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This is my first book by Jack Needham and it is excellent It s both thrilling and informative and is sprinkled with a subtle sense of humour that makes it all the enjoyable The narrative and description of places are brilliant It moves along at just the right pace It was fun to read and I cannot wait to read books by the same author I recommend this book to anyone, not only to those who are crime enthusiasts. Jake Needham is a great writerI never miss an opportunity to read a Needham novel He takes the reader to the dark side of Far East society Every book gives the reader a good story and insight into Asian culture. Another winner from Jake Needham.The book is set amongst the backdrop of Macau and is very well put together.Jack Shepherd becomes the unwilling hero in a plot involving millions of dollars.The action is fast moving, with plenty of surprises along the way.I could not put it down and read the whole thing in a day.Highly recommended. I am enjoying reading Jake Needham s Jack Shepherd series The plots are intriguing and keep me reading I like the descriptions he gives of the various places he is at, although I could do with a few less street names I guess if you ve been there that would be interesting And some of the street names do give you some insight into the country Jack is always getting involved in something nasty and willing to stick with it until the end His life would be pretty boring I m just a lawyer if he wasn t helping out one of his many friends The plots are intricate, but he always seems to figure out what is actually going on In this one the casinos of Macau are being used for money laundering and he wants to find out whose doing it Not the Chinese triads Somehow he connects with the brother of the leader of North Korea who is trying to get asylum in the USA Then he connects the two plots with the help of FBI Pete Logan and Pansy Ho, the daughter of the so called King of Macau Good story Waiting to see what s next for Jack. [ E-pub ] ♝ The King of Macau (Jack Shepherd #4) ♾ JACK SHEPHERD Is The Kind Of Lawyer Some People Call A Troubleshooter At Least That S What They Call Him When They Re Being Polite The Truth Is, Shepherd Is The Guy People Go To When They Have A Problem Too Ugly To Tell Anyone Else About He Locates The Trouble For Them, And Then He Shoots It Neat, Huh If Life Were Only That SimpleOne Of The World S Largest Casino Operators Hires Shepherd To Stop A Massive Money Laundering Operation Targeting Its Casino In Macau, A Tiny Place On The South China Coast That Is The Biggest Gambling Center On Earth While Shepherd Is Looking For The Source Of The Black Money Moving Through The MGM Macau, A Frightened Man Approaches Him Who Claims To Have Detailed Knowledge Of The Most Secret Schemes Of The North Korean Government All Shepherd S New Pal Wants In Return For Spilling All Those Secrets Is Political Asylum In The United States And A House In HawaiiPlunged Into A Modern Day Casablanca On The South China Sea A Bubbling Caldron Of Gangsters, Gunrunners, Money Launderers, Hustlers, Gamblers, Con Men, And Spies Shepherd Joins Forces With The Beautiful And Enigmatic Daughter Of A Man Everybody Calls The King Of Macau To Shut Down The Black Money Flow And Bring His Defector In AliveMove Too Fast, And He Ll Lose Control Of Everything Move Too Slowand Macau Just Might Kill Him Jack Shepherd is back after saving Thailand from a civil war He s weary, if not cautious, at first He s not sure if he wants to investigate the triads But the 10 000 deposit he receives from a Casino tycoon at least gets his attention The first few pages finds Jack up to his neck in trouble, while trying to dodge bullets.This is Macau on a normal day.In the course of a day, Jack is offered two cases He doesn t want either, at first But he leaves an opening Will he get that ferry to Hong Kong from Macau before changing his mind Either way, his services are needed And Jack needs the cash He s been in worse situations before.Mr Needham says in some ways, this book has been lighter than previous ones, but what s surprised him is that readers have liked this book the most.The heady themes of past Jack Shepherd books, riots in Bangkok, and ex arm dealers looking for redemption takes a back seat It s a novel theme, North Korea infiltrating the Macau casinos and money laundering Or are the triad taking a second pick from the cherry, and leaving something less valuable in the cargo hold of the plane heading to the capital of North Korea.The first chapter opens up with some rich rich travelogue writing weaved into the plot The locations are Hong Kong and Macau Corruption never left Macau, writes Needham, it just got carried over with the Chinese when they took over this Portuguese territory in 1999 Gambling expanded.That s the back drop for the King of Macau, and Needham makes it very contemporary with his realistic dialogue and off the cuff remarks that at times go in cynical overdrive.Jack Shepherd seems comfortable in Hong Kong and Macau, despite dodging bullets from Triad or North Korean agents Archie, a shadowy fellow, a good guy and probably an ex ASIS agent, who appeared in previous Shepherd books, takes a leading role in The King of Macau.He s a bit of an ugly Australian but well meaning at heart Someone you can really relate too.Thown in the mix is the brother of the North Korean president He s summoned home Pine, an American national, who stalks Jack, and will eventually kidnap the Korean But Jack has a favour to repay his friend who owns a restaurant in Macao to get the North Korean safely in America Jack s honour is tested here, again, and there s nothing in it for him But somehow the case he s taken on is intrinsically linked up with his friend s case It s pro bono But what the heck, Jack probably thinks, in his good natured way, he s being paid well by the daughter of the King of Macau.Pine, who is working for the North Korean government, poses as a contractor, is almost a likeable rogue But he hasn t got a clue that Jack will be meshing out some of his own justice soon.What is good for the goose is good for the gander There s no resistance when Jack administers him a shot Rhophynal They are on a plane heading to North Korea, with the kidnaped Korean, and a cargo apparently washed from the casinos of Macau Towards the end of the book Jack Shepherd is relishing his role as the heavy guy Until Archie tells him that there are guys out there who take care of that kind of stuff.The King of Macau concludes at the airport The plane continues on to North Korea The kidnapped Korean national is free to live out his life away from his tyrannical brother And just maybe, Pine might face an uncertain death himself As to Jack s future in Kong Kong There s a hint that he may just find the love of his life, the daughter of the King of Macau A romance, at this stage in Jack s life, would be very much welcomed Didn t he just save her arse, you can hear Jack think Besides, she s very rich and sexy.Life is looking much better now, far away from the Land of Smiles, Jake Needham is back Better than ever, with this, his latest Jack Shepherd novel.The Bangkok Post called Jake Needham Michael Connelly with steamed rice The Singapore Straits Times referred to him as Asia s most stylish and atmospheric writer of crime fiction I just call him bloody good Needham s latest novel, The King of Macau, is the fourth in his Jack Shepherd crime series, and once again readers are in for a real treat Set in exotic Macau, Asia s burgeoning casino city, the book provides a refreshing twist on the contemporary crime novel, most notably because of its Asian setting, but also because the crime being investigated isn t a murder Summoned to Macau by the beautiful, and ber rich local partner of the MGM Macau, Shepherd, a Hong Kong based US lawyer and problem solver, is hired to identify the source of an unusual spike in the amount of cash being pushed into the casino Unsure that he even wants the job, Shepard is considering his options, when he encounters a strange individual who asks for help to seek asylum in the United States Before you know it, Shepard is drawn into the case by a colourful cast of spies, Asian gangsters, and money launderers, and as the reader you re simply swept along for the ride This is one book that I seriously had trouble putting down so much so, that I felt compelled to contact Needham personally on Twitter, and complain that his book was so good that I couldn t leave it to get on with my own work The King of Macau is an exceptionally well crafted novel Needham has put together a cast of characters that feel real, scenes that are vivid and rich with detail, and storyline to die for I can t recommend The King of Macau highly enough This book is a winner, buy it now, you won t regret it. Once again Needham delivers with setting and characters and his knowledge of how money flows I like believable characters non hero types, even with some personal failings but capable of extraordinary things Jack Shepard is all of that Another of my favorite Needham characters Archie , returns to bring a true man of the world to help Shepard.The story takes us into Macau and Hong Kong to where we can feel, see and smell those places When we first see that money is being laundered through a Macau casino, we know the stakes are are going climb, and Needham keeps raising them, but keeps the reader guessing. I had not read anything by this author before and am so glad I purchased this ebook Intriguing story line, just a great read Oh, probably my humour but smurfs in the casino made me giggle Little blue creatures they are not OK book interesting plot and a decent read Not too many twists The author did set up the Macua scene very well, felt like I was on the island.