took her moment in time to grieve the loss of her first love The ten year anniversary of his death felt different though and suddenly things are messy for all of them Very enjoyable and emotional story. This is one of correction THE best book in Harlequin Kiss s series so far and this is why 1 Ultimate Friends to Lovers trope Yes it was a slowburn but it was so beautifully done.2 This book had DEPTH The backstory and the history between these characters.33 It was a romance where the Male was a firefighter but didn t have the whole book centred around his sexybod life death situations firefighterbrotherhood stereotypes4 This book is about friends and the author did a great job of a showcasing their friendship and b introducing the secondary characters so you got to know them without them taking over Josh Micah s story I can only hope that the plan is for each of them to get their own book The only thing that could have made it better is some Josh Micah sexytimes at the end I was weirdly invested in seeing the moment when Josh finds out that Micah never slept with Drew so I feel robbed Perhaps an Appendix can be added 3 1 2 Stars It s been ten years since a tragic car accident took her boyfriend s life, and this year when the gang gets together to celebrate Drew, Micah s grief is as if he d just died Over the years, if it hadn t been for Josh, Drew s best friend and now Micah s, she didn t know how she d have survived it all Looking at her life, Micah realizes she s got to get a grip on her feelings and finally let Drew go But somewhere in all her mixed up feelings for Drew, Micah finds herself dreaming of Josh in a very not best friend sort of way She s shocked at herself, and struggles to hide what is quickly becoming an intense attraction Little does she know that Josh has been in love with her from the moment he d ever laid eyes on her, all those many years ago This is Ms Wright s debut with Harlequin and from the Dear Reader letter she shares with us that this story is very close to her heart The theme of loss and survivor guilt is an emotional one, and Ms Wright gives us plenty of emotion There s also a lovely Friends sort of feel to the characters They all have known each other since high school and have each other s backs no questions asked Josh faces his own personal dilemma with a possible future with Micah, but in true Harlequin style he fights for his HEA Ms Wright has a fresh voice and I m looking forward to reading her next romance.