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( Read Ebook ) è In His Wildest Dreams í Nick Ryder Isn T Happy About Anyone Analyzing His Dreams, Even If It S Only As A Favor To His Sister S Friend Emma But After Getting An Eyeful Of Emma Au Naturel, His Dreams Become Like An X Rated Movie With Emma In The Starring Role Which Would Be Fine If Emma Didn T Expect Him To Share Every Little Detail With Her With Her Graduate Degree In Jeopardy, Emma Snow Knows She Should Be Grateful To Nick For Volunteering At The Last Minute But When The Playboy S Provocative Dreams Start To Become Her Fantasies, She Has A Hard Time Separating Work From Play Somehow She Has To Get Nick To Take Her Study Seriously And It Would Be A Lot Easier If Emma Wasn T So Tempted To Make All Of Nick S Erotic Dreams Come True 2 stars is probably generous I had difficulties feeling any connection with either the hero or the heroine The hero, Nick, is self involved, slightly conceited, lazy, and a manwhore The heroine, Emma, lives in full victim mode, working crazy hours, sacrificing herself to her graduate studies, and hiding behind her white lab coat and thick glasses Unfortunately, the book just didn t suck me in to that magical land of escapist fiction, and I had to push myself to finish this. B13 Nov2001 Emma is a dead student and Nick is the subject of her dissertation His sister blackmails him into participating in Emma s study His dreams take a turn he doesn t expect and he avoids using his dreams by substituting fantasies written in a magazine. This was an early entry in the Blaze series The line was supposed to be hotter than what had come before it, but this book was pretty standard I remember thinking it could have been part of the normal Mills Boon line with little editing.