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As a story, this book is not much different from any other childhood abuse story Although clearly, this was not the case for the author, David, who suffered years of sexual abuse from his mother and physical abuse from his step father His life was traumatic and I think the worst part was that he had no one to turn to He was alone and helpless After a rocky adolescence he managed to succeed as an adult and I commend him for the courage it must have taken to write his story and share it with the world after carrying around such a weighty secret for about thirty years I wish him continued healing and success.The writing itself didn t grip me and it is very repetitive Each section ends with a similar phrase, something like, But I had no idea just how bad things were about to become The author writes from the perspective of the age he was as he describes the incidents and perhaps because of this, dates, ages, and some facts are confusing I was surprised when, towards the middle of the book, he mentions that his mother never gets drunk during the week, only on weekends From previous descriptions, it sounded like she was drunk most nights Small parts of the content may be offensive to sensitive readers as the author describes the abuse, but it s easy to skim over these as they are written in italics. Sad and gross in parts. @Ebook í Tell Me Why, Mummy: A Little Boy's Struggle to Survive. A Mother's Shameful Secret. The Power to Forgive. ⚞ Most Of The Time, I Thought I Had The Best Mummy In The Whole World But Then She D Change A Heartbreaking Story Of Abuse, Betrayal And Ultimate RedemptionFrom The Age Of Four, David Thomas Carried With Him The Most Terrible Secret Of All His Mother Was Sexually Abusing Him Every Time She Got DrunkWhen Sober, David S Mother Was The Perfect Mum, Baking Cookies And Playing Games David Adored Her But When Drunk She Turned Into The Monster Of David S Worst Nightmares Half Dressed, She D Rampage Around The House, Accidentally Set Things On Fire And Nearly Always Abuse David Confusingly, When She Sobered Up, David S Mother Could Never Recall Anything She D Done David Was Completely Alone With The Daily Horror But Things Soon Became Even Worse When His Stepfather Started Beating Him Senseless Locked In A Downward Spiral Of Self Loathing, David Did Anything To Try To Forget Life At Home Even If It Meant Breaking The Law Then, One Night, He Saw A Programme On TV That Changed His Life Suddenly He Found The Strength To Turn His Back On His Past And Make His Future Worth Fighting For David s a brave, courageous young boy He survived everything that happened to him and totally turned his life around Finished Mother s Day. This memoir was not the best I have read, obviously what he endured was tragic but I actually found the book rather lack lustre and felt it was not written very well I couldn t get my head out of it Such an emotional book It was quite a sad story though and it was excellent Sad story about alcohol and child abuse Really really sad I recently heard David Thomas give one of his motivational lectures and it was funny, entertaining, and inspirational Refreshingly this story is not your typical run of the mill, abused child misery memoir The evil that menaced the author from his earliest years when his parents divorced and his alcoholic mother turned him into a living sex toy led to his eventual fall from grace as a teen, nearly ruining his life and earning him the scorn of clueless adults, who knew nothing about his private Hell Imagine that your father effectively abandons you by age 5 choosing to live abroad with a new family leaving your fate to chance Imagine that you are afraid to go to sleep in your own bedroom in your own home, because your fear your hammered mother with burst in and attempt to force herself on you like you re a grown man Imagine that your mother marries a retired man so old that he could be your grandfather and you are told to call this man Granddad Imagine your mother moves you into this man s home and people laud him, even your own father, for giving you a stable home and a real family, but your amazing Granddad really does not want you around and your home life soon goes from bad to worse to nearly unbearable Imagine you arrive home from school one day eager to tell your new Granddad all about what you learned, but he resents being your babysitter and you are welcomed back to your new home by a bewildering accusation and pummeled with fists Imagine that your Granddad says by way of explanation Right, don t cause any trouble or you will get it again Do what exactly, return from school and try to interact with the man you view as a father figure Imagine that a day comes that you can no longer endure your private Hell passively in silence and fall into delinquency raging against the world Imagine all of these things and you have the author s Hellish lonely childhood when his own resilience was the only thing he could rely on to get himself through solitary days and sleepless nights. This was such a weird book to read, it s unudual that a woman sexual assult their child and that the child they assult is male is also unusual,But whats even unusual in this case is that we never find out whether David s mother even knew what she was doing as it only happened when she was blinded drunk.I do fully believe that David s mum should be viewed as a pedophile because even subconsciously she knew her son was under age to start with and we even knew that it was her son in the first place as she asks for him by name F k me, David It wouldn t be nearly as horrific if you could kid yourself into think she didn t know it was her son not her husband when he was an adult, but to do that you need to ignore the fact that when he was a little boy she sexual abused him.It s a sad situation because you hope he gets some kind of closure in the form of answers from her about why she did it but he doesn t I felt very strongly for David during this books, Atleast in his mother s death he is abused me to let go of the past. Sad and disturbing to think what David Thomas had to endure throughout his childhood in physical and emotional abuse To see his struggle with poor choices throughout his teenage and young adult life and then to rise above it all with determination, courage, and great success is deeply inspiring Through it all, he didn t let his past defeat him but instead triumphed with a forgiving heart that enabled him to live and move on.