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Never have I read a book deep, powerful, beautiful or moving than the Robe Besides the bible of course.Reading this powerful piece of literature moved me in ways that no other book but the Bible has ever moved me.I read my Bible, God s Word, every day Most of the time , sometimes it seems like I really can t relate to the people and stories that I read in it and I feel distant from them After reading the Robe and following along with such great men as Peter and Stephanos and taking a front row seat at some of the most famous and powerful moments of Jesus s life such as the feeding of the 5000, healing the woman with the issue of blood of 12 years, and Jesus rebuking the temple for its evilness and treachery I no longer feel this distance between myself and these great times and people of the past Jesus died for the world and paid for our sins thereby making the one and only way into heaven it is true but He also did so many great things, miracles and wonders, that are often told about but many times never brought to life in our minds The Robe brings you the grassy hillsides and placid waters of Galilee while Jesus preaches about forgiveness and a better and never ending kingdom and the golden spheres of Jerusalem while my Lord and Savior was crucified for the sins of the world, to the beautiful garden where He rose from the grave and conquered death.The characters of The Robe were all brilliantly done and I found myself sympathizing and bonding with each and every one of them my favorites being Jesus of course , Marcellus and Demetrius.The ending, without giving any spoilers away, really surprised me but also moved me greatly to praise God for His great love and mercy so that when we die we need not fear death because we know where we are going to live in heaven for eternity with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.The Robe is a must read for any child of God but also for those who do not believe for by reading it I hope that many will be brought to God and receive the greatest gift ever given the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord God bless, Amen. John s Gospel 19 23 24 records that at the crucifixion of Christ, the soldiers divided up his clothes among them the condemned were crucified naked, save for a loincloth which was allowed to the Jewish victims , and cast lots for the finest item, a seamless robe Scripture is otherwise silent about the incident Congregational minister Douglas uses these verses as a take off point for this novel, speculating about the effect of the robe on the fictional Roman officer who wins it, and on the ripple effect that he in turn has on the other lives he touches I d already been planning to make this book the subject of my next retrospective review and for once, I can nail down the date I read it fairly well it was a library check out, and when I checked it out again yesterday to refer to, the date card was still in the pocket but it worked out well that I m reviewing it on Good Friday Though I d heard of the novel before, I was prompted to read it, back when Barb and I were home schooling our girls, as preparation for teaching American literature Raymond St John, the author of the textbook I was using, American Literature For Christian Schools my two star review of that text is here is very disparaging of Douglas work, and I wanted to make my own judgment of it As was sometimes the case where critical assessments were concerned, mine differed greatly from his in this instance.A basic literary conceit at the heart of this novel is the idea that a physical relic in this case, the titular robe can wield a genuine spiritual influence That s an idea in tune with traditional Roman Catholic spirituality than with Protestantism, and somewhat surprising in a novel written by a Protestant clergyman, especially in pre ecumenical 1942 It s also somewhat surprising that Raymond St John, a separatist Fundamentalist who elsewhere in his text expresses anti Catholic views, doesn t attack this aspect of the book at all he reserves his ire for Douglas perceived association with the Social Gospel movement My own attitude toward relics is skeptical but I was able to take that element here as a sort of metaphor, and move on And what we move on to is a profound examination of Christian conversion, Christian living and Christian hope through the lives of well drawn, vital characters, set in a first century context but relevant for the 21st as well and for any other century Conversion is demonstrated not only to change one s ultimate allegiance, but to necessarily change our behavior and our treatment of others and the coming Kingdom that s proclaimed as a central theme in both the Old and New Testaments is recognized as one that will be characterized by perfect justice and brotherhood.While Douglas re created Christian preaching, and the religious language of his characters, doesn t employ the in group jargon of modern day evangelicalism, it does reflect the language and orientation that we read in the book of Acts and the various New Testament epistles and though, as with other novels that use the New Testament as a background, most characters and events here are fictional, the historical framework in the Biblical material is respected This is solidly Christian fiction in the real, not the commercial ECPA CBA sense although a CBA store could carry it , in the tradition of Lew Wallace s Ben Hur It s a finely crafted, serious novel, written in Realist fashion but with a powerful emotional wallop, particularly at the end and the diction is modern, so as not to pose any problem for contemporary readers It certainly deserves mention and in my opinion, favorable mention in any survey of American fiction since World War I and I d recommend it to a wide readership. Lloyd C Douglas didn t take up writing till he was fifty That astounds me This is as fine a novel as any produced by someone who had been scribbling since childhood.I hope most of us are familiar with the plot of The Robe, since it s the basis for one of the most sweeping, epic films of Old Hollywood Marcellus Gallio is a high born, somewhat indolent Roman Tribune who gets shipped to the fractious province of Judaea, and is conscripted into helping execute a young Jewish man accused of treason and blasphemy The soldiers gamble for the crucified man s few possessions and Marcellus gets his robe a remarkable garment, woven without seams But when he touches it, a mysterious madness and a sickness comes upon him The dead man was named Jesus of Nazareth.Marcellus is joined on this venture by his loyal slave, a Greek named Demetrius, who is deeply touched by the Nazarene and desperate to learn all he can about him Meanwhile, Marcellus family and friends back in Rome struggle to stay in the favor of mad Emperor Tiberius and Gaius, Tiberius depraved heir apparent view spoiler Unlike the film version, Caligula doesn t show up until almost the end The character in the movie is a combination of him and his uncle Gaius, which is a bit confusing since Caligula s real name was also Gaius hide spoiler I really enjoyed this book, even though at times it was a bit tedious So happy I finally read it My interest to read this novel was sparked by watching the movie The novel is so much better than the movie, no big surprise there Yet, I was surprised to see just how many characters and details had been eliminated in the movie version to make the plot fit into a 2 hour presentation Douglas s novel is marvelous The movie does not do such an emotionally charged book justice The main characters, Marcellus, Diana, and Demetrius, are not as valiantly noble as Douglas s words create them out to be This novel has many minor characters like Peter, Stephen, Justice, Herod, Salome, and even Pontius Pilate from the Bible Reading this story takes the reader on a journey through Jerusalem and Greece during the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, as one learns about the Jewish cultural system of that period The reader is learning about history and religious doctrine without even realizing it, and one has the Gallio family intertwined into such moving, historical times This is historical fiction at its best Demetrius, one of the stars of the story was down played in the movie, which disappointed me This loyal slave is brave,clever and strong As he learns Hebrew, his intelligence is made known As he rescues Diana from Capri, his bravery and cleverness are evident Further, the exciting brawl with Quinntus shows his strength, so he should have played a much larger role in the movie He was the hero of the story, displaying his ar te at all times In the book, he was very spiritual and was always saying profound declarations, like the following This faith is not like a deed to a house in which one has full possession It is like a kit of tools with which a man may build himself a house The tools will be worth just what he does with them When he lays them down they have no value until he takes them up again Demetrius is not the only spiritually minded character in this rare jewel The reader is taken on an exciting journey with characters that will become your best friends Marcellus Gallio is such an ordinary, likable guy that the reader cannot help rooting for Marcellus to get his girl in the end Their romance was well developed, and Douglas knew just how to satisfy that feminine audience searching for romantic stories Wonderfully moving novel Taught me many things about the Jewish culture, but importantly, it gave me new insights about the early Christian martyrs Absolutely sensational book Delicious right down to the last sentence I love the way Douglas wove Scriptural figures, places, and events into this first century tale of Roman life Tribune Marcellus Gallus is banished from Rome to Minoa Gaza , along with his Greek slave, Demetrius, for the young man s imprudence This brings them to Palestine at the time of the Jewish Passover when Jesus of Nazareth is about to be executed Guess who the lucky Roman officer is who gets put in charge of the execution But Marcellus s luck doesn t stop there he also wins the roll of the dice which brings him The Robe His Robe The Robe of the story s title and the focus of the rest of Marcellus s life.First the Robe almost causes Marcellus to lose his mind, then it restores him and eventually it leads him on a quest in search of this man, Jesus Who, or What is He and what did or does His Life mean The story is thought provoking and explores many questions about Jesus and early Christianity, but it is primarily a great adventure, with lots of twists and turns It is full of history, a few crazy Romans emperors, and the ever Presence of The Robe She said to herself, If only I touch His cloak, I will be healed Jesus turned and saw her Take courage, daughter, He said, your faith has healed youMatthew 9 21 22 How many times have I thought that Prayed that Hoped for that response Maybe somedayHave loved this story since I was a child when the movie would come on every year around Easter So happy to have finally read the book Great Now I need to go back and check out the movie again My mother and I read this book sitting on a quilt pallet out in the heat with a pitcher of iced lemonade in the summer in Brookshire, Texas She would drive us out to wherever my father was drilling an oilwell to bring him a large picnic basket of fried chicken, potato salad, cornbread, fruit, and several vegetable dishes She would also include two custard pies one chocolate laden with butter and one coconut custard with cinnamon and nutmeg on top She and I would wait for him to come to wherever we were staying for the week and read books that we had gotten for ourselves at the Houston Public Library, which was like going to heaven for a 10 12 year old boy She read The Robe first and asked if I wanted to and I did, which than anything just added to my appreciation of history, especially the history of that period I would recommend it to any young person brought up in a religious Christian household, which will probably extend his or her interest in religious history later perhaps leading to books such as The Silver Chalice , Quo Vadis , Barabbas by Lagerkvist, and my favorite of this sub genre, The Last Temptation of Christ by Nikos Kazantzakis. I have mixed feelings about this book On the one hand, there are some moments in the story with real pathos and heart but on the other, the narrative is a bit rambling, and seems to cut off suddenly rather than end Set in first century Rome and Judea, the story follows Marcellus a noble but somewhat arrogant Roman and Demetrius his equally noble but thankfully less arrogant slave , as Marcellus falls into political disfavor and is sent away to command a slovenly penal garrison in Judea where, by chance, he witnesses and takes part in the crucifixion of Christ I really loved the beginning of the story There were heavy reminders both of Rosemary Sutcliff s fantastic Roman Britain stories and Francine River s Mark of the Lion trilogy, and I enjoyed re living both The characters of Demetrius and Marcellus were extremely well developed I admit, I fell a little in love with Demetrius , and the story itself was powerful and seemed to be going somewhere There was a lot of truly beautiful character development as Marcellus s grief and guilt drove him on, and Demetrius s steady loyalty to him, resulting in the eventual healing and friendship of both parties, was one of the coolest character arcs I ve ever read However, once the characters have finished developing, the story continues for a couple hundred pages Things happen, but none of them were particularly interesting, and when the story does end, it s on a slightly unsatisfying note not necessarily a bad note, just an unfulfilling one Overall though, this was an awesome story, well worth reading and savoring, and I ll most likely be carrying the characters and scenes in my heart for some time Life altering.For the first time, I feel like I have an inkling of what Christ s life was like, with whom he socialized, what he ate, saw, did, and where and whom he taught The relationships and accounts of Christ s sermons from fictional eye witnesses were mesmerizng All of the accounts are what we ve read about in the New Testament all our lives, but the fictional stories of how those teachings changed the lives of humble people in forsaken villages in a forsaken countryside made me understand how Christianity spread the world over, regardless of the Romans trying to squelch it out and how the influence of a few compassionate acts can slowly, quietly change mankind for generations exponentially Besides, the details of life in Rome, Jerusalem, and Greece in Christ s time were intriguing Lloyd C Douglas whisked me to the hills of Cana in a pair of dusty sandals, and dropped me down into the middle of the sunny, baren hills The whole while with an art history professor whispering into my ear Delicious Plus, I listened to this story as an audio book, and it was nice to hear an Australian accent enacting the Greek and Roman people The love story isn t half bad along the way either All of the descriptions of lush Greek melon fields, sunny Roman plazas with fountains, and cool dimly lit weavers shops run by old out spoken Jewish men, were bewitching I was so sad when this book came to a bang of an end The characters, those who change by Christ s example even after his death, are of Attitus Finch quality This one, I will pick up again In fact, I think I ll read it to my older children this winter. `Free E-pub ⇻ The Robe ☜ A Roman Soldier, Marcellus, Wins Christ S Robe As A Gambling Prize He Then Sets Forth On A Quest To Find The Truth About The Nazarene S Robe A Quest That Reaches To The Very Roots And Heart Of Christianity And Is Set Against The Vividly Limned Background Of Ancient Rome Here Is A Timeless Story Of Adventure, Faith, And Romance, A Tale Of Spiritual Longing And Ultimate Redemption