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Okay I will start by saying I cannot praise this book enough It is a massive resource and I will admit that I will be going back to it time and time again The basic premise is that it takes a theme or an era and discusses the major and influential science fiction milestones be their an author, book, film or in fact any type of media.I could say that for all the articles that are included I can think of manythat have been left out but I guess not only would the book be impossibly large it would technically never be finished That said the fact that many famous and not so famous subjects are discussed make up for it so much so that hence every time I pass it I pick it up and find something new The real beauty of this book are however the time line and related material links at the bottom of each page are illustrations which depending on the subject can show a wealth of information And this for me is the real gold mine I have already many pieces of work to my to find notebooks and I keep on findingI cannot praise this booksimply because it is so easy to access and get drawn in and yet the amount of research and work put in it must have astronomical especially since I have seen nothing like it before which means someone had to create it all from scratch.My only criticism and it is really nothing to do with the bookthe publishers is why do they never try and do anything like this for other genres I know in some respects which I will not go in to here Science Fiction is a special genre but still surely something can take the same care to detail and effort. (((EPUB))) ⇔ Sci-Fi Chronicles: A Visual History of the Galaxy's Greatest Science Fiction ⇶ The Definitive Encyclopedia For The Science Fiction FanaticFrom Barbarella To Blade Runner, From Solaris To Star Wars, And FromTo , Sci Fi Chronicles Seeks OutOf The Greatest Galactic Creations Presented In An Arresting Blend Of Incisive Text, Infographic Timelines, And Stunning Photographs, Each Chronologically Arranged Entry Features An Entertaining Overview Written By A Science Fiction Expert, Plus The Lifespan Of Sci Fi Creations, For Example, From Book To Movie To Television Series Other Key Media, Such As Comics, Graphic Novels, Video Games, Manga, Where Appropriate Film And Television Stills, Book And Comic Covers, And Other Archive Material Larger Franchises Such As Doctor Who And The War Of The Worlds Feature Lavish Spreads Of Photographs Illustrating How They Have Evolved From Black And White Beginnings To Big Budget Blockbusters Seminal Sagas Like Star Wars And Star Trek Enjoy Not Only A Real World Timeline Of Films And TV Broadcasts, But Also A Fascinating Spread Detailing Their Role In The Series Fictional UniverseThe Book Is Divided Into Five Distinct Sections Early Science Fiction The Birth Of A Genre, Including Frankenstein, Journey To The Center Of The Earth, A Connecticut Yankee, The Time Machine, The Lost World, TarzanThe Golden Age Including Karel Capek, Metropolis, Buck Rogers, Olaf Stapledon, King Kong, Flash Gordon, Frederick Pohl, The Thing, Batman, Stan Lee, Arthur C Clarke, George OrwellThe Era Of The Atom The Marvels And Perils Of Science, Including Dan Dare, Quatermass, The Fly, The Twilight Zone, Solaris, The Jetsons, Barbarella, Dune, Soylent Green, Logan S Run, Land Of The Giants, The Iron Man, A Boy And His DogDark Futures Apocalypse And The War In Space, Including The Stepford Wives, Moebius, Star Wars, Judge Dredd, Mork And Mindy, V, Neuromancer, Back To The Future, Red DwarfThe Adventure Continues Modern Science Fiction,Present Including Jurassic Park, Men In Black, Doom, Babylon , Stargate, The Matrix, Halo, Jericho, The Hunger Games, Fringe, Wall E, Avatar Sci Fi Chronicles Is A Truly International Guide, With Entries Focusing On Everything From Hollywood Blockbusters To Russian Cult Classics, And From European Literature To Australian Franchises It Is Perfect For Dipping Into, While Its Memory Jogging Mentions And Illustrations Make It Impossible To Put Down It Will Delight Long Standing Sci Fi Aficionados, Yet With A Scope That Extends From Vintage Volumes To Amazing Anime, Sci Fi Chronicles Will Also Entrance A Younger Generation Now this one is a real shocker It encases a comprehensive chronology of science fiction, both in literature and cinema, richly illustrated with posters, book covers, photographs It feels compulsory whether you are just a trifle curious about one work or curious about the whole field and its subgenres.Matching Soundtrack Interstellar Overdrive Pink Floyd Un vrai atlas de la litt rature et du cin ma de science fiction depuis les origines jusqu aux derni res productions grand budget de 2015, richement illustr et solidement document.Une sacr e r f rence.Fond sonore Interstellar Overdrive Pink Floyd I make no bones about it I absolutely love Science Fiction Anyone who knows me may very well have heard my first inking of it, that being of my experience as a very young boy sitting far too close to the television set, enraptured as I was with the ears of a certain logic spouting Vulcan sciences officer of a certain Federation starship And I even vividly recall being stuck home from school on my very first snow day ever, sitting before the boob tube from the spell being woven by a Japanese import called Prince Planet Google it, and you ll see it s real Because I have a second life blogging about the daily history of Science Fiction elsewhere on the World Wide Web, I picked up Guy Haley s SCI FI CHRONICLES from the local book retailer with great enthusiasm Confession time no, I haven t finished reading it For those who feel that my taking time at this point I ve probably made my way through about 20% of it, jumping through its various cleverly and functionally designed sections conducting my own research to pen a review is fraudulent, then I encourage you to skip down to someone else s entry I wanted to get something up right away because I ve found this encyclopedic tome to be about as good as it gets for those like myself.Principally, Haley wanted to create a visual guide to Science Fiction, and as you ll learn he s enlisted a wealth of SciFi experts from around the globe to help construct this guide the way he has It s broken down in several useful ways first by timeline second by sub genre SciFi encompasses a variety of specific subsets and lastly by index making it easy for anyone with eight fingers and two thumbs to surf pages instead of websites in pursuit of whatever nugget of information is desired Haley and his compatriots have even crafted a variety of visible timelines both from a macro perspective as well as a micro outlook this gives all of the writers the opportunity to reflect not only on a specific property say Star Trek but also on how that franchise fits into the greater evolution of SciFi as a medium unto itself And the brilliant experience is only further enhanced by the fact that CHRONICLES is chocked full of both color and black n white photographs everywhere.For genre fans, this is like Thanksgiving for the eyes.That said, I will admit that some of the entries I ve read are a bit lacking, but I m willing to give Haley and co a pass on that front After all, a franchise like Doctor Who has had entire books written on the property, and these various journals have examined the work from the points of view of history to psychology to real world application there s no way a compendium can truly compete with those works CHRONICLES is meant to be a catch all a vast, expansive databank that hits the bullet points so if you re looking for greater detail then you may need to go elsewhere.But for the straight skinny Haley s collection is a work of art.HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION POSSIBLE This is a relatively ginormous book, and I can say with great assurance that I ll be spending many happy hours of my years ahead trapped within the pages of Guy Haley s SCI FI CHRONICLES At over 500 pages of fun filled, photographed facts documenting practically every conceivable facet of Science Fiction, there s plenty to absorb Granted, a few of the entries I ve perused already may lack the kind of depth of commentary I generally enjoy when discussing the genre nearest and dearest to my heart, but that s a small error to forgive it s not like any single compendium can cover every spaceship, ray gun, or robot to everyone s liking This This might be as close as it ever gets. 260716 nowhere near finished reading it all over though it is chronological this is an excellent resource book, not something to read straight, each entry defined, format, media, dated, subgenred, author, universe short passages, easy to read, find, wide net, gathers not only us but other traditions of sf better than other visual sf books that arecoffee table , maybe not the final resource to which referred, certainly one of the first to check Must Own This Book. English review 3.5 stars rounded up Quite informative especially for me who are not well versed in the earlier days of SF, the Golden age, and the 80s as well as comics, anime and those kinds of stuff The book focuseson TV and movies, so if you are looking for SF lits especially those which never adapted into any screen then you should go look for something else Maybe that is why it omitted Cherryh, Butler and Bujold, and other female SF writers including the the current ones.I also liked that these had Asian SF including the SF publication in China and of course Japanese anime While I like the time lines that it gave for some of the popular franchises, the movie posters and comic strips could be made bigger they re only 2x1.5cm since I need to use magnifier to see the details. from James You get a college degree to become proficient in a subject The goal is to catch you up, then it is your responsibility to stay current in your field This book is a lot like that It catches you up on everything from obscure early Sci Fi books to the latest iteration of the Doctor It covers the greatest science fiction in publications, on the radio and t.v and at the movies.The articles are well written and often contain the whole arc of a given story Take the X files, for example You get the early history of the t.v show, from the casting to the ratings, all the way through the latest new movie rumors Along the way, the conspiracies are rehashed and the importance of the show is outlined.In other cases, there are multiple entries Take Star Trek The first article is about Gene Roddenberry which isthan just Star Trek Then there is a longer entry about Star Trek the shows Then there s an article about the Star Trek Universe And finally, there are pages of photographs from the various Star Trek brands.My only real complaint is that the book is divided into eras rather than alphabetical encyclopdedia type divisions I think the overall timeline given in the back would have sufficed and a dictionary listing would have made the bookusable as a quick reference tool That aside there is an index , the other appendices are excellent famous spaceships and genre definitions Aan excellent book for your perusal that I would recommend for anyone interested in the history of Sci Fi as a whole and for detailed information about your favorite titles. Holy moly, this is one amazing book If you like sci fi in any form books, movies, tv shows and or comics then this handy visual history will keep you occupied for hours on end There are hundreds of entries, photographs, and timelines for all your favorite science fiction universes and creators, from Star Wars, Spider Man, Dr Who, Neuromancer and Akira to Philip K Dick, Gene Roddenberry, Ursula K Le Guin, Steven Spielberg, and Joss Whedon You re going to need the entire three week checkout period to pore over every detail John D.Click here to find the book at the Prince William County Public Library System.