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~DOWNLOAD BOOK ♅ Stone Cold Touch ☯ Every Touch Has Its PriceLayla Shaw Is Trying To Pick Up The Pieces Of Her Shattered Life No Easy Task For A Seventeen Year Old Who S Pretty Sure Things Can T Get Worse Her Impossibly Gorgeous Best Friend, Zayne, Is Forever Off Limits Thanks To The Mysterious Powers Of Her Soul Stealing Kiss The Warden Clan That Has Always Protected Her Is Suddenly Keeping Dangerous Secrets And She Can Barely Think About Roth, The Wickedly Hot Demon Prince Who Understood Her In Ways No One Else CouldBut Sometimes Rock Bottom Is Only The Beginning Because Suddenly Layla S Powers Begin To Evolve, And She S Offered A Tantalizing Taste Of What Has Always Been Forbidden Then, When She Least Expects It, Roth Returns, Bringing News That Could Change Her World Forever She S Finally Getting What She Always Wanted, But With Hell Literally Breaking Loose And The Body Count Adding Up, The Price May Be Higher Than Layla Is Willing To Pay 3.5 Stars Are you Team Roth or Team Zayne The decision is in your hands Voting ends Nov 11 After I read My Roth, Layla and Zayne I have always been a fan of paranormal YA stories by Jennifer L Armentrout Why such a low rating this time I had to take one star down because of cheesy dialogues and writing style Second star was taken down because of stereotypical characters and dragged out plotline And another stars was taken down because of the worst case of love triangle ever Let me explain Cheesy dialogues and writing style Cheesy according to Urban DictionaryTrying too hard, unsubtle, and inauthentic Specifically that which is unsubtle or inauthentic in its way of trying to elicit a certain response from a viewer, listener, audience, etcThis is exactly what Mrs Armentrout achieved in this book I guess she was aiming for sounding young and cool However, phrases and dialogues she presented felt foolish and over the top Constant use of phrases likeholy granola bar ,crap on a cracker ,Christ on a crutch ,thank baby Jesus and cuddly angelsorholly shit balls for Sunday dinnerannoyed me big time and made characters look rather immature in my opinion I am sure many readers won t be bothered by it, but it didn t work for me at all Stereotypical characters and dragged out plotline Mrs Armentrout presented nothing new in this book We have seen it all in her previous books or in other books within YA genre There is nothing special that would distinguish main characters of this series from other YA heroes and heroines Yes, author came up with some pretty interesting twists towards the end But even exciting last 20% couldn t change the fact that I was a little bit bored during first 80% of the book The worst case of love triangle What was my biggest problem with this love triangle The fact that Layla acted on her feelings towards both boys If she was with one boy and internally struggling with her feelings for another boy, I could survive that sort of But the fact that she was leading both guys on simultaneously, alternatively being with one while thinking of other and vice versa Who does something like that A character I can t feel any compassion for Plus both guys were willing to forgive Layla everything And I really mean EVERYTHING Zayne especially And that is unhealthy I couldn t respect them because of it and they all lost my sympathies in this book And when I don t feel for characters, I simply can t enjoy the story.So whose team I am on Team Roth or Team Zayne TEAM BAMBI MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing Re read because I will finally read book three It feels so good to revisit a world and fall in love with it and its characters all over again.Who knew I could be so invested in a book where gargoyles were one of the main creatures Not me, that s for sure but Jennifer pulled it off beautifully, as usual I need to keep it this one really short because my cat s about to have her babies and she won t do it if I don t rub her belly so.I AM IN LOVE WITH ROTH, I felt like saying that out loud omg. Das kommt auch eher selten vor, dass mir der zweite Band einer Trilogie besser gef llt als der erste Aber ich hab an diesem Buch berhaupt nichts auszusetzen Die Geschichte schlie t nahtlos an das Ende des ersten Buches an und endet dieses Mal sogar mit einem noch fieseren CliffhangerIch fand die Entwicklungen der Charaktere toll und der Schreibstil war auch wieder super angenehm und fl ssig Der Plot war super spannend und es gab unerwartete Wendungen Selbst das Liebesdreieck sagt mir hier zu, weil es irgendwie Sinn macht und auch wenn ich Team Roth bin, mag ich Zayne und seine Dynamik Beziehung mit Layla super gern Ich bin gespannt auf das Finale der Trilogie, obwohl ich eigentlich gar nicht will, dass es zu Ende geht DO I love this series YesDo I love Stony I mean Zayne Until this book Heck nah After this book He smehDo I love Roth Now that s a heck YEAH We get to know the characters a lot better in this book and we undertnad the world much better as well I finished this book in about two days and I can honestly say I enjoyed it and everything it uncovered If you like YA fantasy paranormal books then go for this.Now just to wait for that last wah I m gonna cry I don t like good series ending book.And hope that people still love Roth and that Layla won t end up with Zayne He sok, but not my style he s not the guy I see ending up with Layla. ROTH IS BACKKKK YUSSS One of the first times I ve ever beta read a book and not had any kind of feedback to give other than DROOL OMGOSH I AM DEAD This seriesthis heroinethese freaking boys A