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~DOWNLOAD KINDLE ♐ A Time to Remember ⚇ HIS MISSING FAMILY RETURNSAn Accident Took AwayGrayson McGonigle S Wife And Son, Or So Everyone In Blessing Believed Except Gray, Who Prayed Daily For A Miracle Then, Five Months After Their Car Plunged Into The Colorado River,Marissa And Young Cody Reappear In Town, Traumatized And Unable To Speak About Their Harrowing OrdealThough Marissa S Amnesia Blocks Out Everything, Including The Rancher Who Claims To Be Her Husband, Emotions Stir When They Are Together And As Mysterious Incidents Threaten Them,Marissa, Gray And Cody Reconnect As A Family Can Gray Help To Regain Her Memories Of Their Happy Married Lifeand Build Upon A Love She Could Never Truly Forget this book was a quick read for me, it kept me wanting to know what was next when I thought I figured out who had captured marissa and Cody the story changed kept me guessing I wish the end would ve turned out a little different but its a good read. A love story with a twist of mystery is always a nice read. oh my A time to remember by Lois Richer good read Trust trusting in God for your family, your marriage, your safety twists and turns throughout the book This was the first Love Inspired book I have read that started out with a married couple and as one, I liked that Liked how she interwove a struggle and challenges that this family experienced with the unending love God provided through others in the town of Blessing.Some exerts Because God won t go back on His decision to give free will to make our own decisions even though He could save us so much pain and heartache.But God can Therein lies the crux of the problem, son You don t get to decide You re not God You put your faith in Him, and then you lean on Him to handle whatever He deems best You can t have it both ways You can t tell him He s Lord, and then be your own boss Faith is an all or nothing proposition.I m trying to have faith, you know I know God can do anything I know He s there, that He sees us, that we can depend on Him I know all that But I want answers.Even though a marriage is made in heaven, the maintenance work has to be done here on earth Maintenance work isn t pretty, son It s the grunt stuff, the day to day little routine things that make a world of difference to the big picture Ask God for help How could he when it was his own stupidity that had caused the problem God didn t go around bailing people out of quagmires they d created for themselves God Helped those who couldn t help themselves He was a man, he was strong, he shouldn t have to depend on someone else And yet Don t be afraid of tomorrow God has already been there.None of us gets to go back to the past But we get today and maybe tomorrow and that s the real gift You ve got to do the best you can with them Really lovely Could have easily fit under the Love Inspired Suspense line. Gray McGonigle s wife and son have been missing for 5 months with no explanation of where they have gone He has been actively searching for them, even hiring a private investigator to find them he also has been wondering why God would let this happen, also wondering if this was revenge for an argument they had before they went missing In the first chapter his wife Marissa and son Cody are running from away from their captor in the woods, while getting lost several times Marissa had to leave Cody in a part of the woods to backtrack and lose their captor in case he had woken up Marissa ends up getting lost, the captor catches up with her when Marissa is trying to climb out of a ravine, falls and loses consciousness However Cody is found, but he has stopped talking After Cody is found a town group starts a rescue group in the area where Cody was found, as they get closer the captor climbs a tree to hide from them after takes Marissa s shoes so they can t run a clue to the captor s mental capacity , however the rescuers find Marissa at the bottom of the ravine unconscious and bleeding badly The fall caused temporary amnesia The rest of the book covers the recovery of Marissa s memory, Cody s wrestling with identifying with his captor Stockholm syndrome while trying to find his voice again The rest of the book also watches as the captor stalks Marissa and Cody in their own house and his plans to take Cody again as he is the one he wants Who is he and why does he want Cody and not Marissa There is a subplot loosely tied in with the main plot Gray has a half brother Adam who believes Gray took the inheritance that was rightfully his There were a few things that bothered me about this book, 1 Marissa clearly has doubts about Gray and why they were never found and thinks he even may know who kidnapped them, but yet still tries to rekindle their marriage, 2 Cody who is preschool kindergarden age is able to understand concepts clearly above his age level, at the end of the book where is negotiating with his kidnapper like a SWAT team member, 3 the transition from hatred to brotherly love with Gray to Adam Overall I enjoyed this hearthwarming book.