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Great story of Christ as seen through the eyes of the boy who helps with crucifixions I love thinking about actual Bible events from a different character s point of view Fascinating A wonderful story seen through the eyes of a young boy during the time of Jesus life and then his crucifixion He was the Vinegar Boy, who brought it to the foot of the crosses to alleviate the dying men s pain The author takes a true event in history and writes a story around it Well done, portraying so vividly the love that God has for us, imperfect and undeserving sinners, that he sent His only Son to suffer and die on the cross for our sins. THE VINEGAR BOY is a short book, but it s packed with so much to like and love I ve added it to my library beside BEN HUR and other novels that are dear to my heart It s the story of a boy and those he knows caught up in the events of the One from Nazareth as He faces the Crucifixion.The boy bears a birthmark upon his face, and having heard about Yeshua healing people, seeks to find an audience with Him to be healed his imperfection being a great burden upon his small frame.The writing style is moving, descriptive, and will immerse you in First Century Palestine You won t soon forget this novel Story Originality 4 5Story Inventiveness 4 5Characters 4 5Descriptive Power 5 5True to Scripture 5 5Fictive Dream Strength 4 5Proofreading 5 5Cinematic Flare 5 5Overall Satisfaction 4 5 MY KEY Story Originality How creative was the concept from page one onwards Story Inventiveness How surprised was I by the flow of the plot Any twists Characters How real and how drawn was I to the story s characters Descriptive Power How well did the author control description, dialogue, etc True to Scripture Were all elements true to Scripture s worldview Fictive Dream Strength How much was I immersed into the novel wanting to read page after page Proofreading How well was the book proofread typos, etc Cinematic Flare How strong were key scenes that I could easily see as a motion picture Overall Satisfaction What was my overall feeling enjoyment level after reading novel Did I want it to end Vinegar Boy by Alberta HawseThis book really changed my outlook on religion, myself and just life and the world overall I can t tell you exactly what changed my views and not because of spoilers, because the way it changed my views was and is absolutely inexplicable One thing I will say about this book is that Hawse s writing style is so interesting and the vocabulary is outstanding, different and almostrefreshing, in a way Alberta Hawse has the raw talent of how to create characters that seem so real and 3D that it feels as though you ve made a friend, but you ve known that friend for a lifetime As I said, her way of writing is so beautifully inexplicable after I finished reading the book I was overcome with some weird, strange knowledge, euphoria and understanding I would recommend this to anyone who doesn t ever really pay attention to God Jesus Christ and etc When I say doesn t ever really pay attention to I don t mean doesn t believe in God , I simply mean if you ve never really thought about it I would also suggest that if you like ancient setting and some history and religion in your books then this would be a good book to put on your TBR list P.S I would also like to point out that I m aware this isn t so much a review as me sharing my experiences of reading the book and after reading the book Nonetheless, I wanted to share it anyway and just because this entire review is like 20% an actual book review and 80% sharing my personal experiences feelings But I hope it does give you some kind of idea of the book and how wonderful it is and perhaps The Vinegar Boy by Alberta Hawse will make it to your TBR [ Free Pdf ] ♌ Vinegar Boy: Encounter Christ Through the Dramatic Story of Vinegar Boy ⚈ Abandoned By His Parents And Shunned From Society, Vinegar Boy Is Certain He Ll Be Adoped Once Jesus Removes The Ugly Birthmark That Scars His Cheek But When He Carries The Drugged Vinegar Wine To A Crucifixion, He Finds Himself Face To Face With The Only One Who Can Heal His Face Is There Still Time For A Miracle A Gripping Story Of A Boy S Dramatic Encounter With Christ On The Cross, This Book Is A Classic Work Of Fiction That Has Inspired Thousands Of Christians For Decades This Newly Repackaged Classic Is Sure To Be A Hit With All Kids And Adults Too One of the best Fictional books I ve read It is set around the time of Christ Vinegar boy is well a Vinegar boy Working for the Romans And well I don t want to spoil it for you so I ll let you read it. This story covers only a few days from the Passover to just after Jesus ascension to heaven It was interesting to read the story from a different perspective Likable characters and good interweaving of fact and fiction A good Easter read. Excellent read. Fabulous story of a young boy s encounter with Jesus the day of His crucifixion and the days following Candace read 5 04, try with the kids when they are 8 10 Amazing