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The first of a series of the Seahill Estate books It s just great as I live in Houghton le Spring so know all the locations mentioned in the book Seahill Estate is fictional but the characters are gritty and tough they have depth and find humour in the word t situations In my opinion a great read i could not put the book down Looking forward to reading the next one. This modern day crime series is a gritty look at how police endeavour to keep law and order on a council area near Sunderland, in England, where unemployment is rocketing and prospects are few Crimes range from the usual break ins and car thefts, to drugs but that s the background and in the foreground we get a personal case to bring us closer to some of the characters, which involves a murder Nice to see a female police officer in charge We also get a good look at some local families, who are only trying to survive and lead decent lives on minimal welfare For instance a man who rents a house from the council, but illegally sub lets it to other families at a profit, reckons that he is doing everyone a favour because the people he is housing do not qualify for council housing Men know the goods they buy in the pub are stolen, but they don t see any other way to afford Christmas presents I think what stops this series from being great, is that there is a total immersion in the atmosphere While a Council estate series is itself a contrast with many English crime novels, there is little or no contrast within each book Therefore they all get to feel the same. [Read Epub] ⚈ Run For Home ♗ A Man Runs For His Life Exhausted, Wounded, Hunted Remorselessly By A Female Assassin Known Only As The Head Hunter At The End, He Has Just Enough Energy To Spit In Her Face Sixteen Year Old Kerry Lumsdon Runs Across The Same Terrain She Runs To Win And She Runs To Forget When A Headless Body Is Found In The Wastelands Of The Seahills Estate, Detective Inspector Lorraine Hunt Is Called In To Investigate The Violent Murder Case Kerry And Lorraine, Different Ages And From Different Worlds, Come Together When Claire Lumsdon, Kerry S Sister, Is Violently Kidnapped The Fourth In A Series Of Abductions Of Young Girls Headstrong, Wilful And Convinced The Police Can T Help, Kerry Sets Out On A Frantic Search Of Her Own But Her Hunt Takes Her To A World She Never Knew Existed A Violent Underworld A Sixteen Year Old Murder And, Finally, To Secrets About Her Own Past Which Her Mother Hoped She D Never Have To Face And All The Time, The Clock Is Ticking For ClaireA Gripping Thriller From The Bestselling Author Of Some Of Britain S Best Crime Fiction This book was okay but I can t muster much excitement The central characters the Lumsdons were well enough written and seemed believable if not especially likeable most of the time The borderline poverty, crowded household on a rough estate seemed to ring true and I had an inkling the author may have some real life experience with this but the sections that focused on the investigating DI seemed less convincing and not necessary the book could have stayed with the Lumsdons throughout The actual investigative abilities of the police was laughable, only following leads when the older Lumsdon children first uncovered the clues Plus everything was too neatly tied up by the end to make it feel truly plausible SPOILERS AHEAD I like a happy ending but really a teenage girl is kidnapped and due to be sold into slavery but rescued in the nick of time, her sister is shot but survives, their brother is being bullied into buying drugs but his tormentor is stopped before things get too hairy, the alcoholic mother is hospitalised and suddenly manages to dry out, the sadistic crime lord known as The Man who happens to have an unhealthy desire to harm the Lumsdons doesn t manage to harm any of them what a lucky bunch Also, the coincidences are a little hard to swallow the young man Kerry Lumsdon bumps into and starts to date just so happens to be the son of The Man and there just so happens to be a photo in their house of a woman who just so happens to be the spitting image of Kerry s Mum, even though it isn t her The Man just so happens to keep the heads of his victims in a concealed room that just so happens to be wide open when the police arrive The knife that was used by the assassin to cut off the victim s heads just so happens to be singularly unique and on display in their home Too much I THOROUGHLY ENJOYED THIS BOOK BY SHEILA QUIGLEY RUN FOR HOME PLENTY OF PLOTS LOVED IT FROM THE FIRST PAGE RIGHT TILL THE END WELL DONE X This is a brilliant book I loved the Lumsdon family and all of their past has come back to haunt them in this book It s definitely worth a read. Got about 100 pages in to this and then decided to give up There were way too many characters introduced in a short period of time to be able to make sense of who they all were The mother has six six children, they have friends, there s a police officer, there s neighbours, there s the bad people I couldn t keep them all straight The dialogue was with the accents the characters have, but they all talked exactly the same way ex saying our Claire when referring to a character The plot wasn t enough to keep me going so I m moving on to the next book Not much to say about this other than it s a good entertaining read As I think I ve said before about this author, her writing style reminds me of Martina Cole but with a lot less aggression violence though still with quite a lot of swearing so if you don t like to see the F word in print it s not a book for you though unlike Cole s characters Quigley s are likeable A good read a series I continue to follow. I bought this book when the author Sheila Quigley did a book signing in my local Waterstones and I am so glad I discovered this gem of a novel The plot is elaborately split between various characters, all of whom are fully explored and combine together to create an exciting, dynamic storyline As somebody from the North East of England where the book is set, I cannot recommend it enough Sheila Quigley s Run for Home was the Q in my A Z of authors I d never heard of the author, but the plot sounded intriguing so I thought I d check it out.To start with, we meet Kerry Lumsdon a sixteen year old girl, who is training to be a professional athlete, she lives on a council estate with her alcoholic mother and a variety of brothers and sisters from different fathers.Kerry is not a very sympathetic character The first time we meet her she is stealing milk from the doorstep of a blind old lady, before chucking the empty bottle over into her garden to smash She has a go at anyone and everyone for no particular reason It seemed a bit unrealistic to me and I couldn t care less what happened to her The other characters seemed to be a bit soapish With six children, and all their friends it s hard to keep track of everyone The police searching for Kerry s missing sister Claire and mainly detached from this, but we constantly hear their thoughts about how much they fancy each other I just wish they d stick to their job, if I m honest Lorraine, the central police figure is a likeable character Again, she has unnecessary family introduced just to add to the confusion, but you feel on her side She has a lot on her plate As well as searching for Kerry s sister, she also has headless bodies turning up left, right and centre Despite being a strong police woman, she seems a bit feeble in her personal life I wanted to give the character a shake of the shoulders and tell her to pull herself together.One thing I did love about this book was the way Sheila Quigley wrote dialogue It s set in Sunderland, and she writes her characters with an accent I could hear their speech very clearly in my head, which I love It does bring the characters to life , even if there were too many of them.Overall, an okay book, but I probably wouldn t read another of hers There were good points and bad points, but it was a bit too melodramatic for me.