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An idea with ups and downs that keeps the story moving It speaks to how important and the impact people have in our lives One of the many reasons I enjoyed reading was due to the creativity demonstrated with the story flow I followed and understood the theme and tone of the message I felt like I accompanied the main character on his journey.Mr Ganguly did a wonderful job of developing not just Hubi, but each character that comes into contact or interacts with Hubi I found myself not only connecting with the main character, I also emotionally connected with the various other characters interacting Each character had relevance and a level of importance.Adding to the intrigue was essentially a new story embedded as Hubi s role changed The transition was seamless The story was relatable the characters were developed such I not only related, but became connected The word count was reasonable and consistent with the story development.The one challenge that caused disruption was the grammar problems that occurred frequently in first several chapters Additionally the typeset seemed to be inconsistent These issues were reduced towards the latter portion of the story.The rating system only allows 3 stars, but would add an additional.5 Overall, I would recommend this drama Maybe the dream of a Utopia is possible. After reading Subhajit Ganguly s non fiction and very clever book The World with Zero Postulation I just had to read this one Both books were entertaining although very different being that one was nonfiction and A World Named Utopia being fiction The author lives in Utopia and leaves his home to venture out and explore this magical place Hubi, the main character, sets in motion a great sequence of events in this dramatic story of how people influence our lives Strong realistic character formation and an outstanding consistency of story incidents that play well to the imagination An extremely moving theme from beginning to the end that I can easily relate too with the importance of life inspirations.I was given a copy for reading and adding an unbiased review. While it would not be proper to divulge details, I would like to mention here that it felt like I too traveled with Hubi Made my day |Download Book ♖ A World Named Utopia ♿ Utopia Is All About Romancing Life Hubi Asad Lives In Utopia, The Land Of Dreams Leaving The Comforts Of His Home, He Sets Out One Day To Explore Utopia And Himself He Has The Most Incredible Journey Among The People Of His LandBut All Is Not Well In Utopia To His Astonishment, Hubi Finds Out Slowly That Utopia Is Not Yet Ready To Be Called The Land Of His Dreams Evil Is Eating Through The Fabric Of The Society He Has To Find The Source Of That Evil Will He Be Able To Eradicate The Evil And Save His Land Will He Be Able To Finally Discover Himself In The Process Will He Be Saved Some Part Of Us All Is An Inhabitant Of The Earthen Yet Magical World That Hubi S Land Of Dreams Is A World Named Utopia Lives On Deep Inside All Of Us Will We Be Able To Find The Answers To Our Own Problems In Utopia