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One of the better HPs I ve read in a while Seems I ve hit a huge dry patch.The hero was a complete jerk at times, but I loved how the heroine refused to put up with it and the end was lovely. (((EPUB))) ⇷ Dante'S Twins (Expecting!) (Harlequin Presents, 2016 : Expecting) ☟ The Boss, His Bride And Their Babies Leila Wasn T Marrying Her Boss, Dante Rossi, For His Money, Contrary To Office Gossip She Loved Him And She Believed He Felt The Same Until The Reappearance Of Her Millionaire Ex Boyfriend Suddenly It Wasn T Just Jealous Colleagues Who Believed She Was A Gold Digger So Did Dante Only The Unexpected News Of Her Pregnancy Stopped Him From Calling Off The Wedding But Leila Wished Dante Was Marrying Because He Loved Her , Not Just Because She Was The Mother Of His Unborn Twins She S Sexy, She S Successful And She S PREGNANT Yes, I know I love cruel heroes, but he was supposedly intelligent and in love with heroine So I didn t get why he was like that First problem was that due to brain damage her ex boyfriend didn t remember they broke up Second was not telling her father debts and suicide So, you are to be had, if the price is right The accusation broke her heart, mostly because, from his viewpoint, it was justified They d lost so much the spontaneity, the joy and it was her fault She had not intentionally deceived him when he d asked her, in those early days, if there was another man in her life, but she had not been fully honest, either Meeting Dante and falling headlong in love with him had consumed her to the extent that nothing she had known before not Anthony, not her father s suicide and not her mother s straitened circumstances had seemed relevant Heroine must have been confused to think about like that She was virgin and broke up with Anthony a few months ago There was no need to feel guilty Don t do this, Leila, he said harshly, wrenching his mouth away The wedding s taking place on Saturday and I ll be there, as per our agreement You don t have to act the whore to get me to the altar I wanted to shake he H and shout at him THE DUMBEST OF THE DUMBS Maybe you should consider how happy he can make you, Leila Because praiseworthy though it might be, selfless devotion on one person s part can do only so much It takes two to make a marriage work, as you quite rightly pointed out to me not so very long ago Anthony, you re soooo right You don t have any choice, remember For the first time, she d known real anger toward him I will not prostitute myself for anyone, not even you, Dante, she d told him, dropping her engagement ring onto a brass tray on the coffee table Go girl Is that what this so called marriage was all about she d spluttered, practically exploding with temper Your doing the right thing Well, la di da Where was all this high minded morality when youyou knocked her up Careful, Ellen, he d said Your blue collar background is showing She d slapped his face then, winding up with a right hander that had rocked him back on his heels May all brides have a sister in law like Ellen Just as I was leaving, he said that falling for a woman and being her lover was easy, it was being her friend that took work She smiled then, a brief and lovely expression of fondness that fleetingly lit up the room That sounds like Anthony He s a wonderful man I totally agree with you Leila Anyway, of course he grovelled little and she forgived him easily This is Harveyland and I don t know why I m angry at H so much On the second thought, it may be PMS effect Lol. Dante and Leila have a passionate affair but hero breaks things off when heroine s ex boyfriend reappears Dante has trust issues and even though he wants nothing to do with Leila he is shocked and his plans change when he discovers she is pregnant with his twins.Very angsty read I loved both hero and heroine They had amazing chemistry and even though hero was cruel at times i loved how heroine made him beg and grovel Fantastic book This was a okay read,really hated the way hero kept taunting and treated cruelly the heroin and blackmailed her for the wedding but the thing i liked was heroin grew a back bone on the wedding day she did nt go ahead with the marriage decided to leave and not by running but she told clearly to hero she was not giving in to such a wedding and she went away after few months hero comes and she accepts him back they have their HEA which was hard for me to digest The part i so disliked about the story was though hero has 3 sisters way he keeps calling names and treats heroin so badly when she is carrying his children instead of taking care he keeps taunting and insulting her and lackmailes her for wedding does nt listens to what he has to say just judges her Worst part no grovellingOkay read It would have been higher if the story did not jump all over the place Omg I did not know what day it was what was going on who was sleeping with who and the flash back forward stuff has to be done better However the story in it self was very good He was a guy who falls for the an innocent girl at first sight and thinks if can all be his own way He comes from humble beginnings and she is a real gentle lady from a bankrupt family He wants it all to be perfect but when he listen to the wrong people and let other dictate what he should do and forces her to marry him, it gets really ugly I liked that he gave her space after all that he had done and that his sister gave him shit for it It was a good story Enjoyable. This book was awesome Boss, hot employee affair Scandal in the office Unexpected pregnancy Lots of misunderstandings Wonderful H turns into a giant asshole Just like in real life, the h has to make the hard decisions cause the H is a giant asshole The location of the h s hideaway is stunning The H s grovel was epic Awesome book Leila starts up at a company and while on the company retreat, falls in love with and sleeps with her boss, Dante They re completely shocked at how quickly they ve fallen for each other and within a month are engaged to be married Then, Dante goes away on business and while he s gone, Leila s famous, millionaire ex boyfriend turns up with temporary amnesia and thinks they re still dating Leila tries not to cause too much trauma and goes to see him, allowing his parents to think they re still dating This gets out in the press, Dante gets wind of it and all hell breaks loose And on top of that, Leila finds out she s pregnant with twins and despite how angry he is, Dante insists on marrying for their sake I liked this and I didn t First of all, I love that this is almost like a here s what happens when insta love occurs and you don t get to know and trust one another Turns out that despite the love they feel, Leila doesn t trust Dante enough to reveal her past and Dante doesn t trust Leila enough period So their relationship begins to fail What I didn t love so much is that Dante goes pretty frickin crazy and comes across as a cold hearted ass And yet Leila kept swearing she loved him I didn t buy it I absolutely loved that Leila had the strength to walk away She saw the relationship for what it was, knew it would be a toxic environment for her children and left Good for her I didn t so much love that we didn t get Dante s POV when he realized his mistake Instead, we get Dante coming to apologize and ready to walk away to make Leila happy and a bit of a grovel scene, but I want to know what prompted his turnaround when he d previously decided that he wouldn t go after her for all the tea in China This was a solid and enjoyable story for an HP Somewhat dark and angsty, not very passionate and romantic. They meet and get together at work convention in Caribbean They fall in love and consummate within a couple of days in the tropical jungle at the convention she gets pregnant When they return multiple misunderstandings He thinks she cheats so he wants revenge They work together.Leila wasn t marrying her boss, Dante Rossi, for his money, contrary to office gossip She loved him and she believed he felt the sameuntil the reappearance of her millionaire ex boyfriend Suddenly it wasn t just jealous colleagues who believed she was a gold digger so did Dante Only the unexpected news of her pregnancy stopped him from calling off the wedding But Leila wished Dante was marrying because he loved her, not just because she was the mother of his unborn twins. The hero was a giant idiot and at the start I couldn t believe all the BS he blew her way By the end, I just felt sorry for the hero because he didn t really get it at all At the end of the novel, there was such profound relief that he finally managed to pull it together.