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[Free E-pub] ⚕ Project Sail ⚔ Commander Jonathan Hawthorne Thought His Victory At The Battle Of Ganymede Had Earned Him A Comfortable Retirement As A Cruise Ship Captain His Employers Had Other Plans, However, Assigning The Former War Hero To Project Sail, Man S First Interstellar Journey Such A Historic Voyage Should Be Reason For Celebration, But A Climate Of Political Skullduggery, Corporate Espionage, And Trigger Happy Militaries Demands The Mission Proceed In Secret As He Travels Across The Solar System Gathering His Crew, Hawthorne Finds That Space Exploration Has Been Less About Adventure And Discovery And About Land Grabs And Mineral Rights From War Zones Where Battles Are Choreographed To Allow The Meeting Of Mining Quotas To Colonists Trapped In Crowded Domes, Humanity Has Seemingly Created Circles Of Hell Among The Stars Hawthorne Expects Project Sail Is Of The Same, Another Corporate Undertaking That Will End In Resource Exploitation However, A Surprise Attack On An Orbital Shipyard, A Series Of Suspicious Deaths, And A Mysterious Construction Project On Uranus Moon Titania Lead Him To Believe That This Mission Is Than It Seems From The Ruins Of England To The Frozen Battlefields Of Titan, Hawthorne Finds A Dozen Reasons To Escape The Growing Chaos, Only To Realize That Wherever Man Travels, His Sins Follow Formatting Services Provided By Chris O Byrne Join The Anthony DeCosmo Author Facebook Page For News Updates