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I found this to be a nice story of finding ones way, getting over the past and learning to be who you were meant to be I found it to be a touching, learning and reminding us story.Nate has lost so much, his whole family and that isn t easy to get over not when you blame yourself He is on his way out of town when he sees a lady alongside the road who needs help The man in him wouldn t let me go past without leaning a head, the last thing he wanted on this day was to help a women He had places to be and memories to remember Nate was the man everyone disliked but he has much to learn and when Callie comes to town learn he does When he bets her she can t last the cold winters she said she would take that bet but money isn t everything and she would choice her prize Nate moves on and his life changes in a blink of an eye, he wins big with a lottery ticket but not wanting anyone to know he doesn t goes nuts in spending it but uses it to help the town without them knowing it He pulls a lot of stuns to become mayor but learns something just is not as you want them, and want them he does so he must change his ways.Callie is a sweetie, she is caring, loving and gives of herself A wonderful nurse that everyone loves, she plans to stay and get her winnings It has been many long cold months but the wait is over She decides what she wants as her winnings and goes after it, along the way she gives Nate life new meaning and he opens up to her about his past This is a very touching story which will make you rethink things in life.I did find this book to be a little slower pace and found myself lost at times It does pick up and turned out to be a wonderful lovely read As with most Harlequin it gets right to the heart of things and reminds us what is important in our lives If you are looking for a sweet read with lessons to learn this is the book for you. Book Info Paperback, 224 pagesExpected publication June 17th 2014 by HarlequinISBN 0373658230 ISBN13 9780373658237 other editions None foundSource Netgalley EARC Book Buy LinksBN BOOK SYNOPSIS Finding true love priceless RUST CREEK RAMBLINGS People say that the odds of finding your perfect partner are rather like the odds of hitting the lottery slim to none It s hard to believe, faithful readers, but Nate Crawford may just have accomplished both We have the scoop on Rust Creek Falls best kept secret our former mayoral candidate is now a very wealthy man Yet he is going out of his way to make sure no one finds out The question is, why Insiders whisper that Nate is also keeping another secret from his new girlfriend, nurse Callie Kennedy a big one and it could be a game changer Place your bets, dear readers What will she do when she learns her regular guy boyfriend is really a maverick millionaire My Thoughts Rust Creek Fall s Montana is a small town which had some really horrific flooding a year prior to this storyline, not only were there businesses affected but local residents had significant amounts of damage to their homes and property as well That catastrophe has brought a population growth as people have moved to the area to help the town rebuild.Callie Kennedy spent time in Rust Creek as a young girl and never forgot how much she loved it there, now as an adult she has come back with a job as Nurse Practicioner with the local clinic and also to serve as Midwife for those who prefer home births rather than hospitalization.Nate Crawford born and raised in Rust Creek Fall s was once the golden boy of both his family and the townspeople, after some bad decisions on his part his halo is bent and tarnished but in mid thirties he is trying to make a fresh start Meeting Callie Kennedy on the way to his yearly trip to Bismark Dakota started off their relationship with a bit of strain as she was a new resident from Chicago who Nate was convinced would never last past her first Montana winter.This is a lovely story of two people whose past taught them to be wary of forming new attachments, this translates into months of basically avoiding one another in a town that is too small for them to have 100% success.Throw in a meddling mother whose fondest wish is for her oldest son to settle down in Rust Creek permanently, the enterprising mayor and his brother who Nate has finally made his peace with and who want him to spearhead a new venue for the town and Nate has an interesting dilemma that is only compounded by his growing feelings for Callie.This tale touches on several intense subjects that will make your heart bleed for Nate, make you cheer for his attempts to change and make you hopeful that he and Callie find a way to make things work between them so they can both find lasting happiness Heart wrenching at times it ends on a positive note with Callie and Nate s future looking bright It may be short but this is a story jam packed full of revelations about so many things that it will have you engrossed from beginning to end and wishing forwhen it is overEArc from Netgalley in exchange for honest review @Download Book ⚹ Million-Dollar Maverick Ø Finding True Love PricelessRush Creek RamblingsPeople Say That The Odds Of Finding Your Perfect Partner Are Rather Like The Odds Of Hitting The Lottery Slim To None It S Hard To Believe, Faithful Readers, But Nate Crawford May Just Have Accomplished Both We Have The Scoop On Rust Creek Falls Best Kept Secret Our Former Mayoral Candidate Is Now A Very Wealthy Man Yet He Is Going Out Of His Way To Make Sure No One Finds Out The Question Is, Why Insiders Whisper That Nate Is Also Keeping Another Secret From His New Girlfriend, Nurse Callie Kennedy A Big One And It Could Be A Game Changer Place Your Bets, Dear Readers What Will She Do When She Learns Her Regular Guy Boyfriend Is Really A Maverick Millionaire Love it Loved this In last year s Montana Mavericks books Nate was definitely the one everyone loved to hate He was arrogant, thought he knew what was best for everyone, and pulled some really dirty tricks during his campaign for mayor At the beginning of this book he s headed out of town when he comes to the rescue of a stranded motorist He s not in the best of moods thanks to it being the anniversary of the day he lost his wife and baby and Callie s perkiness rubs him the wrong way After finding out that she s new to town, he bets her that she won t last the winter Then he continues on his trip, one that ends up changing his life in a big way.I loved seeing the new Nate Instead of blowing his winnings by partying, he is using them to help people in his hometown He is doing it anonymously, not wanting any recognition for doing what he feels is the right thing He is also finally starting to come back to life after the loss of his family ten years earlier, thanks to the attraction he feels for Callie I loved seeing him open up to her about his past and his fears, something he hasn t been able to do with anyone else He takes a really big step in trying to move forward by getting involved with her and things are looking very hopeful Trying to be worthy of Callie also has him going to Collin and Sutter Traub and apologizing for what he did during the election I loved seeing his nervousness and how he was still fighting against the habits of years I also enjoyed then seeing as the Traubs worked to get Nate involved in their plans for the town, and he tries resisting Just when it feels like Nate is finally going to get his happy future, his fears come roaring back and send him running Fortunately Fate steps in and keeps him from getting too far before he realizes that there are no guarantees in life and he has to be willing to take a chance on happiness.Callie was wonderful also She had left everything behind in Chicago to start a new life in Montana She is a person with a positive attitude and a truly caring personality It doesn t take long for her to fit in She also has no trouble going after what she wants, and has her heart set on buying the house next to Nate s I loved seeing the way she talked him into selling to her She had no plans to get involved with him when she arrived in town, but her attraction to him wouldn t be denied Even when her friends tried to warn her against him, she had the confidence to trust in her own feelings One of the things I loved about her was her patience and understanding of his fears Even when his fears sent him running, she had enough love and confidence to go after him I also enjoyed her quick wits and the way she figured out his big secret Her love for him grew even stronger when she found out what he was doing and why.I really liked seeing previous characters make return appearances After the problems of last year s elections I loved seeing Nate own up to his mistakes and end up with the beginnings of a friendship and business partnership with Collin and Sutter I look forward to seeing what comes of it Nate s mom also had a part to play in this book as she continues her interfering ways in trying to get another one of her children settled It was rather satisfying to see her have to face up to her own mistakes. Million Dollar Maverick is a second chance at life story written By Christine Rimmer It is one of the Montana Mavericks Twenty years in the Saddle Tales The story takes place in the little town of Rust Creek, Montana, where if readers follow the series they will remember that Rust Creek was flooded last year on the Fourth of July Because of the flood, there has been an influx of people who have come to Rust Creek to help clean up the town or start new positions such as Callie Kennedy who is looking for a fresh start as Rust Creek s new nurse practitioner midwife She is originally from the Chicago area and has sworn off men due to a recent break up However, on her first day in town, she runs out of gas and meets former villain Nate Crawford as he was out of town on his annual reflection on the day he lost everything The day develops new meaning as Nate first meets Callie and then he wins a huge amount in the Montana lottery His luck seems to be changing in all aspects of his life.There are several things that I like about Nate First of all, he can recognize that he has done some things wrong in his past Secondly, that he is trying to rectify those things by anonymously giving back into the community and going straight to the people he did wrong for a personal apology Nate even waits to proceed in his romance with Callie until he has set the apologies in motion Thirdly, Nate has a weakness and fear because of all that he has lost in the past He doesn t feel that loving him is a safe bet.I love Callie s sass and wit She has comeback for Nate When she told him on that first day, she would last the Winter, she meant it And she does Callie is a great friend but she doesn t let her friends ideas about Nate dictate her thoughts or feelings for him She finds herself drawn to Nate despite everything she has heard or saw about him Callie is the first one to recognize what good Nate is actually doing for Rust Creek She understands that he has done things in his past but believes good resides in him as well Callie can not help herself as she falls for Nate In this book, Nate struggles with the demons of his past but also a huge void in his heart when he lost his wife and child It almost causes him to walk away from Callie He loves her but he doesn t feel like he deserves a chance to love someone like Callie Nate finally wakes up when he totals out his vehicle after leaving Callie He didn t know it but she had no intention of letting him go and was close on his heels Christine Rimmer has a way of weaving stories so that the reader gets a bird s eye view of the depth of emotion that the character is feeling and their emotions are often multidimensional Sometimes the most beautiful things life has to offer are when a person is snapping back from the brink s of hell However, sometimes people don t believe themselves deserving of a another chance. In Nate s case, he decides not only love Callie but get help by seeking counseling There is nothingsexy than a man that can admit that he needs help It s okay for our knights to have a few chinks in their armor, this shows they have depth and character Ms Rimmer did a fabulous job with this story by showing us that good things do come to those that wait and are willing to get up and try again I encourage you to read this book as part of your Summer reading Thank you again, Christine Rimmer for bringing it home, touching our hearts and maybe encouraging us to look for our rainbow after the storm and correct our wrongs and hopefully make them right. I have been on a serious Western kick lately, and this book definitely falls into this category for me If I had to pick my dream place to live it would be on a ranch in Montana in some kind of log cabin type house curled up with a good book day after day, so when I saw this book took place in Montana I was all in I know this book is one within a series, and from what I could tell, there is a lot history with the character of Nate, it seems like he may have been the villain in a couple of earlier books But this book definitely stands on its own, so I didn t need all of the backstory to enjoy the book, and what I did need to know, the author did a great job of filling me in on the details, without feeling too overwhelming So the book starts off with Nate, clearly on his way somewhere, and stopping to help a woman on the side of the road who ran out of gas Their first interaction is interesting to say the least, Nate doesn t seem to be anything but annoyed by Callie and her predicament, in fact he goes so far as to bet Callie that she won t last long in Montana before she hightails it back to Chicago where she was moving from Fast forward some time later and Callie comes to collect on winning the bet, she proposes that Nate allow her to buy the house next to his he owned both , and he agrees Before you know it the two of them find themselves coming togetherandBut there is a lot that Callie doesn t know about, it seems that Nate has an awful lot of things in his past that effect so much of who he is today Of course there is his town reputation of being a not so nice guy, and a guy who won t commit Butthan that, it turns out that Nate had some serious tragedy in his past that really affects the way he handles his relationship with Callie, and haunts him throughout his every day life And then theirs his mysterious investment that paid off, or at least that s what he told the town, when reality was he won the lottery As characters I have to say I liked Callie a lot She was a really caring person, a nurse by trade, and just in general a really good person, there for anyone who needed her She also has a lot of patience for Nate, which is the only way the two of them could have worked Nate, I didn t like as much He didn t seem to have a lot of purpose in life, after all he is a rich man now who doesn t really do much from day to day, it made him come off as kind of a stagnant character I felt like he needed a little bitgoing on in his life, and the author did kind of handle that towards the end of the book which I appreciated The biggest complaint about the book is that the ending happened so quick It was like, wham, bam, everything wrapped up in one character, I would have loved an epilogue or for the ending to be drawn out a little bitBut other than that I would say I definitely enjoyed the book, without a doubt, and would recommend it to anyone. Million Dollar Maverick, Christine RimmerReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsThough Christine has written many, many novels this was my first read of hers So I wasn t sure what to expect, but cowboy romances are a bit of a weakness of mineso a trip to Rust Creek seemed in order So, what did I think Well, its a sweet contemporary romance, well written, excellently plotted with no gaping holes that s so annoying when you get to the end of a book and you re left wondering what happened to how did they do that where did that go Things like that Thankfully I guess with all those books already written Christine has honed her craft finely and knows how to ensure everything ties up properly Callie, a lovely female lead, sweet, new to Rust Creek, looking to settle down here, and then she meets Nate Wow cowboy hottie but with big, big secrets He s looking to leave town at some point, though he seems to keep putting it off Then they get together and sparks fly, steam sizzles, sexual tension can be seen by everyone, but he s hiding a huge secret and what s going to happen when Callie finds out Can two people with opposite intentions find a way to be happy together There are characters from earlier books taking secondary roles featured here Then there s Nate s mum, what an interfering woman she is, best of motives but if I was him I d be furious, really annoyed at her constant meddling She treats him like he s a teenager or something Well, its a neat romance, no big drama, no emotion that made me tearful, just a sweet HEA gentle love affair It was good but for me not great, I need a bitof the high and low points,depth to the story,sadness and angstbut for those who want an easy to read, well written romance is perfect, its just that I needStars three, as a said a good read just not one that moved me ARC supplied via Netgalley. 3 StarsWow I really like Nate now Changed my opinion on Nate just like he changed a lot of people in Rust Creek I was surprised how Christine made Nate change and how believable it is We learnabout Nate s past and the struggle he has made this past year It was not easy for Nate to make the changes and it shows.Callie Kennedy is a nurse who moved into Rust Creek Nate rescued her first day almost to Rust Creek Nate does not believe she will stay after her first winter in Rust Creek Callie has made friends in Rust Creek and it is what she has wanted to have for a long time.There are a lot of old friends from previous books who make a appearance in Million Dollar Maverick It is fun to get to see them and what they are up to now.Nate is hiding that he won a fortune from lottery win He is helping those in Rust creek through a trust so no one will know Even his family doesn t know He has told them that some investments have really done well Nate is helping because he can He is keeping it a secret so people can accept without thinking they owe him anything.That has always been a fantasy of mine to have loads of money that you can help people in secret and make a big difference.I really like the plot, characters and setting Did not like all the love scenes I admit that I skipped over them.I was given this ebook to read and in return agree to give honest review of it by Netgalley and Harlequin. Christine has wrote another spectacular story It was so hard to put this book down especially when it was time to go to work Nate s story makes you think about how even when you lose your way it is possible to find it Nate and Callie really compliment each other If you want a great read this is the book to get You may need some tissues though.