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I was in the mood for a man against nature story with lots of snow when I tried this book, and I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was Bridget s family tried crossing the Cascade s too late in the year and were stranded at the top of a notorious pass by the snow She managed to survive and make it into Sacramento, but she can t convince anyone to go back to rescue her sister, brother in law, and young niece No one, that is, except Cole Ellis, who is about to be hung for stealing the mayor s horse.This historical adventure story story worked best for me when Bridget and Cole were on the trail trying to save the stranded family Since that s most of the story, I was happy I didn t care quite as much for the events after they returned Though I can believe public opinion would favor Cole, I had some other problems view spoiler I don t think people would have been as quick to embrace a young woman who had two children outside of marriage This was the 1880 s, remember I also don t care for instant attraction stories where two people in stressful circumstances waste time wanting to tear each others clothes off There wasn t much of that, though, so it didn t spoil the story too badly Over all this was a good, quick reading adventure story that satisfied me than I really expected You may see all the twists coming, but it shouldn t spoil the tale of two people pitted against nature and their own self doubt, overcoming difficult odds and lots of snow and cold Just the thing for a winter night in front of the fire hide spoiler @Book ⛈ outlaw bride ⚷ Breaking Him Out Of Prison Was The Easy PartBridget Callaghan Was Willing To Do Anything To Save Her Family, Stranded In The Cascade Mountains The Only Man Who Could Attempt Such A Treacherous Rescue Mission Was Cole Ellis, But He Was Behind Bars And Condemned To Hang Bridget S Boldness In Breaking Him Out Of Jail Was The Jolt Cole Needed To Give His Life Purpose Again But With A Posse At Their Heels And The Mountain Looming, She Couldn T Help But Wonder If Putting Her Trust In This Tough, Life Hardened Man Wasn T The Biggest Danger Of All This book caught my eye whilst searching for another book with the same title The blurb sounded promising enough and within minutes I was engrossed in this tale that tells the story of how 2 people survive against all odds until rescue comes calling.22 year old Bridget Rose Callahan is a woman who is determined that she would brave the harsh conditions of the brutal winter weather up in the Cascades mountain to save the last of her family members, no matter what it is that she has to do to achieve it At her wits end, Bridget seeks the help of 26 year old Cole Ellis who is on death row, awaiting the hangman s noose almost as if in anticipation.What Cole wants than anything else is to forget his past, his failures and to say goodbye to a world that has dealt him nothing but one blow after the other until he is ready to kneel down and admit defeat When Bridget seeks him out, Cole doesn t have a clue as to just to what lenghs Bridget is ready to go through to rescue her family.Breaking Cole out of prison seems to be the easy part of the rescue attempt as the authorities turn out a full fledged search for the only man who is capable helping Bridget out There are a lot of hardships that these two go through and added to the story are the accounts of how those that are left behind in the mountains barely make it through Added to this potent mix is the heady desire that both Cole and Bridget start to feel for each other, Cole a man who has sworn off women and Bridget a woman who swears that no man would get the better of her ever again.The culmination of the horrific journey towards safety doesn t mean a victory for everyone as Cole who suddenly very much wants to live again finds himself back in custody and it is Bridget s bravery that yet again serves as the catalyst that brings them all the happily ever after which they so rightfully deserve.For me, the best thing about this novel was Bridget whose unwavering faith and courage were what pulled everyone through the tight spots within the story This is not your average boy meets girl and falls in love Harlequin but rather a story that tells the tale of immense courage with a mix of pretty emotion wrangling material that makes for a good read Rating 3.75 5 Original review posted at MBR s Realm of Romance 3.5 Captivating story set in the California Cascades 1850 It seemed like I was right along with them on their treacherous winter journey through the mountains Bridget needed help saving her family stranded in the mountains and Cole, in jail waiting to hang, was the only man who could attempt a rescue. Western Lost for words Fast moving, well written story It reeled me in from the very start The adventure part really added spice to what could have easily been a plain old romance I wasn t too carried away with the post mountain drama but the story did end OK. Fresh breeze of air Different and unique style of author was intriguing.