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Abby and Vicente was to be married 5 years ago when he left her standing and waiting from him at the alter on their wedding day..Abby has been a target for someone hunting games and was left for dead until Vicente smelled the blood and came upon Abby which at the time did not know her Vicente found out five years ago he was a dragon shifter Can Abby forgive Vicente and have a future This is book five in the Samuel Pride Series Dark Fantasy read and hot sex scene and not intended for people who does not like this types of reads This book literally starts out with our heroine, Abbie, in a life or death situation She s quickly reaching the point where she s ready to give up Thankfully, Vicente sees her while he s out in his dragon form and rescues her We quickly find out Vicente and Abbie have a history Vicente left her standing at the altar Of course, there s to the story and Vicente felt he did the right thing I love that they were given a second chance and you could tell they never stopped loving each other The best part is that he realizes she s his mate I loved seeing them learn to navigate the changes this was bringing to their lives I m not sharing those changes because you really need to read this book and take the journey with Vicente and Abbie Of course, Abbie becomes a dragon shifter also after the mating I adored the dragon faeries, Auggie for Abbie and Yve for Vicente and how they actually become a part of their respective counterparts when they shift That was brilliant and so unique Unfortunately, things aren t all sunshine and glitter for the couple as Abbie is still in danger from the three men who tried to kill her before They were purely evil men and thankfully got what was coming to them The last one, wow, was that a sweet revenge Poor Abbie still had to contend with her jerk of a brother who almost ruined everything for her once before But I was happy at how that played out in the end I highly recommend this book and series The next and final book will be Hawk I m anxious to see Hawk find his HEA, yet will be sad to say good bye to this wonderful series. @Download Pdf â Vicente (Samuels Pride, #5) Ø It Was The Scent Of Blood A Lot Of It That Caught Vicente S Attention As His Dragon Soared Over The Snow Covered Field And If He Didn T Do Something About It And Fast, The Poor Woman Would Bleed Out He Couldn T Let That HappenAbby Curry S Strength Was Gone She Had Given Up Hope That She D Be Found By Someone That Could Help Her The Blood Trail She D Left Was Easy Enough To Follow The Three Men That Hunted Her Would Finish Her Off If She Wasn T Dead Already Before They Got ThereVicente Caught Her Before She Could Hit The Ground There Was Something About Her He Didn T Even Know What She Looked Like She Was Beaten So Badly, But He Had To Save Her If He CouldBut When He Heard Her Name, His Blood Ran Cold It Couldn T Be Her It Couldn T He D Left Her Five Years Before Standing At The Altar Now What Was He Going To Do 3.5 Stars I was glad to finally get to read Vicente s story, he has always been so mysterious and had old secrets Ms Barton was quick to add some twists to this storyline as Vicente s mate had once been his fiance Abby had got to be one of the strongest humans we have come crossed, even beaten and near dead she was defiant and strong willed Their relationship was truly a struggle as they had to overcome old hurts and betrayal As always the pride comes together to help the couple and some interesting faeries help along the way Becoming a dragon is one thing but to be the queen of dragons is out of the question Or is it This was a heck of read, filled with drama, action, love, friendship and forgiveness It was well thought out, well written , easy to follow and of course had great characters Once again Ms Barton has created a story to delight your imagination and bring out your blood thirsty side I was given an ARC for an honest review Dragons, Fairies Dragon Fairies Vincente Abbie s story was excellent, exciting, fast paced filled with Dragons Vincente Abbie have a past but when he found her injured he didn t know who she was until after Clar told him who she was when Abbie found out that he was there at 1st she didn t want to have anything to do with him as he had broken her heart While she was in the hospital because she s never really stopped loving him, she lets him kiss her they get a little carried away Vincente marks her the next thing she knows she s a dragon too In the meantime the men who caused her injuries have found her because they don t want her to tell anyone about what she knows they hire someone to kill her in the hospital but of course the person doesn t get the job done and disappears from the room right after Stephan, Vincente Clar get there Once Abbie moves into Vincente s house or mansion she meets of the fairies including her own Dragon fairy yes her dragon gets to pick out who gets to be the dragon fairy yes Vincente has one too But as I love to leave you hanging so that you will have to get read the book to find out the rest that s all I m writing other than this is a HEA standalone story but to get the full effect you should definitely read this series from the beginning especially as the sex scenes are awesome. Vicente is a dragon and was drawn to a place by the scent of blood lots of blood and what he found was a woman who had been badly beaten and then used as a human target and close to death She was bleeding badly and had several arrows in her back and legs When Vicente found her she begged him to kill her before they found her.Abby had given up and just wanted to die She was sure that the three men hunting her would find her before help would come she didn t have the strength to go on It was a close call but once at the hospital after several hours of surgery and a little help she would make it.Vicente recognizes Abby and can t believe it is the woman of his past the one he almost married Find out they come back together this is truly an amazing story Kathi Barton has done it again NO spoilers but you won t regret reading this story Congrats Kathi on another great book. Vicente was just being a good Samaritan and helping the woman who was being hunted and possibly dying He never expected the past to come crashing down on him after rescuing her and discovering who she is Abby and Vicente have history Not just your typical oh we dated in the past history, no Vicente left Abby at the alter the day of their wedding, without so much as an explanation.Abby doesn t know Vicente s biggest secret, she doesn t even really know who HE is Much less what circumstances made him leave her the way he did Now that Abby is on the road to recovery, she s determined to bring those who would use her as sport to justice And while she s at it she ll get her answers that she s waited 5 years to get from Vicente Will these two be able to move past their failed past relationship and develop a new one without any secrets and hiding I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book Sheesh This was just a stupid mess.DNF at 58% and kinda wished I d quit sooner I will qualify that I didn t read the stories before this one But I honestly doubt it would have improved the story.So, all kinds of characters running around willy nilly spouting stuff that means nothing to me This could be because I didn t read the other books in the series but even the new characters were a mess of contradictions and unexplainable reactions I feel like the author had severe ADHD while writing this one Vicente the dragon king with no balls and Abby the well I m not sure what she was to be honest Her character was just all over the place He left her at the altar literally at soooommme time in the past, 5 years, 10 years They had fallen in love young high school college no idea really Although he is a lot older than he looks It was love at first sight, but because her brother is racist against shifters, and found out about Vincente s secret identity you get the picture It was a weak excuse for someone who is supposed to be a centuries old dragon shifter Anyways, he takes off to wallow in his self pity for an untold amount of time without ever contacting her again Then he happens upon her just in the nick of time She was being hunted by some psycho nuts I felt like the story ping ponged all over the place like a mouse on crack.Waaaaayyy too much page time spent with the villains,who are seriously disgusting we get to hear them talk about fucking and women like they are all garbage and disposable we get to hear them talk about killing women and men like its no big deal Then Abby s brother sounds just like them Even skimming these parts is a challenge I probably shouldn t rate this but the odds of it getting better in the last 40% are pretty slim. Vincente, the newest release from Author Kathi Barton and the newest addition the Samuel s Pride Series is a whopping good read Vincente was supposed to get married years ago but was run off by his fiance s brother At the time, he thought it was best, now that he has found Abbie again he isn t letting her go Factor in that she has been chased and shot by men for sport is really pissing off his dragon Abbie was left at the alter without an explanation Can she trust that Vincente isn t going to do it again Add in the fact that he is a dragon and that because he has bitten her she will be one too, and the fae, the lions and whatever else there is can she handle it Two people working their way back to each other while getting justice for themselves is an interesting ride.