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good reading `Download Book ⇧ OSPF Routing Protocol in-depth analysis ☞ About The Author Cisco Instructor CCNA RoutingSwitching And CCNA Security The Founder Of The Website Network Practices Labs Meddane Dedicated To Routing And Switching Labs This Book Is Written For Network Administrators And People Involved In The IT Field OSPF Open Shortest Path First Is A Common TCP IP Routing Protocol That Provides Robust And Efficient Routing Support In The Most Demanding Internet Environments OSPF Routing Protocol In Depth Analysis Book Gives A Short Theory And Many Scenarios In Practices Labs Detailed With Explanation Of The Different Behaviors And Results This Book Provides In Depth Analysis Of Different Fields And Features Of OSPF ,differences Between OSPFv And OSPFv ,analysis Of The New LSAs Included In OSPFv LSAs Type And Type ,different Challenges And Solutions Are Developped In Order To Provide For Readers A Detailed View Of OSPF Routing Protocol ,based On The Formula Theory Translated Into Practice,this Theory Is Based On The RFC And It Is Greatly Covered And Verified With A Practices By Analysing Different Options Such B Bit, E Bit ,V Bit And P Bit,loop Prevention Mechanism Of Inter Area And P Bit,Forward Address,features Of OSPF Such As Stub And NSSA ,LSAs Type Etc The Contents Part I OSPF Theory And Definitions Part II Practices Labs Lab OSPFv Virtual Link Lab OSPF Challenge Lab Lab Stub And Totally Stuby Area Lab Manipulating Of The Forwarding Address And The Path Selection Lab ABRs Election And Forward Address In NSSA With OSPFv Lab Loop Prevention Mechanism Of Inter Area Ospf Lab Forward Address And Path Selection In OSPFv Lab OSPFv And The Forwarding Address Lab OSPF Path Selection For External Route Lab OSPFv And OSPFv Comparison Lab OSPF Over Frame Relay And Redistribution Between Two OSPF Processes ID Lab Redistribution Between Two OSPF Processes ID Lab OSPFv External Path Selection And Forward Address Lab Forwarding Address Selection Lab Forwarding Address Selection Among Two LSAs Type For The Same Destination Lab NSSA With OSPFv Lab Virtual Link OSPF Lab Effects Of ABR Loop Prevention With OSPFv Lab Forwarding Address Lab OSPFv And The Use Of Forwarding Address Lab The Forwarding Address And Path Selection Lab Routing Problem With OSPF Forwarding Address With All Possible Solutions Lab How An ABR Sets The Forward Address In The LSA Type Lab Routing Problem With OSPFv When Advertising External Routes In NSSA Lab OSPFv LSAs Types And , Types And Router And Network, Link And Intra Area Prefix Lab P Bit In LSA Type Loop Prevention Lab LSA Type And LSA Type Which Will Win Lab LSA Type With P Bit Clear And LSA Type Which Win Lab Effect Of The Prefix Suppression Feature Over The LSAs Type And Type Lab V Bit And B Bit In LSA Type Lab Effect Of The ABR Loop Prevention Over The LSA Type Lab External Default Route In NSSA Area Lab External Routes Over LSA Type And LSA Type Lab Next Hop Field In OSPFv And OSPFv Lab Adjacencies In OSPFv Lab Suppressing The Forward Address In The LSA Type Lab LSA Type And The P Bit Lab Third Party Next Hop